Our Ticking Timebomb. The National Debt.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

I am going to start with a very scary prediction: if the US government does not create a budget surplus in the next five years, we will suffer an economic collapse that will make what happened in Venezuela look like a pleasant vacation.

Currently the US National Debt stands at $26.5 trillion. This alone should alarm you. What should really open your eyes, however, is that less than 2 years ago I wrote an article regarding the National Debt, and it stood at $21.6 trillion. $5 trillion…in only 2 years. Do people even care about our future anymore? Have we become so apathetic, that we just accept that this keeps happening?

Sadly, I do believe that this is the case. We all know that continuing to pay on an ever-growing debt is a losing proposition, yet we continue to turn a blind eye to it. Instead, we focus on divisive issues, rather than how we can continue to pay for what our government is doing. And make no mistake, creating divisive issues are intentionally created so we ignore the problem that will destroy our country. Distraction is important in order to allow this to continue to happen.

Instead, people are more focused on when they are going to receive their next stimulus check. Or on how they think the entire system is designed to keep African-Americans as the lower class. None of this is true. But what is true, is that the next few years will destroy the lives of anyone, be they Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, what have you. Regardless of race, we will all be reduced to poverty. This is by design. Reducing the economic power of the United States is part of the agenda of those who you would call the Illuminati, The New World Order, or whatever you would prefer to call them. They are doing this as part of the long game that they have been playing, at our expense, to create a one-world government. And this is happening without most people even noticing…or even caring.

As I have mentioned in my previous article The Federal Reserve and the National Debt, the silent killers of our country, payment on the National Debt was the fifth largest budget item. With the extra $5 trillion since added, it will be close to, if not already, the fourth largest item. And yet our desire to continue to borrow even more money seems to have no end, so it will continue to grow even more. There are no current plans to stop it. How is that for a grim future?

The previous excuse to ignore this looming problem was to say that the economy will continue to grow in order to pay for our past and current overspending. However, with the actions taken in regards to the coronavirus, the economy has clearly shrunk, and will continue to do so as long as we allow this nonsense. And yet we still continue to plan, and massively borrow, from the Federal Reserve. The pretense that we may somehow make more money to offset this has been shattered, and yet people still go along for the ride.

We are rapidly nearing the point where if something drastic is not done, we will pass the point of no return. This point will not happen when your children become adults, this will happen when you still could have prevented it. Now is the time to ask yourself, what will you do? Will you continue the excuse that this will happen regardless of what you do? Or will you help to at least try and fix the problem? It is rather obvious: if you choose to do nothing, the problem will get worse, until no matter what you do, you and your families future will be ruined. Take that very seriously, I beg you.

The solution is something that Ron Paul suggested years ago. Massively cut federal spending. This will have some very serious short-term effects. The economy, which is very dependent on federal spending, will shrink even more. Many companies, dependent on federal spending, will go out of business. Unemployment will spike. This will last for a few years as the market takes time to fill the void created by lack of taxpayer dollars. Ron Paul predicted, quite correctly, when he proposed this: “Do this now, because if you do it later, it will hurt us all much worse in the future.” He was correct. It will hurt much more now. But it needs to be done, if we want to have any chance at all to save our country.

There is no “quick fix” to this problem, and the longer we wait, the more it will hurt in the long run. This has really come to be the “adult in the room” form of decision-making. What I mean by that is that it has become necessary to make some very hard choices. Do we accept some temporary hard times in order to secure our future generations, or do we make choices only to accommodate ourselves currently? At every step and turn, our media encourages people to think only of the immediate future. Does that seem wise to you?

So, now for the important question: what do we need to cut, and how will it affect us? To some, my first answer will seem like common sense. To others, sacrilege. Drastically cut military spending. Not only does this mean getting ourselves out of foreign wars that we had no business in, such as Syria and Iraq, but also reducing the amount of troops we have stationed worldwide. Currently, the United States has 800 military bases in 70 foreign countries. I am sure we can cut that number by a few hundred and not reduce our national defense all that much. We can save plenty of additional money by doing so.

Another way to help cut spending would be to eliminate financial aid to foreign countries. In 2017, it was reported that the United States had spent over $46 billion in foreign aid. Now, while I am sure some of this went to worthwhile efforts, as always, I am sure that most of this money was wasted. While it is a noble ideal to help other countries, since our own is in such dire straights, it seems logical that we cut this significant expense.

This next one I am sure will anger some readers, but it is time to do away with the number one expenditure of our budget: eliminate social security. In 2018, nearly $1 trillion was spent on this program. It was supposed to pay for itself. However, current generations continue to feed this pig which has bled American citizens dry for years. The time has come to allow citizens to provide for their own retirement, and get the failed attempt of allowing the government to take care of it out of the way. Pay what we owe people who paid into this failed program, but create a future where we are not shackled to it any longer.

While I do not buy into everything shown in this video presented by Learn Liberty, especially since it was produced before the coronavirus problem and the result of our shrinking economy, it does present some ideas to the problem we face. Take it for what it is worth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPjrFjAxwlw. You may start to understand the reality of the issue staring at us every day, and the measures we must take in order to solve it. While it calls for a 10% reduction in 2017, as of 2020, I feel 15% may be a more accurate number. Perhaps even higher may be needed . Currently, the prospects of this happening are very low.

The fact is, the American public needs to be more active in preventing our government from spending as they are. We are giving up our own tomorrow in order to keep what we have today. We cannot do this, It will not stop unless we seriously address the problem of our runaway government spending.

And that, my friends, is The Uncensored Truth.

Thank you for reading.

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