Distraction, Distraction, Impeachment.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

In the past few weeks, you cannot look at any major media website without seeing almost every major news bit centered around the Democrats’ push to impeach current President Donald Trump. The misleading articles and a few truthful ones are pasted all over these “news” sites. The goal of all of this is to focus the attention of the American public on a single issue in order to get people to ignore the many other major subjects that they really should be more concerned about.

While we can argue back and forth about the impeachment hearings, it really does boil down to the fact that this is just another example of political theater. The current result of the vote of the House is to impeach the current President. While we can say this is a major event, it really is nothing more than a minor event that is planned to distract the masses, as I have been saying all along. As I started writing this article, the House of Representatives did, in fact, vote to impeach the President. So what will happen now? Do we get a new President? Do we have Pence as President? Will the long held liberal dream come true of having Pelosi become our President? No. None of this will happen, and if you had any clue as to how our government works, you would have known this well in advance.

Simply put, all the House can do is push articles against the sitting President. It is up to the Senate to charge and remove the President from office. Since this requires 66% of the Senate to ratify, you can easily guess that this event will not happen. Yet again, you have been distracted by a “major” news story while other major events get flown under the radar of public notice. Events such as the ongoing ignorance of any of the associates of Jeffrey Epstein in his child sex slave ring with no investigation happening. The massive spending budget was passed by Congress giving Trump plenty of money for most of the programs he wanted (but keep thinking Congress hates him). Another very disturbing bit of news that you might have been intended to not notice was the revelation that for a long time we were being misled about the war in Afghanistan, something that those of us who were paying attention could have already told you. But the masses are meant to be kept in the dark about the waste of American lives and over a trillion of your hard-earned tax dollars. All for something most military officials knew that could not be won. How about the growing tension in the State of Virginia? There is growing opposition to the Democratic efforts to enact strong gun legislation and possibly even gun confiscation. This is something that would severely weaken any attempts at future gun-grabbing, possibly showing that people really do have more control over their lives than only what the state “decides” they should have. There is even the continuing push by people in Hong Kong to appeal to the United States for help regarding their struggle against China, a country that Trump supposedly wanted to help reduce their power, just not right now. We are supposed to ignore all of this. Because…..impeachment.

To add further evidence that the whole impeachment process was a farce, look no further than the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. As part of the process of impeachment, the House was supposed to deliver their articles of impeachment to the Senate. However, Nancy Pelosi is waiting until she sees how the Senate will conduct the trial, effectively trying to control how the Senate conducts their business. There is absolutely no chance of the Senate bowing to her wishes, which anyone following this political theater would easily know. Yet, we are supposed to believe that this is part of some sort of “strategy” on her part, rather than yet another political stunt to keep the masses distracted. Yet distracted they are. Rather than seeing the sheer ridiculousness of the entire process, they continue to think that all this will somehow result in the removal of our current President. This is something that is not going to happen while Republicans hold an overwhelming majority in the Senate, with nothing pointing to them losing the Senate in the near future. We can all recall how former President Bill Clinton was also impeached and the spectacle of his impeachment process. But, did it result in anything? No. Nothing happened to his career. Why are Americans still so blind to this? Oh, that is right. The media will not remind you of it, and most people will not take any time to educate themselves.

It might seem like quite a coincidence to some of you that all of these major news stories could be buried by one headline, yet this is often what happens. I am positive that many of you are familiar with at least one or a few of the issues that I have mentioned, and some may have noticed more or even all of them. And there may well be even more than I did not notice. Sadly, a great many people will never have even heard of them. Is it not odd that major stories are always being pushed to the side because one story is constantly being pushed by major media? Impeachment, a mass shooting, a terrorist attack…something always happens right when major policy decisions are about to happen, or some event needs to be ignored. I had mentioned in a previous article how the Epstein case initially was ignored by the “random” occurrence of two mass shootings happening in the same day. What are the odds? Apparently, very good, when you want people to ignore major media stories that the mainstream media cannot completely block out.

As always, I encourage people to consider what the mainstream media is trying to keep you distracted from. Often, it is from a far more dangerous truth; one that may show how the left and right are played against each other, even though they seem to pass through massive debt which continues to ensure the decline of our country. Even consider the possibility of a coverup for an established pedophile ring which has many contacts in worldwide governments, which enables leaders to abuse children for their amusement, while you remain ignorant to the fact.

Doubt if you want; learn if you will.

And that, my friends, is The Uncensored Truth.

Thank you for reading.

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