The New Zealand Mosque Massacre, Tragedy comes in Twos

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

It is the latest shock headline. 49 people killed by a crazed gunman armed with a “military style” weapon that is only good for mass killing. The mainstream media has gone into a frenzy about the number of deaths. And how yet again a “military weapon” (that is not used by any military), was one of the weapons used in the crime. The odd part was that the media treated this shooting like it had happened on US soil, even though it was half a world away. We sadly now live in a time where American rights are in jeopardy due to events that do not even happen in our country.

And just as sadly for New Zealand. A nation which has not had a major incident of mass killing in over thirty years. Has decided to use this event as a reason to restrict the gun rights of their citizens. With the announcement from New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern claiming that the New Zealand cabinet has agreed to tighten gun control laws. In response to the event which is clearly the exception and not the norm for the citizens of that country. While it is not the United States this is truly sad for the citizens of New Zealand, it is even worse that there are citizens who have turned their arms over to authorities due to the shock of the mosque shootings.

We can say all we want about this shooting. I am not going to get into the discussion of the opinion that quite a few people have that this may or may not be a false flag. While there are compelling arguments for both sides of that discussion, I encourage people to view the evidence that is available on the internet. It may be hard to view, but the best anyone can do in any situation is to learn as much as they can about any event and decide for themselves what they believe. Never trust what mainstream media presents to you, it may be correct. But blindly trusting what they present to the masses is just foolish. Mainstream news always places spin on whatever they publish often omitting important information just to further their political agenda.

To further this political agenda the mainstream press has resorted to pretending that if a gun incident happens anywhere in the word. Not only is the United States somehow responsible for it, but also that we must do something to change our laws in response to it. It has also become popular to blame our current president, stating his policies led to this gunman deciding to kill others.While it is true the gunman did mention Trump, most killers mention famous people or leaders in their manifesto. This is nothing new, yet the media will pretend that this is unusual so they can promote their point of view.

The second tragedy of this event has just occurred. As I was writing this article, New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern has announced that effective April 11th certain assault weapons and high capacity magazines will be banned.This comes only 6 days after the shooting, not nearly enough time for intelligent debate. But plenty of time for a quick overreaction that the people of New Zealand will come to regret later. Gun laws do not seem to happen over a long period of time, but occur as a result of shock and often non-thinking outrage over an event

This is how most gun control legislation comes to pass. A major event may not happen for decades yet the shock value of one incident will have a confused citizenry begging for safety from a non-existent threat. Political leaders, rather than use logical thinking. Choose to respond to a sudden surge of fear. This is not leadership, this is taking advantage of people rendered unable to rationally think due to fear. Which brings me to my last point in this article.

Gun control in the United States will someday happen. It will not happen due to small incidents of violence such as school shootings or a gunman opening fire in a theater. The incident that will finally make the American public demand their second amendment rights be taken away will be similar to the Las Vegas shooting. It will not be around 50 killed and hundreds injured, but will end with hundreds killed and thousands injured. I have no idea how this will occur. I am positive there will be many questions surrounding how real the event was. But I am just as positive that many people will become too terrified of violence and will screech for the government to restrict our gun rights in the name of “safety”. Before such an event, expect the media to sensationalize shooting events across the country and the world in an effort to give more legitimacy to their calls for gun control. Logic will have no place in the end result, only the amount of fear the media will be able to whip the masses into, in order to get them to praise losing their constitutional rights.

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth. Thank you for reading.

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