10 things you probably did not know about how our country and society works.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

We always think that we are well-informed. We base our lives off of what we think is the truth, but how accurate is that information? And what preconceived ideas should we question if we might be wrong?  Here are 10 things you probably did not know. If you find that you might have been wrong on any of these, perhaps you should start to question and investigate the things that you believe to be true.

  1. You do not own your property or your home. Hopefully most people are aware of this, but even if you owe no money on a mortgage, you do not own anything. Property tax is a pretty term for rent. If you do not pay it, you either pay it later (plus interest), or have your belongings seized from you. The government controls all of the land; you merely pay it rent.
  2. Democrats and Republicans switch political positions, depending on which side has more power and control in politics. It was not long ago that the Democratic party was the party pushing for border security and deporting illegal aliens. It was also not long ago that the Republicans were the party fighting against more war. Both parties have also switched stances on tax cuts in the none too distant past. I could list many more examples, but it seems that, in many ways, political views are more akin to something from the book “1984” than what our democratic republic is supposed to be. Our party has always fought for illegals; we were never against them. Our party has always been for foreign intervention; we were never against it. And the citizens follow blindly along. Please realize that they are playing you all for fool,  so stop debating the left/right “divide”.
  3. The government shutdown really means nothing. There are almost 22 million people working for the government. Of those 22 million, only about 1 million will not be paid during the shutdown. Even then most are still working, and will receive their back pay once the “shutdown” ends, and funding is restored.
  4. The police are under no obligation to protect you. As I have explained in the article The police will save you, or will they?, police officers are under no obligation to save your life if it is being threatened. You cannot even sue them for this, as it has been ruled in court on numerous occasions that police do not have to save you.
  5. All major media outlets work together to keep you as uninformed as possible. If you actually listen to most of their “reports”,you realize that most of what is presented qualifies as opinions on certain subjects, and not reporting actual news. It is meant to influence the way people think, without telling them the full story, including sometimes flat-out lying to influence you. And yet, people keep accepting what they say as the truth. If you do not believe that the government has a large influence in media, please look up Operation Mockingbird.
  6. According to the Grace Commission Report, government waste and the money that comes from the income tax do nothing more than pay for the interest on the National debt. In other words, the government does such a poor job of keeping track of expenses, that the money they collect from citizens pays for their incompetence and the additional money they need to borrow.
  7. A college professor saying something is illegal does not make it a law. I have seen this many times, some professor from some various campus makes a ridiculous decree that a normal action can now be considered illegal. This is a joke, as it has no legal merit, or any basis in a legislative body. Quit acting like outraged children, who think that they need to listen to anything an “adult” says.
  8. You can never be charged with a crime, but you can still have your money and possessions seized by police. It is called civil asset forfeiture, and all that is needed is for police to claim they suspect your money, possession, or whatever it may be, was involved in criminal activity of some sort. Once so claimed, the burden of proof is then on you to recover what is yours in court. Often times, it costs more to recover what was taken than what the items are actually worth. Police know this, and often this leads to small amounts of money being seized under this program.
  9. The water supply in many major areas has been contaminated. 5300 water systems across the country have been found to have unsafe lead levels in them. In addition to this, pharmaceutical drugs have been found in many water supplies. And while this showed up in tests, currently no state monitors water supplies for this type of contamination. And yes, the drugs in the water can interact with drugs you currently take to create unsafe reactions, which could most certainly threaten your health.
  10. The people that are trying to destroy our country and way of life can only win as long as we stay divided. This one is probably the most important one for you to be aware of.  Call them the Deep State, the NWO, or the Illuminati….whatever you prefer, the implication is still the same. However, they can only succeed if they keep people distracted by fighting with each other, rather than actually focusing on real problems. To do this, they use their control of the media and the politicians on strings that continue the left/right divide joke that is considered “politics”. Fight policies, not each other.

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth, thank you for reading.

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