Climate Change, and the Wool Being Pulled Over Your Eyes.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

By now, you have at least one friend who is telling you that we are all doomed if we do not do something about climate change. You will be told it is settled science, and that to question anything we are being told about it makes you an uneducated idiot. Because, you know, having questions of your own and not following along with the herd is a terrible thing.

The issue of climate change has been “heating up” over the last few years, with many celebrities and political figures telling the common folk that we must do something before it is too late. And what is that something we must do? Why, we must give up more of our money, that is what. This will fix almost any problem; just throw money at it. People are handed a broad plan with very few specific details, such as the one presented by Alexendria Ocasio-Cortez. These politician plans are usually impractical on many levels, and nearly always based off of incorrect information. This is typical of the people pushing climate change on the rest of us, even those who may actually be meaning to “help” to some small degree. Grand sounding ideas, with very little thought put behind it.

Since the 1970s, climate change been discussed by the media and the scientific community alike. The media had been reporting that we were entering an age of global cooling, while the scientific community had been having mixed ideas between global cooling and global warming. As attention to these issues grew, so did the money available to look into things in more detail. While there has been money available, it has not been for anyone trying to prove anything other than man is responsible for climate change. None of the people looking for the money that is readily available would dare to challenge the gravy train that is the idea that man is responsible for climate change and we must do anything we can to fight it.

Sadly, little attention has been paid to other factors which could easily explain, at the very least, some of the causes of climate change. Factors such as a solar minimum, which can drastically affect our climate. Events such as these are rarely, if ever, mentioned in climate change reports. Some scientists claim that the greatest effect on our climate is the sunspot activity of the sun. How often do you read that in climate reports? The impact of a prolonged solar minimum would be steadily decreasing temperatures, which could then possibly lead to a mini ice age within the following few years. We also do not hear about the constant moving of magnetic north,  which can cause massive changes in weather patterns and temperatures, such as we are currently seeing.

Roughly ten years ago, there was a serious question as to the validity of evidence for global warming. This came to a head in the incident regarded as Climategate, in which emails were shown to shed light that scientists may have falsified or misstated data to show a warming trend. The really amazing part of this story is that while news outlets like The Guardian (which is considered a left-leaning news agency) reported on this, it has had its reporting called a flat-out lie by government-sponsored sites. Keep in mind that public colleges and universities require taking in huge amounts of taxpayer money to function as they do, and might have a financial incentive to uphold the desired man-made climate change myth, to continue securing the needed funding.

For whatever reason, most people do not understand that research is catered to those who spend money for those who have an interest in having their particular viewpoints pushed. I could go on and on about how many reports in the past in various fields have been pushed as fact, when they were nothing more than garbage. As long as there is money to be made, there is a reason to publicly lie about facts. Doctors, scientists, and experts in every field have always had their price. But, for whatever reason, people choose to ignore the idea that people could be so easily bought off.

So, why are we being either mislead or deliberately lied to? Is there a compelling reason as to why governments would continue to push these claims on the populace? The answer is not going to be very comforting to most readers.

Climate change is coming, and there is absolutely nothing any government can do to stop it. We cannot stop solar activity or, in this case, a lack of solar activity. We also cannot change the movement of magnetic north. To a small extent, we can slightly mitigate the damage these events will do. But, by no means can it be prevented. Sadly, we seem to be preparing for just the opposite. Trying to help cool the planet will only make the effects of a solar minimum worse. But, for some reason, this is being ignored, and I wonder why those in official power would do that to their citizens?

What are we all going to do in extreme cold, and with wildly unpredictable weather patterns raging across our country? What will we do when massive amounts of crops are destroyed by our climate? Are we going to look toward our government, which will most likely not be able to do anything to help, even if they were willing to do so? Or will we look to ourselves? When people are freezing and starving, are they going to look towards the government to provide what they will be unable to provide? Perhaps very hungry and desperate people are going to be looking as to what they could take off of others? Governments are there to help guide a society, and what I believe is coming will not be survived by a society. Society, as we currently know it, will break down. The best thing a person can do is to establish stronger connections with their neighbors to help survive any coming hardships. Yes, this very well may reduce society to a near anarchy level. An anarchist society never survives, so work with others to share in available resources, provide for your combined defense, and have a general understanding and acceptance of each other for mutual benefit. If you do not, you will likely fall prey to better organized groups, who would take what they wanted from you.

The reason we are not being told the truth is obvious. People would stop supporting their governments, and start trying to take care of themselves. This loss of control would not be good for those who wish to remain in power. Some might argue that it will cause a massive amount of civil unrest. But, since that will happen anyway, why not allow people to prepare for it? Because control is something that they want until the very last minute. In that way, they can limit the amount of damage an enraged populace can do to them. We all need to realize that we need to be more self-sufficient. We cannot rely on our government or others to take care of ourselves. Plan ahead now to protect yourself and your family. Do not wait until it is too late to do anything.

All of this may sound very doom and gloom, but this isn’t the 19th century. Technology and resources are currently available to nearly everyone that could drastically change any negative outcome for the better from the situations being described here. Simple things, like having several months of storable food for each member of a household, a water purifier, and some form of electricity generation are all easily acquirable today, and a lot of these things are very reasonably priced as well. Many people have become wise enough to prepare for possible disasters, and this has brought prices down on needed items considerably. All it takes is some homework on your part to find out what will best suit your needs. Not to mention how learning a little bit of home gardening will go a long way to help you. Don’t let anyone or anything make you feel powerless to take care of yourself and your loved ones, because what you need is readily available. The choice is yours to make.

And that, my friends, is the Uncensored Truth.

Thank you for reading.

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