Let’s take a second look at the#MeToo Movement.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

It was not too long ago, in fact less than two years. That the #MeToo movement was expected to destroy the harmful influence of men in American business and politics. It was a rallying point for women to come around and share their painful stories about how they have been mistreated and, hopefully assure that it will never happen again. Yet instead it has become another excuse to target men, for any reason. Often times with little or no evidence.

I have long held the position that the #MeToo movement would be turned into a weapon to use against men. And sadly, time and again I have been proven right. I received much criticism for making that observation. And for those of you who did your best to silence and demonize me, I feel vindicated.

Too often, misandry has become the norm in todays society. We can look to examples such as Amber Heard’s false accusations against Johnny Depp. Which led to him being removed from The Pirates of the Caribbean. You would think this would lead to a major backlash against her. However she is still offered starring roles. However while Depp’s movies roles have decreased, Heard’s have continued to pour in.  It is alright in the mainstream to punish a man based solely on accusations. Yet when these accusations are proven false, there is no real punishment towards those who lied.

This seems to be the case just about everywhere. While men are immediately punished just for a mere accusation. Women are almost never punished for making false damaging claims. This is a rather large injustice that is obviously ignored by the #MeToo movement. Which means that they exactly want this to be a weapon against men. Favor women, yes. Equality, no. Yet many people still cheer for it. Justice does not matter, destroying men is what matters.

We can even look to accusations that men make against other men. How much attention does that get? Practically none. Are there any repercussions? No. In fact Hollywood went on the offensive to mock accusations made by Terry Crews about his sexual assault. The truly sad part is that he is a supporter of the #MeToo movement, yet his abuse has largely been ignored by them. We can also look into the complete lack of interest in the case of Corey Feldmen. Who has consistently make accusations of paedophilia against himself and friend Corey Haims, yet they largely have been ignored. This seems like and odd thing to not rally behind by the #MeToo movement, unless the idea is to ignore when men are abused and to only rally behind women. Apparently abuse is alright, as long as men are the victims. Justice only matters depending on your gender. We can also look to a report from the UK in which it says prosecution rates for male children who are sexually abused are extremely low. Yet there is no outcry of support from the group that claims it supports any victims of sexual abuse.

Now we can look into the idea that the movement has really been used as a weaponized tool to attack those that have different political views. As I have pointed out, the #MeToo movement went into overdrive to try and block the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Keith Kavanaugh. All but ignoring the lack of any evidence, yet constantly stating “Believe the victim”. This has already been disproven as long as it pertains to men being the victim. Yet it also seems to have another alarming blind spot. Almost as if by design. When these allegations are leveled against liberals. Such as in the case of a claim against Joe Biden. There was silence, or even downright dismissal. Because the accusations can only be credible against a certain political party. It was not long ago that the #MeToo movement rallied behind allegations made against Kavanaugh. Nor can we forget the rallying around accusations made against Donald  Trump, but when the same claims are made against Biden…….crickets. Very telling of it being a political tool indeed.

And this is the sad case on most movements, they quickly become dominated by a political philosophy. And rather than standing for what they were supposed to represent, they became a  tool to advance a left or right political agenda. This is seemingly to support the current status quo with the left/right divide. For those looking for a similar right comparison, look no further than the Tea Party movement. And if you want to look farther back on movements that were hijacked by political entities, remember the Occupy Wall street protests/movement, we can even consider the current Black Lives Matter movement. Often any independent movement gets infiltrated by people looking to use it to increase political power rather than continue the cause it was created for.

Another shocking example of the #MeToo movements disparity of justice, is when women molest underage kids. While the outcry against men doing it has been well covered, when women do the same thing well……silence. Men who are convicted of this horrific act are sentenced to three to as long as twenty years in prison. Yet women receive substantially shorter sentences. But while fighting to punish those who sexually abuse, the #MeToo movement is oddly silent on this matter. Again- justice only matters based upon your gender, not your crime.

The #MeToo movement is, in reality. Just another tool to promote an agenda. Is is a convenient tool to silence anyone who they want to, for whatever reason they want to claim. They protect abusers when it fits their needs and prosecute those who do not seem to support their political ideology. When politics and gender become the deciding factor, you do not have a movement, you have a tool. A tool that will use people, under the guise of justice: to continue their agenda.

And that, my friends is the Uncensored Truth.

Thank you for reading.

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