A conveniently timed death-the “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

I promised myself when writing for The Uncensored Truth that I would not start writing about conspiracies. I allowed myself to write one article about how “coincidental” it was about the timing of a s string of mass shootings in my previous article, and thinking that was all that was needed. Reality has hit me hard in the face a second week in a row. It is one thing to say that believing in every conspiracy is no way to regard everything that happens in life. It is another to think that burying your head in the sand is a great way to see everything that happens around you. I choose to look at all of the options.

With that said, I would like to go into as much detail as I can about two cases. One, Jeffery Epstein was murdered to silence him from incriminating some very high-profile politicians and members of royalty. And two, his death was faked so that he could still enjoy his life because he helped those same people commit horrible acts for many years.

I will start with the case that Epstein was killed because he knew too much that could implicate many influential people all across the world. I would also like to emphasize  the point that he committed “suicide” is absolutely ridiculous. At no point do I believe that this was the case and, in my opinion, it is ridiculous to think so. For those who think that Jeffery Epstein actually killed himself in a federal prison where he was being monitored, please click on the close icon now, as this article is not for you.

First, there is the concept that Epstein was a very dangerous link to many high-ranking politicians and members of royal families.  Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, and Bill Clinton are a few of those who Epstein could have connected sexual abuse to minors to.  The idea that these figures have been involved with abusing minors and exploiting them would certainly be a major blow against the support and legitimacy of any government supporting these individuals.

His list of contacts was enormous, including many prominent names in the entertainment industry, as well as many famous names in the investigation business. People like Ken Starr and the father to current Attorney General Bill Barr, as well as many less prominent, but very important politicians, such as state governors. This is not to say that all of them were involved with his illegal business, but it is not hard to imagine that some were, or that many of the others were at least somewhat aware of what he was doing.

We can look at the first sweetheart deal that Epstein was given in which he received only 13 months in a county jail for molesting dozens of underage girls.This was in 2008, when he told people “he wanted people as young as they could find them”. This decision was later upheld. It also included wording that protected any potential co-conspirators who may have been revealed. This seems to lend credence to the idea that Epstein was a “protected” person who, as long as he provided to the needs of others , they would, in turn, take care of him.

So, we can well see just how well-protected Epstein was. Any sort of judicial trouble was quickly lessened by his many political friends. So, we have to wonder why when a new round of allegations were announced, he suddenly died in “protected” custody. Federal prisons are not well known for allowing their inmates any sort of privacy, which leads to the question: how was someone, who had many political and judicial ties, allowed to be alone at all, for any amount of time? He also apparently tried to commit suicide three weeks prior. Why was he taken off of suicide watch? None of this makes any sense. Yet, we are supposed to ignore this to accept the story that Epstein did, in fact, kill himself.

This leads to the second argument of this article, which is the idea that the people who Epstein helped in their wildest criminal acts might have helped fake his death in order to silence the public. This might seem like a plausible idea on the surface. But, with just little thought, you may wonder just how intelligent this idea actually is.

Epstein was protected by a large network of political and judicial friends. We will never know how many of those people he provided “discreet” underage services to, but we can imagine it was a large network, based off of how easily he was let off of any trouble he was connected to. As I mentioned before, Epstein had a very large list of very important people in his contact list. As I also mentioned, there is no way of knowing just how much influence he had with these people. It is a good educated guess that he had influence over at least a decent portion of them.

He had many friends in entertainment and the political world. I will start with how the entertainment industry could help him commit “suicide”. If you need good makeup or good effects, you look to the entertainment industry, where making a fantasy look like reality. Makeups artists to make it look like he was dead? Check. Perhaps to make someone else look like him? Also check. These are things that Hollywood does on a regular basis, and we cheer when they do so convincingly, but we somehow cannot imagine them fooling us in real life. This is an interesting disconnect that people need to seriously think about.

Epstein also had many, many friends in the political world. How hard would it be to know the truth, after the special effects guys convinced us that their dressed-up person or well made-up Epstein, that he was truly dead? Fill out a couple of reports. Get the proper signatures, and…boom! You can convince anyone (at least officially) that even a poorly made cardboard cutout was his actual deceased body. We distrust media and politicians to give us the truth regarding everything else, but for some reason we think they will give us the absolute truth if someone is actually dead?

So, why would I think that Epstein’s “suicide” is a fake? The simplest answer is that he did many illegal favors for many powerful people; people who would want to continue having these favors performed for them. They need a network of people doing these illegal things in order to continue doing these things, in this case sleeping with underage children. Killing off someone who was very high profile for helping them sends a very poor message to the others who support them. After all, if you expect politicians to cover for you, but instead they are showing that they would rather kill you, how likely are others doing the same thing going to keep doing favors for them? This would seem to be a very simple and practical concept for criminals who would be working together. However, many turn their minds off to the idea that somehow this would not be so.

Now, as I am sure all of you can understand, I cannot prove any of this. I can only point out the logical conclusion to many of the actions that we are aware of. The people that are in charge of running operations like this one (regardless of whether he was killed or faked his death) are professionals. We will never know the truth about what really happened. We can only take all of the facts and come to a conclusion for ourselves. My personal opinion? His death was faked, and Epstein is living a very nice retirement in some area where the general public is not allowed to go.

We cannot prove anything about what happened here, but it is easy to point out the obvious problems with the story that has been handed to us. Remember that this is a story that is being heavily pushed, just as the government says that it occurred, in the mainstream media; but, the mainstream media is not challenging it on any level, despite common sense dictating that one should do so. At some point, we all need to question just how much of what we are told is the truth, and how much is a fiction that we are expected to believe.

I have mentioned the concept of cognitive dissonance before. I truly believe that when most people think about what is going on with this case, they experience cognitive dissonance, as people want to believe that horrible things cannot happen in the world viewpoint. Therefore, they bury the things that might prove to contradict that view. Yet, sadly, when we look at all the things that have already happened, we realize that the world we live in is already filled with horrible things.

And that my friends, is the Uncensored Truth.

Thank you for reading.

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