While the media has you distracted, and in a state of terror. Here is what you may have missed.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

CORONAVIRUS!!!!! CORONAVIRUS!!!! CORONAVIRUS!!!! It is well possible that this may have been the only thing you may have noticed being spouted by our mainstream media for over the past month. Anything from you are not doing enough to stop the virus, to how only our government can save us from the plague that will kill us all if you so much as step outside. It might be odd to think there has not been much else as of late that was considered newsworthy. At least based upon most of what our reliable news media has been covering on our TV. But there are some major developments, some related to problems arising from our response to the coronavirus, and some rather fascinating stories that have been revealed and you may have missed.

First, in something that would just a few years ago been considered something that you would only hear about in wild conspiracy circles. The Pentagon released videos containing UFO’s. While they tried to downplay it by calling them unidentified aerial phenomena. The three videos released, one from 2004 and two from 2015, are certainly not proof of alien visitation. But they do raise some interesting questions about exactly what they are. Even the people who were talking during the video had no idea what they were seeing ,and it should spark some curiosity. Normally the Pentagon does not release this kind of information.

Next we have what is what will show you some of the error of how the United States is handling its response to the coronavirus. In order to mollify the masses, stimulus checks have been issued to millions of American citizens. While intended to help those forced out of work due to government forced shutdown, we have recently learned that new taxes will need to be created to pay for them. This means that not only have we been hurt by these shutdowns, we will have to bear and even greater burden down the road to help cover the costs for the government “helping” us. Remember, there is no such thing as free money. We will only make our children pay for our irresponsibility.

In another bit of coronavirus news about which you may not have heard. Is that it has recently been released the official story about how the virus infected the population, may not be true. At first we were told that the virus started by eating infected bats possibly bought at a seafood market. Now however, the idea that it may have been “accidentally” released from a Whuhan lab has started to gain attention. While there is speculation from some that it was intentionally released, there is no hard evidence to support that theory at this time. However, as I have always noticed. The more extreme theories do seem to become truths as time, and more evidence becomes uncovered.

The next story I would like to bring up is that the price of a barrel of oil crashed to -36.73 per barrel. What that means is the buyers were paid to take the oil as there are costs associated with transportation and storage. If this trend continues it will mean the closing of many refineries across the nation. Not only that but many jobs associated with transportation and storage will also be lost. Adding many more to the already staggering amount of those who are unemployed. We can only hope that the demand will rise once people are permitted to travel freely in our country again. But the damage may have already been done, we can only wait and see on this one. It has been agreed to cut oil production by 20 million barrels per day, but more may have to be done in the future.

In yet more bad financial news, it has been reported that Illinois may become the first state in history to have its bonds rated as “junk”. This is due to massive unfunded pension liability, which is due in part to having almost 110 thousand public employees making over 100k per year. In my opinion Illinois will be the first of many states in the near future that will lose all ability to issue bonds. With most states losing revenue due to these shutdowns the bills keep adding up. Much like how the federal government will need to raise or create new taxes to pay the bills, states will have to do the same thing. This will be even more of a burden on the average taxpayer. I hope you two months of quarantine will be worth it when the tax man starts to collect more of your hard earned money. And always remember, it was for your own good.

Now while some of you may ask the obvious question. “Most of these articles you linked are from mainstream media sources, why say they wanted you to miss them?” It is actually a very good question. My answer is this. These were mentioned in one article by them and then forgotten about. You will not hear on your TV much, if any mention of these articles. Instead you get fed a daily diet of fear regarding this virus. I highlight these articles to get you to think (excluding the UFO one, that is just odd, but I still felt it was interesting). The last thing the media wants you to do is think about the long term consequences regarding what is currently going on. Accept what is currently happening and ignore any future thought. That is the level of control our televised media currently has over us.

Naturally at some point, the media will finally point out on TV programming just how harmful most of our response was. This will not be in an effort to educate you, nor to encourage you to resist such efforts in the future. It will be in an effort to get you to support some new program or spending bill which yet again will hurt you in the long run. But you cannot think about that. Outrage and fear always combine well to distract the masses. Our modern media has mastered the art of using it against us. Always keep that in mind. The ultimate goal of our modern media is to keep us at the level of productive working children. As long as our mindset remains childlike, we are that much easier to control.

And that, my friends, is The Uncensored Truth.

Thank you for reading.

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