The sad death of Dr. Who. And why socially programming you is more important than entertaining you.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

It has been a good run. Almost 60 years. But yet again the entertainment industry has destroyed another beloved franchise. Not because of any sort of exciting idea, but to continue to promote the “woke” agenda. The latest sacrificial lamb has become the Dr. Who TV series. Or as it should now be more properly called, Dr. SJWho.

The whole purpose of the last two seasons of Doctor SJWho. Has been to promote how most men are horrible people and that women are far superior, in every way. Except in one very important category, ratings.

While there is no doubt that decades ago most of society was dominated by thinking that men were better in most respects, we can all agree that this idea has changed. This is for the better, it was and is necessary. However while the social justice warriors should have been happy at this point. They decided it was necessary to put down men and subjugate them to being the lesser gender. This is not equality, this is vengeance. Even back in the day men still respected women, men who stepped out of line towards the fairer sex were still looked down upon and often far worse happened to correct those men. However no such criticism is granted to women who look down upon men.

The current Doctor SJW star Jodie Whittaker is a wonderful example. When she was interviewed about her new role. She felt it was necessary to point out “Not all heroes are white men.” Something we already knew, but it had to be pointed out, for some reason. It could not be because she is an ardent feminist. It was not a coincidence that a feminist was the person selected to take this role and to promote the social programming that the series has endorsed as of late. Some would claim that this was a coincidence, but I am rather sure most of you reading know better.

The show has taken a major anti-male tone. This is wonderfully explained by Gary Buechler of the YouTube channel Nerdrotic. Now I could go into detail about the many ways the show has been perverted towards this agenda, but I cannot hope to come even close to how well he explains it. I recommend you look at his channel yourself for a detailed explanation. Not only does he do a wonderful job of breaking down the agenda pushing in each episode but he also gives a great assessment of the entire series on his channel.

Perhaps the most telling result of this new “feminist” Dr. SJWho is the ratings. While the ratings for the show have declined in the last few seasons, the ratings for the current season are the lowest since the show was re-launched in 2005. While this may not bother a government funded broadcaster like the BBC it does show how little people seem to care for the new agenda they are pushing. This goes to show that ratings are not what the company is going for, it is pushing their social agenda on the masses.

And this is what happens when the government forces its citizens to pay for TV shows, you do not get quality entertainment. You get an agenda pushed down your throat and you have no say over what you actually want to see. While people may be tuning out in droves over this program they are still forced to finance it due to the UK TV licence fee. Yes, you read that right. You are forced to pay a fee just for having a TV in the UK. Nothing Orwellian about that.

I could point out the fan backlash to the latest season of Dr. SJWho but the response from the BBC has been to tell viewers that their ideas are in the wrong and these new viewpoints are what they intended all along. You, the individual are wrong for thinking a certain way. We the collective should tell you how to think. This is a common theme in those who want to promote a socially correct agenda. You cannot have your own opinion, it does not matter. Only what you are told to believe matters.  I am rather sure the Ministry of Truth would be proud of what has been accomplished.

The ratings drop did not happen all at once but with The start of Chris Chibnall becoming head writer of the series. He has touted the SJW line of needing more “diversity” on the writing team. While diversity may be great in some instances ,creating a good television show does not seem to be one of them. His viewpoint became clear in the writing or previous Dr. Who star Peter Capaldi. In which his socially correct agenda started to become obvious. Hence the ratings drop during that time. Yet when socially correct people look at the ratings they claim that people were not interested in a man and therefore a woman being in the role was correct because season 12 brought better ratings.

What they fail to acknowledge is that people did in fact see an interesting angle with the Doctor becoming a woman, myself included. Most fans saw a lot of potential with it, but were fearful because of the politically correct storyline that had been previously pushed when Capaldi was the Doctor. The first episode of the new Doctor was met with optimism that quickly changed to anger as it became apparent what the true purpose of the recasting was. Which is clearly shown in the steady decline in the series ratings which reached an all time low with the airing of the last episode.

Of course any complaint regarding the direction of the show was shouted down with screams of misogyny, or that the person was a tearful male scared of a powerful woman. I am sure in a few cases that was true however, the vast majority of the complaints were not. And yet they were ignored.  As long as the BBC continues to be government funded this will be the case. There is no market incentive for them to change.

And this shows exactly what this “woke” agenda is all about. It has nothing to do with what people like or even think is correct. It is a form of mind control that will be used to shape the thoughts of people for years to come. As long as we continue to give it any sort of platform, they will continue to try and shove it down our throats. And as a former fan I personally can say this hurts. Dr. Who was an amazing show to me. I never felt it had a social agenda to me until the last few seasons, and I enjoyed the show and the story lines that it had. It truly is a shame that it has now become another sacrificial cow in the effort to coerce people into buying into the “woke” agenda.

And that,my friends is The Uncensored Truth.

Thank you for reading.


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