The vaccine debate…will we ever know the truth?

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

This has been going back and forth for years. Vaccines are effective and safe; vaccines cause problems and are ineffective. There are many arguments as to which is correct, and if one group opposes what the other side is saying, then they are idiots. The people who think there may be more than what the medical professionals and the government are telling us are called  anti-vaxxers by the media. This is a term used by a group of people who would like to label and discredit another group of people. Many of those who are called anti-vaxxers would be more accurately labeled as skeptics as to the overall safety of vaccines. This idea gets commonly ignored, or even worse lied about in the mainstream media, when people try to discuss certain specifics about vaccinations.

There have been arguments regarding the idea that when more people are vaccinated, the majority of people will not catch a particular disease from an infected person. This is the herd immunity theory.

There have been many media reports claiming that we need to vaccinate kids and protect them as much as we can. Yet, while this seems like a great idea, we then wonder why, if your child is protected, how could a non-vaccinated child pose a threat to your child? This is where the magic of the idea of herd immunity due to vaccinations comes into play. Herd immunity, also known as community, is described as  “A situation in which a sufficient proportion of a population is immune to an infectious disease (through vaccination and/or prior illness) to make its spread from person to person unlikely. Even individuals who are not vaccinated (such as newborns and those with chronic illnesses) are offered some protection, because the disease has little opportunity to spread within the community.”  By this definition, we could safely assume that areas with high vaccination rates would not develop outbreaks of the diseases they have been vaccinated against. Yet, this is not shown to be the case. In some ways, the exact opposite is shown to be true…but we are not supposed to question this rather flawed attempt at logic.

In the last month, there have been reports of measles cases that have reached a decade-high in the year. This is interesting, because the EU and the US has vaccination rates currently over 90%. If they have this many people that have been vaccinated, there really should not be a threat. After all, according to the idea of herd immunity, there should be little opportunity for the disease to spread. Yet, this did not happen, and we have the most reported cases in a decade. Not only has this been noted in the EU, but also in the United States. Which as I mentioned is another area where there is a high percentage of a vaccinated population. Yet, the vaccinated majority is threatened by the unvaccinated, which is a very small minority.

A rather curious note is this article from WebMD that states that an increasing number of young doctors do not believe in the effectiveness of vaccinations, Not only have younger doctors started to believe and accept this, but it also claims that for every five years a doctor practices, the greater the number that do not believe in the effectiveness of vaccinations. This is why I shake my head when I read about those who support vaccinations who claim that every doctor believes in the effectiveness and necessity of vaccines. The fact is, that in this era of more people having access to more information, we are going to realize that some of what the general populace has held as gospel is actually wrong. Yet, the fact that even doctors may question the effectiveness of vaccines while wondering if we need to pump kids with so many vaccinations in such a short time, never seems to be general knowledge when people discuss vaccine issues.

Not only is the effectiveness of certain vaccinations being questioned, but it is now being stated that people need to be re-vaccinated to prevent disease. The idea behind this is that people vaccinated before 1989 for measles have been vaccinated against the 1957 version of the disease, which has been “eliminated”. This begs the question as to why people born before 1957 are immune because they have been directly exposed to the disease which has been “eliminated”, but people who were vaccinated against the 1957 version of the disease are still at risk? One person cannot be immune to two different versions of the same disease. This is why the flu continues to be a massive problem to Americans until this very day. One flu shot is not supposed to protect against different versions of the flu. Hence, why we are supposed to need to get a new and different flu shot every year.

We are told that vaccines are the only reason why many dangerous diseases have nearly vanished from the face of the Earth. But how true is this idea? People seem to forget that there was a great push towards better hygiene and far better medical care, a push which was occurring at the same time that vaccines started being regularly introduced. We can also look to things like indoor plumbing becoming common in the 1930’s. You might not realize it, but outdoor plumbing was not only inconvenient, but also highly unsanitary. Outhouses were a wonderful place for disease to not only form, but to spread as well. One might also start to wonder why many of these diseases that have supposedly been eliminated by vaccines are common in countries that have very poor sanitation and have poor hygiene habits. In fact in many cities in California, many diseases thought long gone are making a comeback due to poor sanitation and lack of adequate medical care.

Now, I know some of you are going to scoff and claim that sanitation and indoor plumbing could not be responsible for a significant decline in a highly contagious disease, nor could better awareness of a disease and quicker time to hospital care factor into the lowering of disease rates. They may well not be the only reason that these diseases decreased, but their importance has been downplayed to promote people getting vaccinations. Polio, for instance, thrives in fecal matter. Proper sanitation certainly reduces the risk of contact with fecal matter. Ask yourself this: how were contagious diseases cured before vaccinations?

Obviously, diseases such as the Bubonic Plague, also known as the Black Death, were cured without the need for vaccinations. The odd part is that the plague is still alive today, and is treatable with antibiotics, as most diseases are. There is no vaccine for the plague. Yet, reported cases are less than most currently vaccinated diseases. Higher awareness and more prevalent medical care has taken care of the problem, as it has in most cases of disease, but the vaccine industry does not want you to realize that.

While this does not mean that vaccines do not work at all, it does lead to some very serious doubts as to their real-world effectiveness. There has been a lot of debate over vaccines causing numerous cases of autism. While it is true that no study except a retracted one has found a link, many questions still surround the removal of the doctor who presented this study. It is also curious that doctors of other studies (unrelated to vaccines) that have been proven to be false have not had their credentials removed, but in this case, they have. There have been multiple studies regarding a link between autism and the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine, but none regarding the bizarre and lengthy combination of vaccines children go through in such a short time.

