Pedophilia and the Media Effort to Keep It Out of the Public Eye.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

By now, you have almost certainly heard a lot about pedophiles in government and celebrity circles. People have been talking about this for at least the past two decades, yet it still has not gathered hardly any mainstream media attention. It has been brought to light in the accusations of Cory Feldman, regarding people in Hollywood sexually abusing him. But the media attention paid to that story was small, and what attention it did receive was mostly an attempt to discredit him. Based on the nature of this crime, you would think that the media would do all it could to alert the public of what had occurred, but this really has not been the case. I suppose warning people that there is a danger to their kids is not considered “newsworthy”.

For quite some time, the obvious abusing of children in Hollywood and in other major locations has been dismissed as mere speculation, despite evidence to the contrary. The real question is, why? Why is there no mention of the many abuses that occur in this country, especially towards children? Well, in my opinion, a large part of this is because the news industry is just another arm of the entertainment industry coming out of Hollywood. There have been many reports of child abuse not only from Hollywood itself, but in many of the companies that produce children’s programming, such as Disney and Nickelodeon.

The entertainment industry creates billions of dollars in revenue every year. It could pull millions in advertising from any news company that might choose to speak out against it. We all read stories in alternative media about people like Kevin Spacey, who has been accused of pedophilia and rape. Yet, for some reason, this is not mentioned all that much in mainstream news. Because, somehow, while it is important to mention the political views of Hollywood actors, it is not important to broadcast that they are trying to have sex with kids.

We can also look to cases like the 11-year-old Desmond. This child has been labeled as the future of the transgender community. Yet, when you  look at his life, you see that he has quite clearly been exploited. Instead of help, he is paraded about on TV. Take a quick look at the kind of people his parents have chosen to surround him with. He has been shown to be having a childlike tea party with convicted killer Michael Alig. Michael Alig is also known as the “Party Monster”, and had a movie by the same name created about him. He committed what is considered one of the grisliest murders in the 1990s, and this is the person hanging out with this 11-year-old child, and no media outlet makes any mention of this, nor raises any alarms.

I also have to point out that the LGBT community seems to be doing little or nothing to try and prevent this. I have mentioned the story of Desmond to several members of that community, and rather than even considering that he might be being abused, I was met with accusations of being homophobic, or that I am trying to destroy their community. It seems that reputation is worth far more to some people than the potential suffering of an 11-year old-child. While I do understand that this community has taken quite a bit of false accusations and harassment over the years, I feel that turning a blind eye to this is not in their best interest, and is certainly not for any children who may be in cross-hairs of potential predators.

News media goes as far as to try and dissuade people from exposing child predators, usually by writing negative articles about groups that try to expose them. There was even a TV show called “To Catch a Predator” that lasted 3 seasons, a show that had terrific ratings. However, it was cancelled due to bad media reviews (odd, isn’t it?) and concerns that advertisers might not agree with the show (also rather odd), and pull their advertising from the network. The agenda to keep the public in the dark about the large number of pedophiles seems to have stuck its head out again.

The truly amazing aspect of my research is that in no way does current media encourage the exposing of child predators. The sad truth is that child predators work in and, in some cases, control much of the media/entertainment content that we regularly see. Not only do they have what appears to be significant influence in the entertainment media, but I have documented how they have infiltrated the various church networks and numerous government agencies. It is beyond ridiculous to pretend that these people do not work together to keep their activities in the dark. One hand seems to wash the other, and cover for the other as well.

While media does at least report about child sex predators, they do not keep in in the news cycle for longer than a day, if even for that long. Usually, it is just a short mention, and that is it. They will run a story about some sort of nonsense for days , however children getting abused is not worth more than a few short mentions. It is very telling how this repeatedly seems to happen. It really makes a person question what their priorities might actually be…keeping people informed of dangers they could face, or making sure people are unaware of the real danger?

And that, my friends, is the Uncensored Truth, thank you for reading.

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One comment

  1. This is so factual that it hurts. I treat many of these victim/ survivors of childhood sexual trauma and the “conspiracy of silence” that is pervasive not only in Hollywood and the entertainment industry but also in sports, schools, government and yes, churches is staggering!
    Many of my patients are from the LGBTQ community and a whopping 98% of them admit that they were sexually abused as children and adolescents as well. They don’t readily admit it and it takes many a while to come to terms with that abuse and acknowledge it. Trust is a key factor here and fear is major.
    But the protection comes from “low folks in high places” and it is global. Thus, the difficulty in folks of good conscious taking a stand. But children don’t vote, can’t sponsor ads or underwrite various projects that need money so they don’t count as been of value to make any real fuss about. So, this violation continues unchecked and ignored especially if they are children of color or poor children but no child is safe from these predators many of whom were also abused.
    Data supports multiple medical and psychiatric complications in adults who were abused sexually and otherwise. A cost base analysis of how much that abuse creates major increases in health care might turn a few heads in the right direction since humane concern for the welfare of our babies and future generations does not.


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