Disinformation, the effort to control your opinion. And how it is used on social media

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

You possibly may have noticed just how much nonsense is being spread on social media. Some of it is being spread by well meaning people who have not looked into many of the facts. But it fits their political narrative, so they share it. Other times it is being shared by those who know some of the facts but they willingly do not care about them in order to promote their political or social viewpoint. For others, it is a paid program of their government in order to make sure people follow the narrative they want people to believe. It is a rather shameful thing to do, yet many do not care about the truth and only try and push their agenda.

Welcome to the world of paid for disinformation and those who profit from it.

While you may be wondering about who these people are? Who would sell themselves for such a thing: there are plenty of examples. Somewhat famous ones such Ann Coulter for the right, and Shaun King on the left. These are prime examples of people who claim to be “educated” in politics or in the case of King, push identity politics. But they willingly sell themselves to pander to the masses of people. by pushing rather extreme viewpoints to keep people distracted rather than actually thinking for themselves. Another example is Rush Limbaugh, who was a conservative icon for many years. Until he decided he was wrong and changed his viewpoint.  His recent passing does nothing to change the fact that he was a tool to push disinformation on people who were in line with his political viewpoint. The “divide and conquer” strategy is alive and well.

You see this is what people who sell themselves do. They claim extreme viewpoints, When those viewpoints are shot down or otherwise discredited. They try to regain “credibility” , after pointing out their mistakes they apologize, pretend like they are sorry. Pretend to change what they are saying for a short period of time.  And then repeat their false narrative all over again in order to dupe more people. And the mainstream media ignores this, as if that nothing happened and they are still the same credible source. And this is exactly what is supposed to happen, because as long as they are not called out on their ridiculousness they can be used as “experts” in whatever field the media wants to have highlighted. While having none of their flaws mentioned by the same media which is supposed to provide “reliable” coverage.

This is all an effort to keep you distracted from the real issues that mainstream media wants you to ignore. Be they continuing debt, unending war, greater government control. You name it, they want to keep you distracted from it. The best way to do this. Is to keep you arguing about issues that while somewhat important, do not have the larger effect of the previously mentioned issues. They often resort to bickering about identity politics, and such similar issues to keep you distracted. As long as you are fighting, instead of thinking. They have done their job. This is in addition to what mainstream media outlets do. They also omit details so that their “viewpoint” seems more correct. You name the network, FOX news, CNN, MSNBC, ect., they all do it, and it is all part of the plan to keep you fighting, rather than thinking.

You may wonder. Where is the money coming from to promote the spread of disinformation? Great question. Pushing false narratives is big business. People who have proven themselves  to be reliable “sources” of disinformation are often rewarded with either book deals (which somehow become bestsellers). Or in some cases may even get a radio show which is pushed on major radio outlets. This only accounts for some of the mouthpieces spreading disinformation. Meanwhile many governments are paying to spread disinformation. A lot of this is promoted on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. While we cannot confirm the United States government does this, and then denies doing so, it is easy to guess that it does exactly that. 

The next step is to examine those who would seem to be “ordinary people”, who try and push their extreme viewpoints on social media. This truly is the biggest effort to push disinformation and keep people divided. There are people on social media who somehow can spend plenty of time posting, despite claiming they have a normal job. Yet they spend an inordinate amount of their social media time telling others how they are wrong, without ever trying to find common ground. This is a further effort to keep people divided. And in reality, it would not cost much money to do.

Now I am sure you are asking yourself “who would do something like this?” Good question. And, as always you should question. Question who you are commenting with on social media, question what you read or see from media outlets, even question me and this site. A mind which asks questions is much harder to fool. Please, always question what you are told.

Now back to the original question, There are plenty of people who will gladly sell out for a few thousands of dollars. While again I cannot prove people are being paid to promote a political viewpoint on social media, you can see how people gladly sell online reviews for money. It does not take that much cash to do so. People will gladly sell themselves for just about anything if the price is right. It is not hard to imagine people will also sell their political views on facebook and or twitter. Distraction and disinformation is big business. Beware of those who spread it, and their reasons for doing so.

And that, my friends is The Uncensored Truth. 

Thank you for reading.

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