The shooting of Ahmaud Arbery. No matter what the truth is. The media loves creating racial tension.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen.

As always seems to happen, if there is any sort of incident involving someone who is white and someone who is of color, the mainstream press goes into overdrive to tell you it absolutely MUST be due to racism. While the duty of the media is to gather facts and present a factual story to the public, in the case of race relations, this is often ignored. And, while they push the narrative without much evidence, when evidence is presented to disprove their claims of racism, very often the media will ignore it.

Sadly, we have to look at another death that has occurred in our country. Ahmaud Arbery was shot and killed in Georgia for being suspected by two vigilantes of being a burglary suspect and they attempted to detain him in order to ask him some questions. According to our trustworthy media, there was no reason for them to do so. Cries of “he was hunted for being Black” and “Black men cannot even go for a jog” were spread all across media circles. Now, to be clear, if anyone is suspected of burglary, be they Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, or whatever, they do not deserve to be shot. However, the media chooses to ignore that he was suspected of burglary, which does not indicate that Arbery was hunted down for the crime of jogging while Black, while mainstream media kept repeating the mantra that there was absolutely no evidence that Arbery was a suspect. There is a video showing him going through a house that is under construction. There is no evidence that anything was stolen. It also does not support the idea that he was suspected because…..racism.


This leads to some major questions regarding this case. Since the media will not ask them, simply because they want to increase racial tension and therefore our distrust of one another, we need to step up and ask them ourselves. While none of these questions exonerates either of these men of murder (my opinion), it does place some serious holes in the media narrative that this was only done because White Americans are racist.

The first question is this: What do we know about the man taping the video, a person named William Bryan? How could this person know to take out his cellphone and begin recording before he even saw the truck? Did he know they were there waiting? Most people do not just randomly whip out their phone and begin recording for no apparent reason. To me, this makes it seem like he had some foreknowledge about what was going to happen, either by the victim, or the suspects.

The next question is: Do we have anything better than this rather grainy cell phone footage? I do not know about you, but I cannot see many details about any person in this video. I have my reservations about making any sort of political statement based solely on the rather poor quality of video that has been released to the public. To me, this seems to be a very poor source to create outrage. However, our mainstream media will create as much from it as they can. While the defense claims there is a second video, the media fails to mention this to the public.

The third question: Why did a retired police officer resort to shooting a person who he only wanted to ask questions of? While I personally am not too thrilled with the professionalism of many police officers, it is hard to imagine that Gregory McMichael did not have any sort of formal training to handle a situation such as this, nor would he have not informed his son. Two armed men do not usually have this much trouble subduing an unarmed person. This is why while I do not believe this crime was not because of racism, I still think it was murder or at least manslaughter.

According to the defense in this case, there is a second video to this, which has not been leaked to the public. Another fact that the media knows about but, for the most part refuses to discuss, because it may challenge their ongoing racism narrative. While the defense claims that the second video proves their clients’ innocence, I cannot comment either way. This a policy that our media should adhere to, if they are making the claim that they present their viewers with the truth. Until this case goes to court, we cannot know all the facts.

Also, I am appalled by the media description of this as a modern day lynching. This is complete BS, and only was used to further the racism narrative the media wanted to push. Sadly, politicians such as the mayor of Atlanta Keisha Bottoms played right along with the narrative.The deliberate use of the word lynching was used to generate feelings of resentment, without any real facts to back it up. Playing on past racial inequality seems to be the hallmark of both liberal media and liberal politicians. As we all know, liberals are the champions of racial equality, as long as you ignore problems such as Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. They are also champions of the #MeToo movement, as long as we ignore current presidential candidate Joe Biden.

This is not to say that Republicans are free of racism, either. There are many examples of racist politicians in the Republican Party as well. However, the current political climate tends to lead towards crowning Democrats as the champions of racial justice, when in fact that they, too, only pay lip service to that idea. But, thanks to the media, you are encouraged to ignore that fact. Both parties will use social equality as a tool to serve their own ends, while not in fact actually caring about it.

