Property Tax, The Modern Form of serfdom.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

You would think that you own the land that you live on. You would be wrong. You never did, the idea of actually “owning” property is a lie. The simple truth is that if you do not pay your property tax i.e. rent. Then you will lose that lovely property that you think you own.  And will be removed from it by force, if necessary. 

Astonishing, right? But sadly, this is the current reality. A bought and paid for commodity, such as land. Will need to be continually paid for, or else it will be taken from you. There really can be no higher goal, than to own your own property. And yet you never actually “own” it. You are just borrowing it from the government, as long as you can afford their fees. This is the idea that we are “free range” slaves in this country. Nothing you own cannot be seized by the government. Not only will you lose what you have, but you may also be imprisoned too. You must continue to provide income to the government for your entire life, you will never break free of it. No matter how old you are, you must provide the government with their money.

You would think that this sounds like something straight from feudal times, and you would be correct. In fact, it was first enacted in 1066 by William the Conqueror. You would think that the idea of a tax on your land should be negated in the “Land of the free.”  However this idea still carries on till this very day. You may now see why when some people refer to American citizens as peasants, that it may be an apt comparison. You are “allowed” to live on land owned by your “lords”. Take a few minutes to let that digest. Does this sound like the republic that we are supposed to live in? When we look at how government itself has changed in the past few centuries, we really need to wonder. Has it really changed all that much?

Currently there are no states that do not have a property tax. You cannot escape it. If you do not pay it , you lose almost everything you have worked so hard to achieve. You will be forced out of your home by the authorities and it will be sold to someone who is merely willing to pay the tax placed upon it. This alone is proof that you do not own your own property. And as long as there is a property tax, you never will.

This also applies to having to get a permit to do almost anything on your property. If the improvements you want to make are not approved by your local government, well then they come to your door and either make you pay yet more money, or else force you to tear it down. In fact in many states, you cannot even replace a ceiling fan on your own without a permit. This is in addition to things like toilets and sinks. Something that with just about a little know how, you can easily do. You cannot do what you want on your own land, you can only do what is “permitted”.

Not only do you need to pay tax and “permission” to do anything to your property, but the idea that the state will reduce your “tax” is laughable. I can recall in Pennsylvania how they promised to reduce property tax via the property tax relief act. It was also promised that with the allowance of gambling, the state would also relieve property tax. Yet in most areas the property tax has continued to increase. We can also look to Massachusetts for promising property tax relief, hoping it will be on casino revenue.  These are false hopes, and they only give the state more money to spend, while making sure the peasants Continue to pay for their land and have to deal with ever increasing rates. These examples are not knocks on casinos. It just goes to show how people are promised property tax relief, and it never happens.

And the worst part is that multiple agencies can raise you property tax. It can be a local government, a county government, or even a school board. Any or all of these can vote to raise property taxes. So regardless of which entity promises they will not raise taxes, one or two others may well still do it. This keeps the illusion that while one promises to provide relief, the others are just looking to cost you even more.

What is even more insulting to anyone who “owns” property. Is the fact that you do not even have the right to know what is being built on your property without your knowledge nor consent. People need to know that while you need to seek “permission” from your government to build on your own property, however the reverse is not true. I truly hope this gives many of you a very solid idea of how government views your “ownership” of your property. 

This is what all of you need to know. As long as we have a property tax, or even a limit on how much tax they can charge you for your “property”. Than you are doing nothing more than renting the land you live on from the government.  It truly is serfdom. You are bound to the will of your landlord, which in this case- is the government. Until people make a serious push to end, or at least limit this tax. We will all continue to be serfs. Turing a blind eye to this will not help, you really need to keep this a priority in your personal politics, and of those you choose to vote and donate for. Until then, enjoy your serfdom.

And that, my friends. Is the Uncensored Truth. Thank you for reading.

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