When political correctness rules. Common sense becomes the first casualty.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

It seems you cannot go a week (sometimes not even a few days) without reading a headline about something a politician or celebrity said that provokes media outrage. Not only will there be outrage, but outlet after outlet will run virtually the same story in an effort to demonize the offending person and then force that person to apologize and recant what was said, regardless of it was right or wrong.

It is not hard to figure out that power like that is quite dangerous. It is not only dangerous because it can bring down anyone the media chooses at any time, but also because it can be used often and on many people at once if the need arises. Add to this that it is a power than can be, and often has been misused quite easily and you can begin to see just how big of a problem this really is.

The biggest issue with allowing the media to convince us that anything they want can considered hate speech is that it relies on people trusting what the media says on a subject and not using their own common sense to think for themselves. Nothing is safe from the media social police, they attack anyone that does not say what they want them to say.

In a previous article I had highlighted the way in which the media destroyed the career of Roseanne Barr.  She had posted a tweet which anyone with common sense (and a at least a small sense of humor) would have found funny. Instead the media instantly responded by declaring Roseanne was racist and calling for an immediate apology. This led to the cancellation of her TV show and forced her to make a public apology for what was obviously supposed to be a joke.

The recent campaign to claim that Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar was anti-Semitic because she claimed support for Israel was due to the massive amount of money they give to politicians. While it may or may not be a true statement (personally I feel it is true), the fact remains that if people just use a little common sense it is easy to know that this statement hardly qualifies as anti-Semitic. Yet the media made a huge deal over this story and have forced an apology and retraction from Omar, causing serious damage to her political career in the process.

And it is not just what a person has said that can get you into trouble.  Things you have done as a teenager or college student can also lead to you being attacked by today’s politically correct media thought police. We have all heard about the blackface scandal in Virginia it is being used to take down anyone who has appeared in blackface be they Democrat or Republican. The fact is that people did not find this socially unacceptable back then, and common sense would tell you we cannot judge them for actions they did decades ago based on ideology from decades later. It should be easy to understand that people can and often do change over time, but people are conditioned to be outraged by the media without any thought on how things were perceived years ago. All in an effort to show that the media can bring down anyone and damage their career and reputation at any time.

Another interesting point about the blackface incident is that while the media will tell you that it is never appropriate to wear it, it is always racist. They have gone after politicians for wearing it in the past, high school children when showing team support at a basketball game , but oddly not at celebrities who currently tow the politically correct line. They have used blackface for the sake of their acts. Somehow blackface is only funny and not racist when a politically correct celebrity does it to further their career. The media will allow it to slide and not try and bring them down….. interesting.

So why do people keep letting the media do the thinking for them? Most people know that the media lies on a near daily basis. In fact according to polls many Americans do not trust the media yet when it comes to an issue like this, they go along for whatever ride the media takes them on. It should be apparent to most readers that the main goal of the media is to control the way people think. My advise to all who read media outrage articles, is to read them then stop to think if they are ignoring common sense. If they are then chances are they are just trying to lead the reader by the nose.

We live in a time when if you say something even remotely negative about a group or nation even if it is accurate, you are an enemy of that group or nation because you did not publicly praise them, The media will use this to convince you the people speaking out are wrong. Ask yourself, do you have common sense? Who is more qualified to make your judgments about someone? You or someone trying to make you angry?

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth. Thank you for reading.

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