The 2020 presidential election, no matter who wins. We all still lose.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

It really has been one very interesting year so far. And we are only in August. While most of our headlines are still dominated by the media porn that is the coronavirus, or the media fueled riots that continue to go on. At some point we are going to have to take a look at our upcoming presidential election. This is about as good a time as any to begin bringing this into focus for the rest of you.

As always, our media wants you to believe that many people care passionately about this election, and as ever your “trustworthy” media will provide all the information you need to make an informed decision. While ignoring that most people have already made their decision long before the elections were concrete. Instead the media will do what they can to further divide people during this election, all the while claiming they are informing their viewers. Because they actually inform people, of course they do….. Keep believing that.

With that said, let’s take a look at the first person that has been “presented” to you as the Democrat choice for President. Former Vice President Joe Biden. And let us not forget former Senator from Delaware. Let us look at his accomplishments as VP and Senator.  Well, according to CNN a pro-liberal network, his only noteworthy accomplishment as VP was to be re-elected.  So with that, let us look at his Senate career. Well during his very first term as Senator, he opposed allowing black children to bused to school. Which was a tactic used to still try and keep schools segregated. As Senator he also helped write the 1994 Violent Crime Act. Which some have claimed incentivized state and the federal government to further penalize drug crimes. This was a response to the nationwide crack epidemic. While there are parts of this law that Biden currently disputes, there is no doubt he paved the way for this to happen.

During his eight years as Vice President, he helped to implement the Dodd-Frank act. Which was meant to prevent another economic collapse as was seen in 2008. While the measures taken could been seen as problematic, parts were later repealed in 2018. He also led some initiatives  which may have helped prevent a debt crisis in 2011. Which resulted in increasing the debt ceiling by 400 billion. However this was largely due to the actions of Republicans  at that time.

This brings us to his choice for running mate, Kamala Harris, she started her career as the top District Attorney for San Francisco in 2004 and then went on to be the Attorney General for California She tries to present herself as as a “progressive prosecutor” when the reality has been much different. Repeatedly failing to hold police accountable for misconduct. Something she claims to now want to do. But we should all trust her now.

The Democratic party routinely flips positions with the Republican party in order to garner more votes. Just as the Republican party flips positions. This keeps the illusion of the two party divide. Now we will look at the Republican candidate for President, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump ran on many campaign promises. The largest and greatest being “Make America Great Again.” On this alone we can tell he has been a huge failure. Not only has he failed to make America great again, but the country is in far worse  shape then when he became president. Now I know some of you will want to blame liberals for closing down states, as well as Trump’s fellow Republicans, but we blame the captain of the ship for why the ship is sinking, not the crew mates. It is easy for a person to ride an economic high, but it is harder for a person to fix problems as they happen, in this regard, Donald Trump has clearly failed. We can next look to his promise of building a border wall. Something many of his supporters were excited for, some of you my forget that there was a huge political fight to gain funding for this wall. However, as of this writing most reports only claim that 9 miles of new border wall have been built. This seems like a far cry from his promise, and also a large waste of media attention. I had placed my opinion on this matter in the article The Border Wall: The carrot to string the masses along.We can also look to his promise of lowering the National Debt, something he has completely failed to do. It is clear that our country has not been improved during the presidency of Donald Trump. Despite the clamoring of his supporters.

Well perhaps we can look forward to his Vice President Mike Pence to correct the already failing direction of the Trump presidency. Sadly this is not the case. He was appointed to head a commission which was unable to find widespread voter fraud. I would guess that his most notable accomplishment has been to champion money towards the Space Force and a mission to Mars. Again Vice Presidents do not have much power, so it is hard to for them to make meaningful accomplishments.

Lastly, I would like to look at the Libertarian candidate for President, Jo Jorgenson. The principals of the Party are very good, but they have not really been tested. While I have titled this article “no matter who wins, we all lose.” It would not be true if she won. However, I sadly believe that this would be very unlikely. This is not due to their political beliefs, however due to just how much the mainstream media controls the way people hear about political parties. Full disclosure here, I myself am a Libertarian, and I have been for years. While I seriously doubt they will win the election I am optimistic about them garnering more votes than Gary Johnson in the 2016 election. If they do, this shows an ever increasing number of people not satisfied with either of the two “major” political parties. As they well should not be. And one would hope it will bring a change in what voters expect from those they support.

I will not say much about Spike Cohen, simply because I have been Facebook friends with him for a few years. I am not personal friends with him, but I feel that writing anything would still be biased. So for the sake of this article, all I will say is that he seems principled and an overall decent person.

Sadly, I believe that Donald Trump will be re-elected. Biden seems to be a selected candidate who will help ensure this. A more engaging candidate such as Tulsi Gabbard would have been  a more serious threat to Trump being re-elected. But as  I detailed in a previous article the media gave her the Ron Paul treatment, and ensured people would not vote for her in the primaries. Instead Biden was “selected” to become the nominee. The establishment will continue to do what it has always done, slowly destroy our country, and we the people will continue to suffer for it.

And that. My friends. Is the Uncensored Truth.

Thank you for reading.

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