Children as Figureheads, how both the Left and Right exploit them

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

If you have paid attention to politics for any length of time, you have been exposed to many children being used as emotional figureheads to promote this or that view which we all need to rally behind or else we will all suffer, and we are not allowed to question what they are saying, because these are children preaching to us.

The thing that most people fail to understand is that regardless of the aim of what these kids are trying to tell adults, is that they have been groomed by many adults to shape a narrative that they have easily been coerced into believing. In doing so, they are pawns in a plan to force people to believe a certain point of view, or else face ridicule for speaking out against the children.

I have to admit , I am baffled as to how people can be cowed to not voice common sense, just because a child is the one speaking against it. Since when have children become the intellectual leaders on any subject? I suppose the hope is that because they are using children as their mouthpiece, no one will speak out against the obvious agenda that is being pushed.

The use of children to promote an agenda is certainly not a new phenomena. Pedophrasty is a common tactic used by those who do not want their agenda challenged. While I am sure that there are earlier examples, I personally remember that the testimony of Nayriah Al-Sabah was used to promote the war against Iraq. The whole of her testimony was later revealed to be an absolute lie, but it was enough to convince the public to support a decision with little actual information about the real situation. While it was proven as a lie, no effort was made to correct the mistake, and the same horror that was inflicted in 1990 was again visited on Iraq after the September 11th, 2001 World Trade Center attacks, but this time with no proof that Iraq had done anything wrong towards our country. We convinced the public to kill people for no reason the first time, so why go through all the bother of doing it a second time, right?

Let us also not forget how children were used to promote the war on drugs in the 1980’s and 1990’s. This is something that has not only failed in its stated mission, but since people are now calling for the legalization of certain drugs in this country shows just how ineffective and harmful the war on drugs has become. Marijuana legalization has been a major issue, and there is a call for other drugs to become legalized as well. Legalization should actually never, in fact, be an issue, as people should be free to choose what they want to put in their body. That, however, is another discussion.

A more recent example of using children to push an agenda is the promoting of David Hogg. After the shootings at Stoneman Douglas High School, he was thrust into the limelight as an advocate of increased gun control. He was paraded all across the United States and promoted by major media to push the gun control agenda. He still has strong backing, and even plans on running for congress when he is eligible. If you cannot convince them to support your agenda when you are a child, convince them to vote for you so you can push your agenda once you are of age. He already has immense name recognition and public sympathy for the things he claims to stand for, courtesy of the mainstream media pushing  for the politics and agendas that they want the American public to conform to.

Now we look toward the discussion on climate change, which has had a long history of using children to promote an certain agenda on what the “reality” is. In 2007, Greenpeace issued a video which featured a person referred to as the Angry Kid, whose speech eerily parroted the speech in 2019 of newfound climate change darling Greta Thurnberg. Both had many similarities, and can easily be summarized by this article. In fact, it almost seems as if the people pushing the climate change agenda were too lazy to write a new script for Greta, so they just reused the old one. This also shows how common sense is not often published, but sensationalism is. Her speech is also similar to a speech made to the United Nations by Severn Cullis-Suzuki during a speech in 1992.

Using kids to promote an agenda is not something specific to our nation, nor to any country on our planet, in fact. During both of the World Wars, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom used kids to gain more support for their way of life, and support to prosecute the wars. It truly is an easy way to get the public to forget their common sense and have an emotional reaction. This pattern is repeated over and over, and people still fall for it.

Until we realize that this is yet just another form of cheap propaganda, we will continue to take things like this seriously, which is exactly how the people utilizing this technique intended it to be. They view your intelligent thoughts as irrelevant, as long as they can control your emotional reactions. If they can do this, you are nothing more than an easy pawn in their game. Think, consider what you are being told, research what you need to, and then make an informed decision for yourself.

And that, my friends, is the Uncensored Truth.

Thank you for reading.

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