The programming of the offended generation to take over politics.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

It was not that long ago that people used to make fun of the idea that the way we lived would be affected by how people had their feelings hurt. I well remember, as far back as the early 2000’s, just how people felt about those who were emotionally over-reactive controlling the way our government thinks. People envisioned that just by saying something even remotely considered wrong, a person could have their entire life ruined.

This was an idea presented in the book 1984 by George Orwell. It was a concept called Newspeak. By taking a term and applying it to loosely framed standards, you could then use that term to include whatever thought or action you were not in favor of. Not only could you apply it to any idea you were not in favor of, but you could discourage people from even thinking about the idea without shutting it out, due to their programming, regardless of whether it was right or wrong. The terms that are used the most broadly by those who seem to encourage the idea of thought control are “bigot”, “racist”, and “anti-semite” are buzzwords to shut off critical thinking, and automatically disregard what a person is saying. The popularity of this type of social control is, of course, promoted by the major media. Both sides of our political”ideology” seem to support the use of these terms to help control the thinking of the general population.

It has long been my contention that most major media outlets are controlled by those who are looking to gain further control over the lives of everyone else. This seems to work in conjunction with the framing any narrative so it becomes liberal media outlets versus conservative ones. While there is a difference in reporting for liberal or conservative ideology, I do think that both forms are really just a means of controlled opposition. It is interesting to note how coverage seems to favor socialist ideology that is in favor of dismantling our democratic republic. This tactic seems to be used in regards to many major issues, regardless of political belief.

Liberal media pushes socialism and/or communism to the public. The idea is that the role of government is supposed to make the average person “feel good” about themselves, and what the government does for them is paramount, regardless of how practical these feelings are in terms of either cost or legality. Conversely, conservative media pushes an almost completely dispassionate view on the role of government and how people should be forced to live according to their ideals.

A recent example of this can be found in one of our previous articles “Dismantling the Electoral College: The death of our Constitutional Republic”. It is far easier to get people to surrender their way of life by degrees rather than wholesale change. Or, as this idea put it, the controlling of media to destroy our republic. This is interesting, since some media outlets push for the destruction of our Republic. You can see this in how the media tries to pit those who support “right-wing” ideology against those who support “left-wing ideology”. In many cases, it seems like they are trying to push both sides into another civil war.

I wrote about the obvious similarities that major media will try and get people who support either the left or right-divide in the article “Political Bias and the hypocrisy of the masses”. In it, I describe how the media convinces people to ignore obvious similarities in order to support the political party of their choice. The idea that one party can do wrong and another can do right in many ways echoes the ideas in 1984 described as doublethink. Doublethink is the idea that something can be wrong by most logical thinking people, while also being considered correct, in order to support the party and not daring to question it.

This also happens when people who are not white, but are considered “conservative”, do not agree with a media narrative on religions or race. A recent case involved a former Miss Michigan being stripped of her title, because she did not agree with what the media wanted her to conform with. Therefore, she was labeled “racist”, all because she refused to wear a hijab, and mentioned black on black crime in separate posts. Hardly racist, but enough to get the thought police to crack down on her line of reasoning in an effort to make others feel that what she was saying was dangerous to the social norm they want created. Even being a race other than white is not enough to save you from the media thought police…unless you belong to their political cult of personality. More on that later.

Another sad but very telling example is the recent spree of mass shootings that have occurred in the United States. While most reasonable people would see this as an action caused by mentally ill people, the mass media is pushing the idea that these killings are due to our president pushing for better border control, which is inciting racial hatred. While this has never been mentioned in the many previous mass shootings that have happened in this country, we are supposed to be gullible enough to believe that this is why people decide to go on a shooting spree. I do not believe that for a minute, and I have detailed some of my thoughts regarding this in my previous article “The “coincidence” that is our latest round of mass shootings”. I think that there is a very real agenda to keep people terrified and, in doing so, convincing them that giving up their constitutional rights seems like a wonderful idea. Recently there was a statement made by MSNBC reporter Mika Brzezinski who let slip that it is their job to control what others think. Orwellian, indeed.

I yet again mention Orwellian ideas, because this is exactly what modern media is doing to program our young generation. The younger generation is being programmed to ignore comments such as “poor kids were just as talented as white kids.” The racism is rather obvious in this statement, but since the media pretend that the Democratic Party is the champion of the oppressed, that this is somehow not racist.  You could guarantee, however, that if anyone besides a Democrat said this, that it would be front page news as an example of racism. This is yet another example of doublethink, in that as long as it is the party that does not represent what an idea is supposed to mean, it is alright to ignore it, because that person is a member of that particular party. The truth is, what that representative is supporting is racism. This allows people to continue to disbelieve that their party is actually supporting racism, so they can feel better about themselves for shouting at the other party for supporting racism. . In a way, this is shown in the book 1984 by mentioning the Two Minutes Hate. Another example of doublethink can be viewed when we look at how the Republican party is supposed to be conservative,yet when they are in power, out of control spending continues all the same. Yet their supporters still convince themselves that they are somehow fiscally responsible

We can look to simple pressures to make people conform to what the new narrative is supposed to be. Successful television shows have been cancelled, just because of the possible hinting of racism, such as the cancellation of the reboot of “Roseanne”, where the lead actor made a joke about an Obama advisor, Valerie Jarrett. This was done to let other stars know that Hollywood willingly chooses to lose money in order to keep people and thoughts in line with their agenda. It ensures that a certain viewpoint will be the only one presented to the masses, and if a person wants to be successful, they will either tow the line, or pay the price. While her comments were in poor taste, they could hardly be called racist, except in the now highly offended society that our media has created.

A good example of just how highly offended people have become is by looking to our recent past. I have made note many times of just how comedy classics such as the film Blazing Saddles would never be produced today. While we look back fondly at just how hilarious the movie is, in our current environment, the offended generation would be screeching bloody murder about this movie. This does show just how far media has changed our views on everything, essentially becoming the modern “thought police”. A person cannot even present an opposing view without being demonized as a “racist”.

When we allow any organization to have this level of influence over others, it can only be called “thought control”. While the media would love to label any particular form of speech that doesn’t suit their motives as being racist, let us not forget that humor is actually one of our most unifying traits.

Not only have we allowed the media to tell us what is racist, it has now turned to creating most of their stories about who they consider to be racist. News that should truly concern us is routinely ignored in favor of creating a massive stir over what a politician said that they can tell you is racist and misogynist. The press also uses every opportunity to insist to you how our current President is a racist or a bigot. This is done to get people to ignore actual problems, and get them to focus on trivial aspects of personality. While the idea of whether a person is racist or not is important, unless they are actively pushing racist laws, then it really is not a priority. Things such as the national debt, foreign policy, politicians having extremely close ties with known pedophiles…these are a bit more important, rather than debates over possible racism. However, the media works quite hard to keep people distracted and divided, while the more pressing matters continue to be ignored.

The whole situation seems like people view politics as something that has been turned into some sort of reality contest show. This should make us all wonder about a reality TV star becoming our president, and just how coincidental that is. It seems it will only be a matter of time before people will accept that we need to give plants Brawndo, because that is what they crave. People will soon be reduced to not being able to comprehend, or even slightly understand, the major issues that arise from running a country, all by design due to our entertainment and media industry. Problems that require higher thought will be relegated to a higher class of people who the masses will be encouraged to support while the serfs plow the fields or, in our current times, run the machines.

And that, my friends, is the Uncensored Truth.

Thank you for reading.

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