An important question is why have the cases of autism skyrocketed in recent years? The generic answer that those cases would have been undiagnosed in the past makes no sense, as there has been no spike in older people being diagnosed with autism, a condition that, for most, does not fade away with age. So, where are these tens or hundreds of thousands of people that still have autism? Why has the autism spike not really affected the older population? Could it be because they were not subjected to nearly as many shots as today’s children? Until more money is made for research, we will never really know. It is rather alarming that finding the cause has not become a priority for the health care industry, but sadly, it is not. Is it because the medical industry does not care about a large spike in autism? Or are they afraid of what the results of such a study might turn up?

The vaccine industry also does not want people to pay attention to how ineffective their vaccines are, such as is the case of preventing the flu. Year after year, we are handed reports that despite people getting a vaccine, that vaccine’s effectiveness is well below 50%, and every year the public is told to get the vaccine in mass advertising campaigns. Despite this, the CDC tells you that regardless of the vaccine effectiveness rate, 5 to 20% of the population will still get the flu. This seems odd, since the vaccine is supposed to reduce this number. Yet, apparently it has no noticeable effect. Meanwhile, the producers of the flu vaccine make between $1.4 to $4 billion each year.  An industry that generates billions in revenue off of just one of its products will quite probably pay millions to promote its other vaccines to both the media and to doctors to insure an even larger return from its products.

Another important part to this debate is that the mainstream media completely supports the idea of people getting vaccinated for everything they can. Any opposing thought is ridiculed and dismissed as a person having no idea about what they are discussing. In fact, often the media and individual posters will pretend that a few people using illogical arguments represents the sum total of people who question the necessity of mass vaccinations. This is done to discredit any opposition, much like liberals will scream that anyone who disagrees with them are racists, or how conservatives will cry anti-semitism to those that oppose them. Creating a blank argument to silence people appears to be the standby defense of any position that the liberal or conservative forces use to discredit those who oppose them, without any sort of rational thinking required. What is truly shocking is that both liberals and conservatives have both been herded by the media to have common ground, without either side even noticing it. Look into how many recent media articles have been released on just how important they feel vaccinations are, then ask yourself just how much do you trust major media? Are they doing this to educate you? Or, as they more than often do, are they just trying to push a profit-driven agenda?

You are the person who is tasked with the responsibility to make informed decisions for yourself and for you children. While it is clear that not enough information is provided for you to make this decision easily, the government and the media will attempt to do all they can to convince, and in some cases coerce and intimidate, parents to vaccinate their children, without looking into the risks that many vaccines entail. In fact doctors are given monetary incentive to encourage you to vaccinate your child. A noteworthy example is the Gardasil vaccine against HPV, which has been forced upon children in certain areas. There have been serious doubts about its safety, but it was mandated that children should get this vaccine, anyway. I am sure that there was also a monetary incentive for doctors to encourage parents to have their children vaccinated for this also.

It should be noted that for years the media has tried to keep the masses terrified of various diseases. Zika, Ebola, Bird flu, SARS, etc., and none of these have become the terrible danger that the media pretended that they were. We can see the same pattern with the hysteria over measles. It was not vaccines that prevented the outbreaks, but people getting immediate medical care, if they needed it.

A clear understanding of this issue would revolve around meaningful questions as to the risks associated with vaccinations, instead of the ridicule that most people try to bring to bear on people who question just how safe and effective vaccines are. There is enough information to bring forth questions on both sides of this discussion, yet we only focus on one side. This needs to change to make proper informed decisions. The major media outlets will only focus on the idea that all people need vaccinations for everything, and to even question this idea makes a person dangerous.

To sum up this article, there is more than enough information for a rational person to realize that many questions should be asked about just how safe and effective vaccines are. The need of media sources to shame and intimidate people who ask questions tells me there is more about this that we do not know, and it seems they certainly do not want people to find out. Personal choice should always be paramount when deciding to vaccinate or not. Let people choose for themselves, regardless of how badly the media tries to induce hysteria. Forcing people to do anything is never the answer. Intimidation and ridicule are the tools of those who just want to try and keep the herd in line.

I also feel the need to remind people that I am in no way a medical doctor, nor associated with the medical industry. I am a person who has taken quite a lot of time to read and attempt to understand the large amount of information, as well as disinformation, that is out there. I urge anyone who reads this article to look into everything I have claimed on their own.  I hope you will come to the same conclusions that I have. However, if you choose to vaccinate yourself or your children, I have no issue with that. I do have an issue with forcing or pressuring others to do the same, when so much information exists to make us question just how effective and safe vaccines are.

And that, my friends, is the Uncensored Truth.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Well, you have touched upon a point I always like to ask the vaccine-pushers. How many vaccines are too much before the age of 16? 20, 50 or even 100?

    The really funny thing about the medical cartel is that even its adherents cannot ask for safer medical procedures (vaccines). Is science not the continues search for the “better” paradigm? The medical cartel’s vaccine paradigm is now an article of faith!


  2. Right here is the perfect site for anyone who would like to find out about this topic.

    You know so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want to…HaHa).

    You definitely put a fresh spin on a subject that has been discussed for years.
    Wonderful stuff, just great!


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