Coronavirus-19, Turning 2020 into 1984

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

H1N1 , the Ebola virus, SARS, Swine flu. These are just a few of the diseases we all know about and have been told to prepare immediately for a major outbreak. It now seems as if every year there is a new disease to fear. We must all spend all that we can to prepare, and possibly get all the shots that we can to protect ourselves. Fear, as always, sells…and the public is sold a new dose of fear every single year.

As fear grows, so does the need for people to feel that we need to do something about it, regardless if the action makes any sense or not. In the case of the coronavirus, the actions have been nothing short of having absolutely no sense, even after the citizens of the Unites States have been coerced into taking these actions. The number of cases reported by the government is now higher than any other country. The United States is not the most populated country, but the media ranks high in how well it is controlled by the government, and the spread of fear by the mainstream media has been constant.

We now also rank high in how our country responded to the virus, going to extreme, almost communist-like measures to force people to comply with the dictates of the government. Not only this, but our government has asked for, and received, citizen assistance to report fellow citizens who choose to not stay in their homes. This has gone as far as the police creating an app so citizens can report violators. The Orwellian aspects of this are cringeworthy, indeed. We as citizens are turning in each other over something as small as leaving our house. 1984 was not supposed to be a “how-to” manual, it was a warning. Sadly, it was a warning that seems to have been largely ignored. A great analogy to how people are reacting today is from the Milgram Experiment, in which people are more likely to follow orders, rather than use their own sense of reason to come to their own decisions. A warning given to us in the book.

This warning goes almost completely unheard in the face of the panic our “trustworthy” media has created…which is by design. While I do not want to go too far into any conspiracy angle, I am sure many of us are aware of Operation Mockingbird, a CIA program meant to infiltrate and direct how the media reports news to the American public. There are many programs that the CIA claims that they have discontinued, but with their ability to create funding without needing Congress, it is doubtful that while they claim no government funding continues for these sort of programs, the programs themselves continue. Couple this with the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, and you have a recipe ready for deception.

It makes the fact that our media has not discussed why the virus is not running rampant in places like India, where social distancing is non-existent,while there is a lockdown, how is their lockdown proving more effective than ours?. Not to mention how it has over a billion citizens. Where is the massive outbreak there? As of this writing, there are less than 5000 cases. How is this possible, and why has our media not even mentioned it? Unless, of course, they are controlled, and being directed what, and what not, to cover. I could also mention places like Japan another country with a high population density and very limited to almost no social distancing, or what is going on in Sweden, but hopefully you get the point. Anything that might make you think for yourselves will not be mentioned by our media, which is there to keep you “informed”. It’s all fair and balanced, you see.

The true genius of the current crisis is that no one can confirm the numbers that we are being given. HIPA guidelines dictate that we cannot know the identities of those who are diagnosed with the disease, nor can we know the identities of those who died without consent, which is rarely given. Therefore, we are at the mercy of our “trustworthy”, and quite probably controlled, media to provide us accurate information. If you are not already familiar with how often they lie to us, then at this point I just feel sorry for you. Before you try and use the excuse “they would not lie about something this big”, please think back to how we were easily led into a war (multiple times) on a fake story. Then please repeat your excuse to me. I hope for your sake it sounds as convincing then. It is also rather important to note, that doctors often make their best guess as to a cause of death.often make their best guess as to a cause of death. While I am sure they try their best, I am certain that many are inspired to list COVID as a cause of death when it in fact, may not be the reason a person died. This adds more fuel to the mass hysteria surrounding this disease. While the CDC adds any speculation regarding COVID as a COVID cause of death, it is easy to see how this may lead to many overestimates of this new disease. If you have any questions about how that happens , please click the link to the video I provided.

As far as why this virus has been so wildly reported, I would love to tell you that I have a definite answer. Sadly, I cannot provide one. I can speculate, but I have no way of proving an ulterior motive other than the government, working with the media, frequently lies to us to either hide something from us, or to take an action which will hurt us in the future. That is what I think will be the end result of this panic: something that will hurt us more than we realize, further on down the line. Quit possibly a government more in line with Big Brother from 1984. But, as always, we are not supposed to think about the future, and only care about right now. How very adult of all of us.

Thus far, the solution to this virus has been the shutdown of all non-essential businesses across the country, which has led to massive unemployment. Naturally, people are sitting at home with nothing to do, but live in fear. This fear is not only about a virus, but how they will take care of themselves or their family. While there are a few states that have used common sense during this time, they are few and far between. Before people start shouting that the governors of these states are putting their citizens lives in danger, we need to consider a few things.