The one true takeaway that we can get from this is that if it sells a story, the media does not care about right or wrong. Manipulating you is far more important than informing you. This is why I keep telling people that the next time you see a story, it is meant to play on your emotions. Please, PLEASE stop to think about whether you are being told the truth or are getting a story meant to manipulate you. More than likely, it is a manipulation story. Based on the information that I have been able to research regarding this story, I conclude that what we are being told is manipulation. I might be wrong. Regardless, always question what the mainstream media tells you. In our day and age, the media would love nothing more than to be both judge and jury, and make its viewers the executioner.

And that, my friends, is The Uncensored Truth.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. I am not sure where you are going with this, but I encourage you to consider that it costs you nothing to admit that racism exists. That doesn’t mean that ALL white people are racist. It doesn’t mean that YOU are a racist. This kid stopped and looked at some new construction. Haven’t you ever done that? A LOT of people do that. Extremely few of them get chased down and shot afterwards.

    In this case, the use of the word lynching is appropriate because it sure did look like a lynching. Personally, I believe this event appears more like a lynching than most of the other high profile killings of black men and boys. It is literally 2 men chasing down a young man and killing him.

    The former cop had arrested the kid when he was in highschool. That means that he KNEW the kid. Two prosecutors have had to recuse themselves because they knew the cop and the victim. The one prosecutor has gone to great lengths to excuse the McMichaels, including arguing that Arbery shot himself. It is an argument that defies reason and is quite embarrassing for this prosecutor.

    You ask good questions. Why did someone know to start taking video of Arbery as he ran toward the waiting truck? If I were to guess, I would agree that he knew something was going to happen in advance of the event. He might have decided to cough up the video to clear his own name, or to make a deal.

    Yes, the video was poor, but it is not the point. Stripping the video down, it is 2 armed men in a white truck that are laying in wait for another unarmed man that is jogging. A 4th man is driving behind the jogger and using a phone to video the encounter. A minute later the jogger is shot to death. For what? Because he tried to run away? Because he attempted to stand his own ground? Because he refused to cooperate with two armed men that “just wanted to talk”?

    The manipulation from the media is the implanting of the idea that this was a justified killing. Justified because Arbery had spent 3 minutes checking out a new house. Justified because the ex-cop had arrested Arbery when he was still in high school. Justified because on ANOTHER OCCASION, the killers had seen Arbery put his hand in his pants and they figured it was because he had a gun. Justified because the ex-cop’s son had left a gun in an unlocked vehicle and some unknown person stole it.

    Your third question? The McMichaels did not have the mandate to ‘subdue’ anyone. Arbery had the right to flee the scene. He had the right to try and protect himself. I imagine he was terrified.

    Even IF Arbery had stolen a gun from their unlocked vehicle, or had stolen from the house under construction, or had once brought a gun or some other weapon to highschool, or had been caught shoplifting—-none of these are justification for the McMichaels to shoot him.



    1. Not sure if you read the article all the way through, in no way do i think this death was justified. It is not even implied. Hence why i wrote in the article ” Two armed men do not usually have this much trouble subduing an unarmed person. This is why while I do not believe this crime was not because of racism, I still think it was murder or at least manslaughter.” This is not a lynching, that is a buzzword used by the media to create outrage, this was two stupid people thinking they would be heroes by taking the law into their own hands.


      1. no I didnt say that you did. I am saying that that is where the media is manipulating people. People are being given the impression that the McMichaels were justified.


  2. All you need to see is the jogga run u0 and attack a man whose behaving as is his legal right.
    It doesn’t matter the 25yo ‘kid’ had two convictions for gun in school or breaking and entering
    Doesn’t matter his family was known for felonious crimes
    Doesn’t matter that the detective even knew this kid from police work OR the missing gun and his video surveillance footage
    He ran around the vehicle, struck the man 3× and attempted to steal his shotgun.
    End of story.


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