Face it, the United States has a misandry problem. And it needs to be addressed

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

Yes , you read the headline right. No I am not joking. Chances are that if you are blustering about this you are part of the problem I am talking about. Recently we have had two very distinct and widely covered attacks against men. I am referring to the recently shown commercial from Gillette and the rather public display of hatred for a bunch of kids from a Catholic school who were the victims of false reporting from liberal media.

The responses to both of these are what is really telling about the size of the problem that our country has. not to mention that even bringing up this subject usually causes people to do all they can to try and humiliate or otherwise discredit the person who mentions it. This seems to be a programmed response to get people to ignore a very serious problem.

The subject appears to be so taboo, mainstream media will not even mention it. Yet when you look at social platforms like Facebook and Twitter you can find examples of it everywhere. It starts to spark debate but as I mentioned before the mental programming of many people kicks in to attack the person trying to discuss the problem. It is my belief that people were so programmed to help foster an atmosphere of agitation and animosity towards others. Remember, as long as people focus on being angry at each other they cannot focus much on the real problems that are happening around them. In men this is usually displayed as a person who talks about it is obviously not a man or that a woman has no right to talk about it. While in women this usually manifests itself as claiming the person is a whiny male or claiming that women are too submissive to males. As always there are exceptions to this, but they are far outnumbered by the masses shouting a person down who chooses to speak up.

Let us start with the uproar over a commercial that was created for Gillette. The idea was a commercial that was meant to raise awareness of toxic masculinity. A great many people saw this as a cheap attack on all men(myself included). Those that chose to defend it claimed that it was just trying to help improve the way men acted towards others. There were also the predictable accusations that if you were angered by this commercial you were guilty of the offense the commercial spoke out against or as a man you just needed to get over it(something that would certainly not fly if this commercial degraded women) . This is also a common tactic used to shame men who speak out on behalf of other men.

The next recent example is the uproar caused by the media release of a story that claimed that teenagers wearing Make America Great Again hats surrounded and taunted a Native American peaceful protester. Within 12 hours thousands of comments were made  from people who realized that this was a complete lie spun by liberal media. This included video of the event that the media could have easily used which would have shown these kids were indeed the ones being intimidated and harassed by people shouting homophobic slurs. while the actions of the media itself were rather despicable the most shocking part was the reaction from many on social media. Most notably and most numerous from women. who used this as an opportunity to lecture us all on just how terrible and evil white and black men have become.  The calls ranged from having them outed as racists, to forcing these kids to undergo “re-education as how to behave” to the outright murder of the children and  in some cases their parents(most of these were removed by social media, thank god). There were many variations of this in between those two extremes but it is truly horrifying that this level of hatred was being directed towards teenage male kids. And that this was somehow considered acceptable behavior on the part of adults.

To be clear not all women are demonizing these kids, if I were to make a rough guess I would estimate that perhaps 25 to 30 percent of women at best are doing this. However when you look at the numbers of people who still promote misogyny it is 10 to 15 percent at my best estimation, unless you choose to include the really mild definitions of it, but by the same token this would also increase the number of women who promote misandry. Now these numbers are just my opinion and I am sure if you want to, you can argue them all you want.  That is up to you. And this is not to say that there has not been outbreaks of people pushing misogyny. But the backlash towards those people is usually quick and effective. We are not seeing the same thing happening here. And the fact remains that now after proof has clearly surfaced to show these kids were victims of a media smear campaign, people and media outlets are still pushing to demonize these kids. There have been thousands of people who have realized their mistake and apologized. I strongly encourage more of the hundreds of thousands if not millions of people who spewed their hatred  of these teenage men to do the same.

The last example and keep in mind these are all just examples of things that occurred in the same week. There are plenty of others, but this shows just how common and unopposed it has become. A star of the 2016 all female remake of Ghostbusters Leslie Jones has expressed outright anger that the new movie, due to be released in 2020 will have an all male cast. Her claim that having an all male cast replace women is insulting to women. Yet somehow having an all female cast replace men was perfectly fine. This is a ridiculous double standard and it really shows just how jaded the thinking has become towards men. Looking at current movies most seem to have female lead actors. If it were a majority of male actors, people would be up in arms screaming “inequality”. Yet as an inequality now exist for men, there is near silence.

Equality is about making things equal for all. Not favoring one side over another. If you are pushing for the latter you are not fighting for equality. You are fighting for superiority. This is often done out of hatred for others. Much like racism, misandry and also misogyny are all taught behaviors. Two out of the three, people are taking active stances against. Which begs the question. Why do we find hatred towards men acceptable? That is a question you should ask yourself, I hope you are comfortable with your answer.

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth,thank you for reading.

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  1. Because the Man as we use to no him, is being bread out, de FEMALE man is more exacptable in this day of age.
    Im not saying men cant be sensitive, but the way men are portraid these day, is something you could only dream about, just 30 years ago.
    Men cant even take care of their family, BY hunting for food. He has to go to a store an buy it..


  2. Female chauvinism is a huge problem, feminised education is harming boys, courts are biased against men. Men and boys are demonised for any reason. Feminism is a hate movement and they don’t want equality, they never demand the right to be treated the same as men especially the equal right to be forced to sign for the military and be sent to get killed on a battlefield far away. Feminism is deliberately trying to destroy men and boys and leave us with all the things women don’t want and wont do. Feminism is about favouritism for women, cherry picked rights , favourite treatment and privileges including keeping those men have never had. There is nothing fair about women and they have proved them selves to be the real sexists liars and hypocrites.


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