Dismantling the Electoral College. The Destruction of our Constitutional Republic.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

As of late there has been a lot of discussion about how we should elect our president. There is a growing divide between people who think our president should be decided by a simple majority vote. And those who support the system of the electoral college.

This has been going back and forth since George Bush defeated Al Gore in the 2000 election. While Gore won the popular vote by slightly over a half million votes, he lost in the electoral race and thus the presidency went to Bush. This was actually the fourth of five times the winning president lost the popular election. However this was one of the first times most American citizens did not understand why it happened or just how important the electoral college is.

The sad truth for this reason is because of our education system. Kids are no longer why our founding fathers created mechanisms to protect our republic. This leaves it open to be destroyed by people who take advantage of the ignorance of our youth. And taking advantage of ignorance is exactly how our republic will die.

People do not understand that our country was not supposed to represent small, but massively populated areas. It was meant to represent the country as a whole. And to the surprise of many, our nation still has a  lot of wide open terrain that is sparsely populated. This might not seem important to some. But it is an important detail to note. People living in remote areas do not live by the same circumstances and rules as those that live in major cities. If we alter our government to only cater to those who live in big cities, all others are left out. This is not what our founding fathers wanted when creating our constitutional republic. Our government was meant to support and protect people all across our country, not just in a select few areas.

while this idea should be pretty well known it is sad to note that 13 states have chosen to ignore the electoral college and give their votes to whoever wins the popular vote. This is more troubling because some small states have greed to do this, thus ignoring the needs of their own citizens. These laws ignore the popular vote of each state and instead award all electoral college votes to the winner of the national vote. Which lets the nation dictate the will of the people in each state, rather than let each state decide for themselves.Which is what our founding fathers intended. While the system of winner take all electoral votes was not the original idea, it is still far closer to what the system was intended for than what these states currently have.

The idea that we should follow the popular election has its origins in the liberal mindset. In many of the larger cities, support for the democrats is large. It is not surprising that this is being used as a way to help insure that democrats can use well populated areas of support which are small in size as a way to win the national election. The idea of preserving the ideals of the founding fathers does not matter in light of political power. And those seeking political power will do anything, including destroying our constitutional republic to gain what they want.

And therein lies the problem. People no longer understand any of this. Well some do, but it appears that many do not. This is what modern education brings. It teaches people the general idea of how our country works, but does a terrible job of showing them why it works. This is how we are ending up in the mess that this country has slowly become. In my opinion this is by design.If people can be convinced that what is being done is good for them, they will not be able to stop it once they have allowed it to happen.While this seems to be passing to allow a democrat to become president in the future, there is no reason why this could not be used to elect a popular republican with ideas that are only important in small sections of the country as well.

While I do not agree with our government controlled educational system, one of the things that should be taught is civics. The only reason to not teach children about how our country works is to undermine how our country works. It is easy to control people by making sure they do not know what they are losing. Ignorance may be bliss, but it is also very dangerous.

If we focus on only the needs of people in large cities, that destroys why the electoral college was made. Our government has to consider the needs of every citizen, regardless of population density. If we do so our constitutional republic dies and thus turns our country into a democracy. This is neither a good idea, nor what our founding fathers intended.

And that my friends, is the Uncensored Truth. Thank you for reading.

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