Ties, Lies, and Suicides – the web of Jeffrey Epstein.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

We all know Epstein “killed himself”, right? The media has done all it can to convince us this was so. End of story, time to move on and forget everything about the man. After all, there isn’t anything more to this story, right? Except to expose all the people who were involved with this man and hold them accountable for their roles in either protecting, supporting, or enabling this monster. Yet, for some reason mainstream media does not feel that this story is either important or newsworthy.

The long list of strange occurrences that happened on the night of Epstein’s death might seem like a bit odd but not unbelievable, until we start to look at the very influential people that Epstein had been involved with. From the corrections officers who were “asleep” to the security camera not working or the tape from the camera has gone missing, one can only wonder if these were just  “coincidences”, or something far more organized with the influence of some very powerful people, either of which most likely involved killing him or faking his death, as I had previously mentioned in the article A Conveniently Timed Death the “Suicide” of Jeffery Epstein. The one story that I seriously doubt from all of this is the mainstream media version of events, which is that Epstein killed himself.

The silence from most major media outlets is very telling, as there are some very powerful people that have very close ties to Epstein, who are currently doing all they can to distance themselves from his name. Politicians, lawyers, and even royalty are all entwined in the web of Jeffrey Epstein.

Among the most notable of these is Prince Andrew, The Duke of York. He is currently eighth in line for the English crown. There are a great many pictures of him and Epstein together. At first, Andrew tried to downplay his relationship with the alleged pedophile. He even went so far as to do a rather disastrous interview on BBC’s Newsnight, a current affairs program. While he did admit to receiving many favors from Epstein and having very close ties with the man, including staying at many of his properties and using his private plane many times, he claims he knew nothing about his trafficking in underage children. On a related note, Prince Andrew might also have a bridge in the desert he would like to sell to you. Let’s add to this that the royal family closely scrutinizes all associates of members of the family, and you can easily realize that it is impossible for them to not know exactly what Epstein was involved in. They knew, and either helped cover it up, or just willfully ignored it. This really does go to show that laws only apply to the common folks and that the elite live by a separate set of rules.

A person who was allegedly trafficked to Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts Guiffre, claims that while she was still underage, there were three separate occasions where she was forced to have sex with the Prince. While Andrew claimed to deny ever meeting Guiffre, many photos have appeared showing him holding her in a personal fashion. This is in direct contradiction to what he claimed. Recently, Prince Andrew has stepped down from performing any public duties. One can only wonder if any more scrutiny will be paid to his ties with Epstein and his direct lie in a televised interview. Not likely, as it is a good bet that it will be ignored in order to preserve the royal family.

There is also the association of current and former Presidents of the Untied States. First, we have our current President, Donald Trump. The current President has had quite a few interactions with Epstein, most of which center around the Mar-A-Lago resort, which Trump owns. Reportedly, a 15 year old locker room attendant , the before mentioned Virginia Roberts Guiffre was recruited into Epstein’s sex ring at this resort. While Trump tried to distance himself from Epstein after the accusations came into the public spotlight, he did invite Epstein to various events at his resort as his personal guest. In fact, in Epstein’s black book there had been fourteen different numbers by which he could contact Trump. While Trump claims he broke ties with Epstein due to allegations that he made unwanted advances to a Mar-A-Lago employee, it is far more likely that their ties were severed over a property dispute in 2004, which Trump eventually won. While we cannot know the exact nature of their relationship, we can suppose that Epstein did, in fact, recruit people from Trump’s resort, coupled with Trump personally inviting him to events. There is a good chance that Trump knew more about Epstein than what he is currently admitting to. We do know that Trump is quoted in a magazine interview as saying that Epstein has a predilection for girls “on the younger side.” Make of that what you will.

Another member of the U.S. Presidency also has alarmingly close ties to Epstein. I am speaking of, of course, former President Bill Clinton. In the wake of the scandal, many people have tried to distance themselves from Epstein, with Bill Clinton being no exception. However, there are multiple magazine interviews where Bill praised Epstein for his intellect and charity work. Clinton’s name can be found in many flight logs on Epstein’s personal jet, chumming around with Epstein on many trips to his private island, where media personalities are not allowed to go. There has been little to no effort to try and deny that Clinton was very close with Epstein, but apparently we as American citizens are not supposed to be concerned with the extremely close ties a former President has with an alleged pedophile. Not newsworthy, I suppose.

There are many more people with powerful ties that have been involved with Epstein. I listed many in the previous article I have already mentioned. The man had connections in many levels of society and the depth of his network is truly terrifying.

It would seem an obvious story to anyone in the media business to follow up on this. But, somehow…we get nothing. Why the media would ignore this seemingly great follow-up story might seem to be beyond anyone’s reasonable comprehension. But, I feel that it is rather obvious, and it is the same issue that I keep mentioning to my readers: the mainstream media is not there to inform you, it is meant to keep you distracted and divided. I could link in relevant articles to Operation Mockingbird here, but I would hope that most of you have already looked into that. If not, at some point I will include more information into that program, but I encourage all of my readers to look into it for themselves and see just how distorted mainstream media has become.

And that, my friends, is The Uncensored Truth.

Thank you for reading.

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