The purging of the internet. Orwellian control looms ever closer.

By Michael D. Jacobsen.

More and more the internet is being scrubbed of independent thought. Sites that challenged what is the status quo have slowly been removed from the internet, or else have been hidden so far down in search engines that they are all but invisible. With the recent removal of Parler from most hosting platforms. We can see a very clear chain that shows you how the people who control the internet want you to think.

The beginning of all of this stemmed from a case that involved Silk Road owner Ross Ulbricht being arrested for the actions of people using his website. The ruling in this case paved the way for web hosts to be held responsible for things they did not do. But Ulbricht was to be held responsible for what others did without his knowledge or consent. Due to this any media platform had to vigorously monitor what happened on their site, or else they could face legal or financial ramifications. Although to this date, Ulbricht has been the only one found criminally liable. The rest of the platform owners were forced to patrol their users or else, face the risk of being held criminally responsible. Ulbricht is currently serving a double life sentence without parole. I am not going to go into the details of his case. That I may save for a future article.

The removal of content creators such as Alex Jones was the next in line. Taking someone who had a huge following, and provided hours upon hours of content, then removing it from public view. As I correctly predicted, this did not have much effect on Alex Jones. But it did serve to intimidate others who might be inclined to do research in that same direction. If you silence the opposition, how can the opposition grow? It cannot, or at least is will be severely diminished. “social media” platforms should be correctly labeled as  “social conditioning” platforms.

The next step, is control over major social media platforms. Most notably the crackdown by Facebook, of publishers that share “False or misleading information”. This is just a large scale effort to silence people who would speak out against questionable narratives the mainstream media presents to us. We have all seen the “fact checking” that has been posted by Facebook, and can see the obvious fraud behind it, yet we are supposed to blindly accept it. Especially since the Fact checkers are paid sub-contractors for Facebook. When the company trying to silence others pays for the companies doing the “fact checking”, we can easily guess which way their reasoning will lean. After all, you get what you pay for. Add to this the crackdown on smaller sites, such as my own. Virtually any excuse can be used to silence those that speak out. As of the writing of this article my site gets flagged as spam from Facebook. And faces the constant threat of being unpublished. So my audience becomes very limited. Which is what happens to many sites who do not conform to what “social media” platforms who do not agree with their views.

We can add to this, that it is becoming harder and harder to find opposing viewpoints on bigger search engines. With anything that goes beyond what mainstream media are trying to program us with. Many sites are being put pages and pages down in the search que. Which it makes it difficult to read their content. You can see exactly how this is spun, in this article. Why are they doing this unless it is to promote people to only see what they want you to see?

It is almost ironic that while I was typing this article, Facebook has decided to ask people to flag what they think is extremist content. Which further allows a “social message group” to limit what others can say. Not only does this limit thought, it gives greater means to silence what social media companies may consider “conspiracy theories”. So not only can you not post about what you think, others cannot think about it as well. Part of this was due to a 2020 protest in which the Kenosha Guard, encouraged people to patrol the streets while armed. While their lack of vigilance was not enough to shut down  Facebook, it certainly was in the case of Parler. Given the political attitudes of people who frequent each site, I am not surprised.

Another troubling problem is what is labeled as Christchurch call to action. Which encourages government to crack down on what is called “extremist content”. When we look at how so much content has been labeled “extremist” we can wonder how free thought can continue on the internet. In certain countries it is now a punishable offence to create what is now being labeled “extremist content”. When the penalties are high, silence becomes the norm.

The controversy over the Communications and Decency act should be another alarming example. Specifically the writing of section 230, in which it reads “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider” This was written to protect social media platforms from being held liable for what others wrote. Currently, President Biden has called for this section to be revoked. 

So what is next? My guess would be to just remove all opposing platform providers altogether. Or perhaps in a more sinister way, promote creators who adhere to the “approved” form of opposition. Perhaps even the creation of a Ministry of Truth reminiscent of Orwell’s book 1984. We certainly seem to be headed in that direction. To quote an old quote from Infowars “there is a  war on for you mind.” While I do not agree with everything from that site. This saying certainly rings true. Indeed there is  war on for your mind, and you need to be more aware of it. The question remains, is this the result of individual governments? No, I do not believe that. This is the work of a larger organization. I refer to it as the Illuminati, or as others would prefer the New World Order. It clearly appears that the driving force behind all this is larger than any single nation. No nation, regardless of how powerful, can achieve this level of coordination amongst all the different nations of our world. There is a driving force, and all of us need to be on our guard against it.

And that, my friends is The Uncensored Truth.

Thank you for reading.

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