How Socialism has already taken over our major political parties.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

You might read the headline and think to yourself. “This is ridiculous!”. But I tell you it is closer to the truth than you think. Look at how many headlines you read in a day that are mentioning socialist programs that our country currently runs. Look at the avid defense of those programs. Then ask yourself why you did not notice this sooner?

Programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, The Affordable Care Act(ACA). These are just the tip of the iceberg as to the many socialist programs our nation currently administers and funds using tax dollars. Not only are these socialist programs, most of us have been conditioned to think that they are good for our country. Even the media goes along for the ride in defending these programs whenever a politician proposes making changes to their funding or cutting them altogether. While some politicians try and cut some programs, the rest rally together to make sure it does not happen. Keeping the illusion that people do not favor these programs. While ensuring that they continue.

It may come as surprise to some of you reading,  but socialist programs have become the norm in our constitutional republic. While we tell ourselves that our country is the bastion of democracy, yet we fall far short of that ideal.There are plenty things that are to blame  for our current situation, but I believe that one of the largest reasons is because of the lack of education we give our children in the rather socialist public school system.

The failure of our schools to teach children what socialism is, and about politics in general is in my opinion deliberate. The less people know about how political policies work, and exactly what has and has not worked in the past means that failed ideas can become popular again.

In schools, children are taught to believe that programs such as social security are good and necessary for the betterment of our society. People would not save anything for retirement if they were allowed to keep their money. Our government is protecting them from themselves. Yet at the same time the government is taxing people more and more for programs that they threaten to cut every year. And people continue to have less to save every year. Which continues to make them dependent on the government for their retirement.

We can even look to newly created taxes as another means of fostering socialism. State and local government are finding ever more unique and ridiculous ways of taxing people to create more revenue. Ideas such as adults who drive bicycles on the road must pay to register them. To other ideas such as making drivers pay higher fees if their car is too fuel efficient. These are being done to help cover the increasing costs of maintaining roads for the public. Something that when you look at the ridiculous spending and practices of the entities responsible for maintaining roads, you can easily figure out if the government tried in the least to be efficient with how they spend tax money no increase, or new tax would be needed. Not only that but chances are that they could even collect less and still get the same result if they cut waste. But wasteful spending and government taxes go hand in hand.

The worst part is that when socialist programs are enacted they inevitably lead to larger problems. And when these problems are exposed, it is not attributed to a failure of a socialist program, but instead to a failure of capitalism. Of course there are those who will argue that this is an example of how capitalism takes advantage of people, but in reality this is the end result of government promising private corporations taxpayer money for whatever they want to charge.

We hide the actual cost of our current socialist programs by cutting taxes, yet taking on massive amounts of debt to cover the costs. This is to keep these programs going while keeping the public in the dark about the real costs. Sadly the cost will be forced upon our children who will have no chance to pay for the massive bill we have allowed to be handed to them. But as long as we currently do not have to pay for it, who cares?

To most politicians the idea that if we do not pay for it now then it is not important, seems to dominate their political thinking. The national debt is over 22.1 trillion and is expected to go over 23 trillion by the end of the year. But as long as the media does not make a big deal over it. The masses are willing to stay asleep towards the pending danger, until it is too late. People would think that elected representatives would care more for our countries future than they do. Yet this is not the case.

The idea that our nation opposes socialism is just lip service. Most politicians pretend to be against it while desperately trying to convince you that we are not already running a bunch of socialist programs. The Democrats are at least trying to become honest by admitting that most of them prefer socialism, while the Republicans pretend to be against it. Yet they continue to finance and allow these programs to continue. It is just a game to keep stringing along those who will not pay attention to the idea that both major parties are destroying our future while keeping socialism in our country.

And that my friends, is the Uncensored Truth. Thank you for reading.

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