US intervention in Venezuela- We never learn from our mistakes

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

They say life is a circle, sadly it seems that the foreign policy of the United States also follows that pattern. Just when we thought that we learned a lesson from interfering in the governments of the Middle East we have decided that South America is going to become our new focus.

I say that our foreign policy is like a circle because this will be a new round of interfering with the nations of South America. Some of you may be old enough to remember that we routinely supported regime changes such as Argentina in 1976, the backing of military dictator Augusto Pinochet in Chile before he was finally removed from power after a 10 year reign. There have also been various levels of involvement with changes in the governments of Peru, Brazil, and Uruguay just to name a few.

None of this involvement has worked out well in the long run. And it has frequently led to people into those countries having an overall unfavorable view of the United States. You can parallels in these with recent action our country has taken in countries of the middle east Libya and Afghanistan.

So now after we elected a new president there were high hopes that getting involved in regime change in other countries would be put on hold, if only for a little while. However we were wrong. We are now trying to interfere with another government in the form of Venezuela. After the hardships faced our president is throwing his support behind regime change. Now I will not go into a debate over whether or not Maduro’s government is in the best interest of the people of Venezuela. Personally I do not think it is, but I will also strongly disagree with our country interfering with the politics of another country. This has never led to any good in other countries and I doubt it will do so now.

No only are we expressing support for regime change but it seems that we are shipping in arms and supplies in an effort to aid what appears to be Venezuelan army defectors who want to use them to “realize Venezuelan freedom”. In other words to help propagate another civil war. Does this sound familiar? It should. If it does not remind you of exactly what we did in Syria I truly feel sorry for your memory. It would not surprise me if in the near future the United States were to accuse Maduro of using chemical weapons on civilians in order to justify a ground war.

For years the United States has leveled economic sanctions against Venezuela which has been partly responsible for some of the current hardships that country is now facing. These sanctions have been going on in some form for the last decade and are part of a larger plan to help disrupt their current government. Much like what we had done in Syria and are currently doing to Iran and North Korea as well as Cuba.

The truly sad part is that the media, as always seems to be going along for the ride in encouraging a new intervention in the business of another nation. This always seems to happen before our country starts to interfere with the politics of another. We can look back and see similar reports prior to becoming involved with Libya, Syria, or even Iraq back in the 90’s. However I am sure that once we become embroiled in another situation that does turn out how we had hoped, the media will once again begin stories about how we should not have become involved in the first place.

So why do things like this keep happening? Why when we know that getting involved in the domestic politics of a foreign nation only leads to more problems? The answer is simple and saddening at the same time. Money. We are a nation that is controlled by the military-industrial complex. As long as they can use our government to stir up unrest in Venezuela, they will have already won. Regardless if a civil war erupts or a direct intervention on our part the arms sales will go up either way. There is no reason for our country to be interfering with another nations politics. While the events that are occurring in Venezuela are tragic and saddening, this is not cause for our country to get involved.

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth, thank you for reading.

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