First, it is not the role of the government to protect us from a disease. While it may seem like a great idea to some, imagine if we shut almost everything down due to a perceived danger that may or may not happen. Second, this virus is expected to come back every year. Are we expected to make March and April our annual coronavirus shut down months? At what point do we realize that a virus, while deadly, is not worth the long term costs it will have on us all?

Despite all that is happening that takes us down the road to tyranny, Google has announced that it will make public the location of your data and others to fight this pandemic. In other words, the privacy they promised to protect is now a sham. If you really think this is the only thing they would share it for, I truly feel sorry for you. If you have not caught on to it yet, everything that had been promised about protecting you and your privacy is a lie. My best advice at this time: if you go out leave, your cellphone at home.

So, have these drastic measures accomplished anything? Well, if you listen to most reports, things are only getting worse, and it is YOUR fault. Because, even though you’re not going to work, not going to a bar, not going to watch a baseball game, not seeing a concert, you STILL are not doing enough. All of this is an excuse to allow the government to violate your rights even more. This will be used as the justification for all of their actions. All in an effort to protect you, from yourself.

And yet, no one has questioned if the actions our government has taken are the correct actions. According to some, and most importantly Professor Knut Wittkowski, 20 year head of Rockefeller University’s department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and research design, tells people the best advice is to expose people to the virus, so they can develop an immunity to it. This is the same logic used by parents who exposed their children to the chicken pox or measles. It is amazing how people who are no longer, or never were, paid by the government will give you a common sense solution, as opposed to urging you to rely on a vaccine that may come 12-18 months on the future. Our reliable mainstream media, which claims to keep its viewers informed, will not mention this, either.

While there are other alternatives out there, we as citizens are lead to believe the only way forward is by doing what the government tells us. The real cost is that the average citizen will not only be forced to accrue more debt, but lose a large portion of whatever their savings they may have had, via the drop in stocks, inflation, or even just to pay their monthly expenses until they can work again. This will only serve to make all of us more dependent on the government to take care of us. A modern day serfdom, all for what they are calling an enemy we cannot see or fight. Just obey the edicts our government sets forth, and you will be protected.

Not only does the media try to “protect” us by only disseminating what they want us to know, but social media has also stepped up to the plate in order to protect us from “false claims”. I am, of course, referring to a recent video featuring British author and speaker, David Icke. The video was removed because YouTube felt the information was false. Now, while I will not defend anything David Icke says, the idea that we must protect others from what he says is ridiculous. I will not try, nor do I want to try, to confirm his idea that 5G and the coronavirus are related. That should be up to you to decide. A company that claims to be a content provider should not be deciding for you. While any private business has a right to decide to do whatever they want, it is odd that YouTube chooses to support the mainstream narrative about the coronavirus, while silencing all others.

Just so we are clear, the virus does seem to be real. People have certainly died, but not all of them necessarily from what has been stated as the cause of death. I seriously question the numbers that are currently being reported as being attributed to coronavirus deaths. The response to this really only seems to serve the goal of breaking the back of the average American, and it can only be justified as long as people can be kept terrified. While the media is trying to get you to accept this as the new normal, rest assured, this is anything BUT normal. Never accept our government trampling all over its citizens, while somehow pretending we are “at war”. We are not “at war”,  we are dealing with a public health issue in the form of a disease. The best method to stay safe is to wash your hands often and avoid touching your face, unless you have washed your hands. Cough or sneeze on your clothes, or like me, carry a handkerchief. This will help to eliminate contagion and keep our country going more than any social distancing will ever do.

We have seen pictures of just how seriously the media takes this threat,with cameramen wearing ordinary clothes but filming reporters in full hazmat looking gear. Even politicians show how this is a farce by enforcing rules that make it impossible for you to have a haircut, while they still can. We are not supposed to think about things like this. Instead you are supposed to ignore all of this, it is for your own good.

The end result of all of this will be to help foster a society that grows ever more suspicious of each other. Citizens reporting on other citizens will be praised and become the “norm” rather than being frowned upon. Respecting the rights of others will become a thing of the past. If this is not something envisioned in Orwell’s 1984  I do not know what is. Fellow citizens are not our enemy, nor should they ever be. Never let the government, nor the media, convince you otherwise

And that, my friends, is The Uncensored Truth.

Thank you for reading.

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