The “Born this way” lie – gender politics are being pushed on us all.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

For years, we have been repeatedly told that being gay is not a choice, but is something you are born with. If anyone dared to challenge this notion – myself included – you were automatically deemed a bigot, and anything you said from that point on was ignored. Your opinion does not matter; only what is being told to you matters.

The issue of LGBT rights is an important one. Yet, we were often ridiculed by activists for claiming that they would attempt to reach out to children, which I have already covered in the article the LBGT agenda, Transhuminism, and the push for Population Control. The other concept that was shouted down and ridiculed by activists was that being gay or trans was not a choice, that you were born that way. It has become socially unacceptable to think in any other way. Activists rallied against people claiming that “they were going for the children”.

However, as time has proven, the LGBT activists have pushed for LGBT education in our public schools and, according to the largest study of its kind ever, there is no gay gene. Currently, this is being spun as proving that around 25% of people who are gay are so because of genetics. While even this number is easily debatable, this does nothing to explain the other 75% of people who consider themselves to be either gay or transexual.

While they freely admit that many of the people choosing this lifestyle are not affected by genetics, it should make people wonder why the LGBT community pushed so hard against a Brown University study which showed children were pushed towards transgenderism by social and school forces. This study was roundly criticized by the LGBT community because “it might invalidate the claims of transgender people.” In other words, it disproves their narrative. While Brown did not dispute the finding of the study, they chose to apologize for it and pulled it from their website, in order to appease the LGBT community.

This seems to be a growing trend in the LGBT community: claiming they are not doing something, attacking anyone who says otherwise, and then doing the very thing they were accused of and telling us it was what they planned all along. Yet, for some reason, people are not calling out LGBT activists over this. In my opinion, the LGBT activists have become one of the largest influences in politics, just by virtue of being able to demonize anyone for not buying into their ever-changing standards for how they think people need to act toward them. Make no mistake, what was considered acceptable by activists in the past can still be used against you, if their current standards happen to change.

This can easily be shown by the recent Netflix special “Sticks and Stones”, starring Dave Chappelle. In this program, he points out just how ridiculous their influence has become, also mentioning how “cancel culture” is ruining our lives. The backlash against his special shows how even humor – one of the time-honored areas where boundaries are pushed, must now conform to an activist agenda. A more recent example is an episode of the long-running South Park animated series, in which they made fun of a transgender athlete. The website Pink News lead the charge to condemn the episode, as well as the series in general. Nothing matters, other than conforming to the new platform of political correctness.

So, what can we gather from the new information that claims that whether you are gay or transgender is not something you are born with, but is a decision you make for yourself? Can we now question why we are teaching kids in grade school about this? Can we now question the validity of having kids given puberty blockers? Or, are we still all hateful bigots for now having scientific evidence to back our questions? Are we still bigots for daring to question the agenda that has been presented to us as the truth?

We can also look at the case of a parental dispute regarding the transgendering of a 7 year-old. This case involved the mother of the child wanting to force the father to affirm the child as a girl instead of as a boy. Let us be realistic here: a seven year-old really does not have the capacity to think that they are a different gender. This is, in all probability, a case of the mother encouraging the child to be a girl. The reasons for this can be many things, but the idea that a parent has to go along with it is ludicrous. The refusal of the father to acknowledge his son as a girl amounts to child abuse, and now the Texas Office of Family and Protective Services are looking into the case.

Add to this how many TV networks are pushing the sexualizing of children on the general public. Many TV shows have been created featuring children in skimpy outfits, similar to what you would see at a strip club. There are several shows dedicated to featuring “drag kids”, and how wonderful they are. One may wonder as to why the small percentage of people who identify as transgender seem to have numerous TV shows that are made for kids are featuring transgender adults and children.

Of course, there will still be people who will continue to turn a blind eye to this, regardless of the reality that is staring them right in the face. They will continue to screech “Bigot!”, and hope that silences anyone who makes a valid point regarding this issue. TV shows and movies are forced to change because they are terrified of offending the LGBT activists. As such, we will continue to go down this path that has been created by lies in order to create a world of “equality”, which is really just a way of saying that the LGBT activists and members will push to silence anyone who has even the slightest problem with their lifestyle being forced onto others.

The sad reality is that there are many LGBT activists who would love nothing more than to see any person that prefers heterosexuality to be condemned. There are also a large portion of activists who keep pushing the agenda because they are being driven by fear. A rather irrational fear that is pushed on them by other activists who want to make sure they can silence anyone they want to. For whatever reason, they see that if one heterosexual person commits a crime against someone who is LGBT, then all people who are heterosexual must be punished. This is the same lunacy that inspires people to want to punish all law-abiding gun owners for the crimes of a few people. At what point do people say enough? At what point do we realize that we keep giving in to people who either hate us or are so driven by fear, that common sense is more often than not ignored?

And that,my friends. Is the Uncensored Truth.

Thank you for reading.

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