The Uncensored truth on legacy of the Donald J. Trump presidency

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

I feel that I need to add this first, if you think this is an article to praise Trump. Just click the close button now. This is a review of just how horrible a president he was, and exactly why it really just continued the agenda that continues to this day regardless of who is “elected” president. If you plan on keeping an open mind, please continue reading. Otherwise click that small x. You have been warned. Or perhaps you should continue reading, it is well past time to open your eyes. Many of us warned you that this would happen back in 2015 but, as usual, people did not listen. Until we break the cycle of only electing an (R), or a (D), then we will always get the same. As always there will be those who feel they have to vote for one in order to prevent the other from winning. That is all part of the trap. As long as the media have you thinking this way, they have already won. Regardless of who is “elected”

The first warning for many people skeptical of the nomination of Donald Trump. Were his close ties to the Clintons prior to the 2016 election. Something that while highlighted by many of his detractors, was ignored by many of his supporters. From golfing with Bill Clinton, and the many photos of Trump and the Clintons at many events together. Then claiming that he would “lock up” Hillary Clinton (which never happened). Despite all the false promises that were made. And this one was an obvious false promise. When the person whom you consider voting for, has close ties to the person they are running against. You should have reconsidered your vote. Obvious dishonesty is never  reason to support someone. This was the first indication that no matter who won that election, you were not going to get much difference in policy regardless of who was “elected” to the office. We can also look at his ties to George Soros. And hope that these are not connected, but it is all just coincidence, isn’t it? After all, a person who takes a lot of money from someone will then work to undermine them. Trump continued to help divide our country, again, just coincidence.

The presidency of Donald J. Trump somehow has been praised by many. Yet it has been plagued by so many false promises that I struggle to understand why. We can start with the fact that a Republican president entered office with control of the House and the Senate. The first thing that happened (and which I was actually happy about) was the shutting down of government. That happened right after Trump took office. While this was done in an effort to shut down funding for Planned Parenthood. It never happened. To this day Planned Parenthood receives government funding, as it has every year of the Trump presidency. This is among the first, of many promises that Trump made to his voters. That he did not keep during his presidential campaign. It only took two years for the house to fall to the Democrats. Something that many doubted would happen just two years prior. What seemed like an easy way to pass a new conservative agenda, suddenly became extremely difficult. Yet do not forget, for two years Trump had control of the House and Senate, yet he chose to attack those of his own party. Therefore, nothing notable was accomplished. Almost as if by design. But keep your eyes closed if you still have no suspicions.

I could make a case against Trump based solely on the promises he never kept to his supporters during his election campaign(there are plenty). But I’d rather choose to show how badly he fooled the masses after he was elected president. He clearly lied to his supporters in order to keep them distracted from any form of important issue in his four years as president. No major legislation was passed (with the exception of the COVID relief, which would have happened without his support), not even moderate forms of legislation were passed during his tenure. This is due to the fact that rather than attempting to build coalitions with congress, Trump instead continually burned bridges. Attacking politicians regardless of party. Not even caring if they belonged to his own party. This is part of the reason why republicans who easily held the house and senate in 2016, now are the minority in 2021. If you want your party to help you pass laws, do not attack them. This is a pretty obvious idea, yet Trump ignored it. And it did, in fact. Lead to the Republicans losing their majority in the House and Senate. Stew on that for a bit.

This leads me to my next point. Since Trump refused to build any sort of coalition, he was forced to promote his agenda though executive orders. Something that republicans are currently complaining about what a current President is doing’ In fact Trump issued 220 executive orders during his 4 year presidency, a level that has not been matched in a four year term since Jimmy Carter. For those complaining about President Biden issuing an excessive amount of executive orders. Thank President Trump for paving the way. Almost like it was meant to happen. It seems odd that one President would make an easy excuse for another. And how it seems like a planned event. But I will leave that speculation to you.

The last point I would like to make is his response to COVID-19. While some still claim that Trump was opposed to the drastic measures that were taken in response to this “pandemic”. The fact is, he knew what was going to happen by leaving the Governors of each state to respond to this. He well knew that they were going to play into the media hands. You cannot expect the President of this country to not know exactly how this would play out. And it played out exactly according to design, the destruction of most of the countries small businesses. And the expansion of debt. No “stimulus” or unemployment checks were going to prevent this. The further point of this was to try and force companies to pay 15 dollars an hour. While this is claimed to be a “living wage” let us call it what it is, a nail in the coffin of small companies.

So what was the final legacy of President Trump? Well even more debt is one of them. A bigger divide of the left and the right was another. Growing hate between a person of any color was yet another. A good President is supposed to bring people together, not keep them further apart. Trump failed at this and plenty more. Not that President Biden will be any better. This past election was really about people eating a, sandwich and deciding how much feces will be in it, rather than choosing not to eat. The downward spiral of our country continues. As long as you believe that voting for either of these men would have stopped it, then we will all only sink further. 

And that my friends, is the Uncensored Truth.

Thank you for reading.

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