The Real Cost of the Corona virus.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

You would think that after dealing with this “pandemic” for almost nine months, that the worst would be over. After all we “flattened the curve” as so many states forced us to do. All the mainstream media efforts to “help” us and the government efforts to do the same. These should have led to the virus being limited, after all that was what we were told. A reason to allow ourselves to be subjected to ridiculous demands , look at what we allowed the government to do.

We allowed the government to effectively dictate how we should live. Letting most businesses be shut down, complying with curfews and the like. And where did it get us? Well according to our trustworthy mainstream media we have reached record highs in people infected with the coronavirus. Yet how could that have happened? We did what we were told and yet, things have become worse. All the media hype, all the fear. We reluctantly complied, and it was all for nothing. And yet people did as asked, we our still being told that this is all our fault.

And now we are being told to do it all over again. States such and New York are already under a second lockdown. Los Angeles county has also issued issue a three week lockdown. But we are supposed to believe that though it did not work the first time, it will work this time. Well, until it does not work again. And then we will be told we need to do it, yet again. Even medical experts do not think lockdowns will work. Yet they are still being touted as the best solution by mainstream media. Einstein had a saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. Yet we seem to have been herded into a collective form of insanity regarding this virus. It is a rather novel thought, yet those of us who dare to question what we are told to do will be torn down by not only the media, but also fearful citizens for daring to use logic regarding this “pandemic”. 

So, what have we already lost due to our going along with these restrictions that “were for our own good” as if we need government to act as if it is our parents. Well close to 100 thousand small businesses have permanently closed. This number , while quite high, is only the tip of the iceberg. You might think “well they are small business, how important can they really be?” Allow me to enlighten you. Small business is the lifeblood of our country. Nearly half of the jobs created re the result of small business. Taking that away has crippled our economy. Despite claims that our economy is recovering this only indicates that our economy is at 82 percent of where it was this past march, and that the bigger corporations have filled the void left behind by the death of small business.

Now, you might ask yourself “why are small businesses so important?” This is a good question And the reason is because many small businesses do not have to comply with federal mandates on how a company must act across many states. In short, for the most part they are free to choose how they operate and how they pay their employees. Minimum wage is great for larger companies, yet smaller ones will pay a better value for good employees. Our government does not want regular people advancing beyond the wages that would make them non-dependent on government assistance. If people reach that level, then the government loses a lot of control over that person. Add further to this idea that a successful small business owner does not have to conform to all the government mandates that are placed on larger businesses.

This brings me back to my earlier point. If the lockdowns did not work the first time, why do them again? In my opinion, this is to crush many more small businesses that just barely managed to survive from the last lockdown. As well as to force people who hardly managed to pay their bills during the first lockdown, to go under later on. They did so because they were told this was a “temporary” measure. Which hardly seems like it will be so “temporary”.

People say to listen to what the media claims medical professionals are telling us. For example there is evidence that social distancing never worked. Add to this the discussion over the effectiveness of cloth masks, and you begin to see a pattern. What we are being told is not really true. So now we are forced to ask. Why are they lying to us? What are they trying to accomplish? Well, the one answer I feel positive it is not, is to provide for our health and safety.

This also bring into question of the vaccine our government is looking for, which, they promise will allow everything to return to normal (it never will). The popular claim is that even if you had coronavirus, you will not be immune to it. Which should make you wonder? As the vaccine is just a weakened form of the disease, how can this protect you? After all, vaccines are just a weakened form of a disease that promotes your body to create antibodies. If having and recovering from the disease won’t protect you. The vaccine will not. You are being lied to. Please understand that. No matter how hard they keep repeating this virus is “novel”.

This is the point of this article, where I tell you that I can only speculate as for the reasons. I have no insider knowledge of why these events occur. I can only analyze the events and facts before me, and come to my own conclusions. So take from this article what you will. However, I am certain that there is something rather sinister occurring right now. And we still have a chance to prevent it. As I already pointed out, this will be an easy way to completely destroy the middle class As this article shows more people are being driven into poverty. Basically creating a modern day feudal society, while there will be a high class society to command us and the peasants will be forced to do as they are told. Or else be driven out of existence.

The deficits that almost every state, and even more importantly, our nation is racking up should be cause for major alarm. While the media stays silent about it, you should not. This is what will destroy our nation. Which I also believe also is the intent. I beg you to please check out To see just how dire the situation actually is. This does not even begin to cover how each state, and our nation will try and pay for these massive debts. The problem for paying for all of this goes unanswered. But one thing is for certain, inflation will soar even higher, robbing most citizens of the purchasing power they thought they had in their savings accounts. This is a one-two punch that most citizens are not ready for. Imagine if you were lucky enough to have 100 thousand in savings, in a few short years that 100 thousand will only be able to purchase around what 50 thousand can today. Then a few years later it will only purchase what 35 thousand could.

What do you think will happen to the  average person then? How many people will be left homeless, or even worse, without food? Since many small businesses which supply food either already have, or will go out of business where will people even be able to go to feed themselves? This will be  a life changing event that many will not be able to cope with. The last lockdown led to nearly triple the suicide rates per year. Yet most people ignore this fact. How much worse will it get if we enter a nationwide second lockdown? Will suicide rates quadruple? How much is enough when we force people into a desperate situation? Add to this that 8 million people have slipped into poverty. And you begin to see the scale of the problem.

To go along with this has come the idea that people must not gather for the holidays. Currently we are being “urged” to not gather for Thanksgiving. How long will it before before “urged” becomes “mandatory”? Imagine getting together with your family and loved ones for Christmas, and suddenly the power and water are shut off.  You would like to think it can’t happen. but then,who would have thought any of this would have happened at the start of the year? There are already legislators calling for a national mask mandate. What’s next? A national curfew? One more point to make about the holidays, people are encouraged to not gather in groups of 6 or more. This is exactly what a country does to keep people from taking and possibly revolting. Communism or any other hostile government could not accomplish this on U.S. soil, but this disease can. Time will tell what else will be asked of us.

Even private business has gotten in on the act, requiring people to show proof they received a coronavirus vaccine, when it becomes available. While I still advocate for any business to choose who they do and do not do business with. This seems a little over the top. I would hope that if they chose to enact this policy. They will lose enough customers to demonstrate this is not a good policy.

The idea that people are being encouraged to risk everything they have worked for in their life. All for something they probably will not get, let alone die from. Should be a major red flag to us all. Yet rather than handle the situation sensibly, we are told to believe in measures that have already proven to not work, and pray for a vaccine that will be  better than actually having the disease and recovering from it.

To quote the late Carl Sagan. “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.” Many have handed over their pride, their savings. And control over their lives in the name of this “pandemic” To all of you reading, choose wisely who you allow to have that power over you.

And that, my friends. Is The Uncensored Truth.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. All of this bruhaha is to explain away the coming depression cause by those scamps on Jekyll Island and to blame the catastrophe on the Corona rather than the American politicians/government.


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