Moving goalposts. and the facts about what you are being told about covid-19.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

It truly does belong in the pantheon of intellectual fallacies. The idea of asking someone for proof, and when that is provided, disregard it. It can also be viewed as an attempt to get people to discuss what you want, or to do what you want, and if the person or group making the attempt is proven wrong. Change the standards that will satisfy them so they can still consider their position correct. Often times when those are met, the standards are changed again. We can look at many times this has occurred, however I would like to look at this in regards to the lies we have been presented with in regards to Covid-19. And how the goalposts which we have been presented with, are constantly on the move

At first we were told that we needed to “flatten the curve”, this was meant to be slowing the higher numbers of COVID, most states (based on the science)  began to issue strict lockdown and curfew orders. Which were later shown to have little or no effect. Yet many states continue to keep these orders in place. Then mask mandates were issued, to date 37 states plus D.C. Have mask mandates. But for all of that, at least according to the numbers of government reported cases of the virus, it was still not contained. Mask mandates and “flattening the curve, proved to be ineffective. And yet, at of the time of writing this article, we are past the one year anniversary of being told it would only take two weeks of following mandates to flatten the curve and stop the coronavirus. This was clearly proven to be false, so the goalposts were moved to encourage more drastic action.

Undeterred by this lack of success our government has continued to change the way we live in order to “fight” this virus. The next step was to close down many small business, which cased them to eventually go out of business. And while this was done, it did not help. The only thing accomplished was the destruction of hundreds of thousands of small businesses. Which, in my opinion was the goal all along. However with another failure a new standard was needed to stop this virus. So once more the forklifts needed to be fired up to once again move the goalposts. And, as always the media was more than happy to be the driver.

The next step was the announcement that the government would help fund the development of a “vaccine”. And that this would be the cure all to stop the spread of COVID. Yet according to the CDC coronavirus tracker, we are still having tens of thousands of outbreaks of the disease. Somehow, the push to vaccinate people has not helped stopped the spread of the disease. There has been much mention about variants of the Coronavirus. Which the vaccine cannot protect against. This is similar to the flu, which we have been told is not comparable to the Coronavirus. A variation appears and the vaccine has to be modified accordingly. I have already detailed my opinion on the flu vaccine and how it falls around 40 to 60 percent effectiveness.. Yet we are being told the Coronavirus vaccine is 94 to 95 percent effective. This is also while we are having major outbreaks while vaccines are administered. I will let you do the math and the thinking here, take your time. Even now we still have many “reported” cases of coronavirus all while almost sixty seven percent of the population has been vaccinated.

We can even look the the remarks from Dr. Rand Paul regarding this virus. The doctor has stated he will not be getting a vaccine because he has had Covid and has natural immunity. This is something that those who are pushing the vaccine claim is false. This also ties to the fact that people who have been vaccinated still get infected. It is amazing how the media tries to spin this into yet another reason to get vaccinated. Further comments from Senator Rand Paul describe how he has serious questions bout the origin of Covid19 in which he brings up direct emails between Fauchi and the director of the Wuhan lab. Add to this the sending of funds to the Wuhan lab for gain of function research. What this means is that the CDC paid the Wuhan lab to look into how a bat can infect a human with the virus. This was a 5 year program. But now we are told that somehow, a bat transmitted a disease to a human on its own. It is just coincidence that they were being paid to look into it beforehand. Also, please keep in mind that the mainstream media went into overdrive to deny any part of this when the accusation was made over a year ago.

 I would also like you to look at the dramatic decline of seasonal flu cases in the United States. While we were told the flu would continue to be a problem during the Covid pandemic, quite the opposite has happened. We have a 2021 story from USA Today which reports that during the 2019 to 2020 flu season, flu cases hit an all time low of 65 thousand cases worldwide. Yet from the very source the CDC, in 2019 to 2020, they claim there were 39 million to 56 million cases of the flu in the United States. The claim that people were not wearing masks or social distancing was responsible for the spread of Covid. Kind of ironic, isn’t it? The flu was stopped by people wearing masks and social distancing, while Covid was spread by people not wearing masks and social distancing. Talk about having your cake and eating it too. Here is an article from WebMD claiming that 90 percent of Americans wear face masks in Oct 2020. So why was the drop in the flu reported in late 2020 when the month before (August) it was reported around 60 percent? How did this miraculous drop to almost 99.84 percent of the cases of the  flu happen from one year to the next? Think a little people! Even if the percentage was accurate for that season, we should have close to 400 thousand cases of the flu. And if these numbers are true, then why do we have so many cases of Covid if the masks were so effective? And why was it never presented as an extremely effective method of stopping the flu previous to this?

This is an example of the kind of cognitive dissonance the media has devolved people into. We should wonder why these numbers are so low, but as long as people have no incentive to think about them: or to have the media question for them, then no one will dare to question it. As long as the media looks to ridicule those who worry about unknown side affects. Then the claim that the vaccine is safe, is a lie. A recent report regarding young men who have enlarged hearts after getting the vaccine. Who knows what the next problem they will find? The claims that the Covid vaccine has been tested and is safe, just does not seem true.

The last bit of information that I would like for you to examine the claimed variants of the Coronavirus. Which some sources say, might not be stopped by the new “vaccine”. This means we may well have to live in fear of a new form of the virus spreading, coincidentally, just like the flu from year to year. What new side effects from a modified vaccine will we be forced to live with? Just how much can we “trust the science” that is presented to us? How many times must we endure the moving of goalposts before we can not question what we are being told? Since mask mandates are now being lifted, will we see a dramatic increase of the seasonal flu next season? These are important questions. And since the media will not ask them for us, it is up to ourselves to ask these questions.

And that my friends, is The Uncensored Truth.

Thank you for reading.

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