Jury Nullification, and the Effort to keep you in the dark about it.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

There has been a long held right of the people that would help solve the problem of unjust laws. It has the power to rule any law that seems unfair meaningless. And the judicial system does all it can to make sure you do not know about it.

I am, of course talking about jury nullification. Something that has been constantly fought over in the judicial system. Up to the point of arresting a man for letting potential jurors know about jury nullification. Letting people know of this right that all jurors have, was considered to be a form of jury tampering. The fact that most people have not even heard of this speaks volumes for how desperate people are to keep this information from you.

If you do not know, jury nullification is when a jury rules “not guilty” even if they know the defendant has broken a law. They are in effect nullifying that law because they feel that the law is immoral or wrongly applied to the defendant. It is a right the jury has had since courts were first established and one will still have the right to enforce to this very day.

A recent and rather high profile case involving jury nullification occurred regarding Ed Forchion,also known as the “Weedman”. He has been brought to court three times for arrests related to weed possession or distribution and has beaten each case by jury nullification. In fact he is so confident in jury nullification, he dares the DA to try and arrest him again so he can beat the next charge. Dr. Jack Kevorkian was also set free due to jury nullification. He was known as a mercy doctor who assisted dozens terminally ill patients to die with dignity. Here are a few more famous cases of jury nullification throughout American history.

So with the knowledge that juries can render a law null and void, why is there a continual war against citizens knowing they can do so? The answer is quite simple. Jury nullification can be used to render any law powerless, and this is something that the ruling elite cannot handle. It was meant to be another tool to help ward off encroaching tyranny. As our government and judicial system edges closer and closer to tyranny this has become an increasing threat to their power. The fact is that is was better known in years past than it was in modern times is quite telling about how much a threat it is to the current plans of those trying to control our government and our lives.

Jury nullification terrifies both judges and lawyers. The reason for this is because it reminds them that the people hold the most power in our legal system. Immoral laws cannot be enforced while the people know they can deem them meaningless. So the only hope the judicial has of continuing its immoral laws is to keep us all ignorant of our rights as jurors. Yes, you will be removed from jury duty if you let lawyers know that you understand what jury nullification is.

The best you can do as an informed juror is to not ignore when you get a summons to jury duty. Sadly you cannot count on other jurors knowing their rights dealing with unjust laws. The information that you know regarding jury nullification may well be the difference between another person being ruined by a morally wrong law or a society that is starting to re-awaken to the idea that we the people hold the power, not the court system, and not our government.

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth, thank you for reading.

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