A talk about race, feminism, and the harm done by SJW’s to both.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

It seems to be a subject that most people are afraid to talk about. Mentioning anything about racial relations in this country makes you a target for being called a racist. That is, unless you are a social justice warrior. The reason for this is that if you do not spout the same propaganda that they do, then you are automatically a racist, or a sexist, or whatever term the SJW communities are currently trading among themselves.

There is an old saying: good ideas will always defend themselves from criticism. Yet, the ideas of the SJW crowd certainly do not hold up under any sort of reasonable questioning, and this is why they feel the need to defend their ideas with blanket accusations of racism and such, in an effort to get people to not listen to the person who would dare stand and speak out against their dogma.

And quite sadly some people have to resort to making up a story of racism just to gather attention, either for themselves or for a cause they think is right. I am referring to the case of Jussie Smollett who allegedly faked a hate crime and then reported it to police.  Some suspect he did it to further his career, wile others like myself think it was done to keep people at odds over racism. There are also tie-ins to a anti-lynching bill that is in congress, and that cannot be ignored as a possible reason as well.

The SJW ideas of race relations are embedded in the idea of critical race theory. This theory takes the concepts of institutional racism and systemic racism, and uses that to redefine what the meaning of racism actually is. It became popular in the 1970’s, spreading in liberal universities, then expanding into the public realm of opinion not long after. The basis idea behind this theory was taken from a book published in 1970 by Patricia Bidol-Pavada. The idea has roots in collective and Marxist ideology.

The reason for this approach was to deviate from the original definition of racism, which is the belief that one race is superior to another. It is also interchangeable with the concept of prejudice. This was the original idea that civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr. fought against. He also preached a message of unity, which certainly does not seem to fit with the current narrative; that narrative being that it is because of white society that all other people are oppressed. In my opinion, MLK would have strongly rebelled against this idea, as his desire was to unite all people, rather than to divide them.

Just remember the old adage: divide…then conquer. We see this concept played out over and over again.

I cannot help but wonder if the changing of the definition of racism was done as a deliberate attempt to minimize the message of Martin Luther King, Jr. Let us not forget that he was a Republican spreading a message of unity. He was hated by the Democrats in power, and they viewed him and his message as a threat. Eventually they decided he was enough of a threat to their power and social order, that they had him killed. And, shortly after his death, the message of critical race theory started appearing in liberal institutions. This new message not only ignored King’s message, but was pushed to supplant it. It really seems like the message of telling people to unite is something those on the left cannot stand. This is not to say that those on the right are much better with their message. I seriously doubt that if he were alive today, Dr. King would still be a Republican.

The reason for this change in view was simple. Dr. King preached that people of color should work to support and elevate themselves, and do so by working in harmony with their fellow man. The new version of thinking tries to blame the system, that has been created by the white majority, for all the problems of those of color, and essentially make the false claim that society “owes them” for being wronged by it. It is an effort to keep people divided and dependent on big government and the welfare state, rather than trying to encourage people to better themselves. This is exactly what the Democrats do not want people to do, whether you are black, white, or a person of any race, creed, or color.

As an example of just how perverted the new way of SJW thinking has become, I would like to remind people of the tragic killing of Jazmine Barnes. Jazmine was only seven years old when she was killed in a drive-by shooting. Activists, celebrities, and national media showed their concern and outrage over this. This is because she was black, and it was suspected a white male had killed her. As it turned out, the people who were responsible for the shooting were two black gang members. The true shame in this is that, sadly, it was not the first shooting death of a seven-year-old in recent times. The only reason why people cared at all was the suspected skin color of the alleged assailant.

I find similarities of the perversion of Dr. King’s message and the creation of third and fourth-wave feminism. Feminism was created to promote base equality between men and women. At first, its goals were to empower women so that they were viewed as equals to men. Then, around the introduction of third wave feminism, this was changed to blame men for all of the problems that women face. It was clear that the goal was no longer equality, but flat-out man-hating, and a desire to gain as much of an advantage over men as they could, using the now-fictional goal of “equality” as a smokescreen. Instead of equality the desire is to now take away as much from men as they can in the pursuit of their goals.

The sad truth of both of these current movements is that instead of encouraging people to improve themselves and become better people, they encourage and enable those who buy into their twisted philosophy to blame anyone but themselves for where they are in life, and not to look to themselves for any way of improving it. The goal of any movement should be to help people make their lives better. This was the philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr., and it is truly a shame how far from this message most people have strayed.

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth. Thank you for reading.

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