The Police will save you, or will they?

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

The friendly police forces across the United States of America. We are told that they are there to enforce law and order and keep the average citizen safe from the ravages of crime. We do not need to carry weapons. We do not need to worry about our personal safety as long as we have a well funded police force…….. or do we?

As of late there has been many questions that have related to just how obligated our police forces are to protect the average citizen. All the while people are still thinking that officers will do all they can to uphold the law and our safety. In a past article Undermining the Law: The Thin Blue Line of Silence I detailed how police officers will do all they can to cover up their own crimes against citizens. Yet many people would be quite surprised that police officers are under no obligation to do the job we pay our taxes for which is to provide us with protection and security. The motto of “To serve and protect” seems to be far from the actual purpose of police.

In fact it has been ruled multiple times that police officers are not under any obligation to protect your life if it is being threatened. While you might not be aware there have been multiple instances where police have stood by while a citizen was being murdered. A famous example is when a person suspected of already murdering four people attacked a man on a New York City subway and the police hid behind a door until he was subdued. A more recent and tragic example comes from Parkland, Florida where several officers waited outside the school rather than save the children inside. Seventeen children were killed and it was ruled that there is no legal obligation for those officers to protect the students.

Now this is not to say that at times police do, in fact go out of their way to protect fellow citizens. This only highlights that there is no binding reason or obligation for them to do so. However in light of past articles such as the Thin Blue Line of Silence, we have to wonder as to the integrity of police officers in general. And while we all think that officers HAVE to risk their lives in any situation, we need to keep in mind that just like you and me they are in indeed human and do not always respond how we think they should. But those who take the job also need to know that protecting the public is what their job is supposed to be, even if it is not legally binding. While I am sure there are officers that do hold themselves to that high ideal, I am also sure there are officers who do not. And citizens should not have to find this out only when their lives are at risk. It seems that for every officer who is willing to put their life on the line, others are content writing tickets and filling out reports so people can give it to their insurance.

There have also been multiple instances where people knew their lives were in danger and went to the police for help. Often the best that can be done is to file a restraining order,which is really nothing more than issuing a piece of paper in an effort to make that person feel safe. Here are several reports of  people who filed for a restraining order and were then murdered. For the most part the officers will tell you that you are on your own even if you are rather sure you are in danger. A frequent explanation is that a lack of resources are to blame for why people cannot be protected. So again we have another reason for why we should not volunteer to disarm ourselves and trust our protection to the police.

Which makes it really disturbing when you think that more and more people are pushing for more gun control and even outright gun confiscation. The fact that there is a certain percentage of officers that will sit idly by and do nothing while people are being murdered is a rather frightening thought. I do not see how anyone can push for people to leave themselves defenseless and be forced to rely on an officer who may or my not decide to help save your life. I personally would not want to take that chance.

This leads to the question if we should have armed officers protecting our schools and students. My answer is no, we should not. It would be a much better idea to hire people and place in their contract that they are responsible to protect the lives of the students. This will keep people who are actually responsible for safety in place as opposed to those who merely make children into criminals for the least bit of acting out, and who may or may not actually protect them in a dangerous situation and be protected by immunity that police offices currently enjoy.

The last thing I would like you all to consider is that if the police are not under any obligation to protect you, then why are they being equipped with military weapons? In the past more than five billion dollars of military equipment has been distributed to police officers. There was a ban placed on this in 2015 but it has been put back into effect since Donald Trump took over as president. The excuse for making our police agency become more like another branch of the military is that we need to better equip them so they can better protect us. However it has been proven in court their purpose is not to protect us. So why are we making them into another form of the military? The judges themselves have proven that the job of police is not to protect citizens. So why are we now arming them like the military?

The answer is quite obvious. The role of the police is not to protect citizens, but to enforce laws. No matter how insignificant the law is. You can claim that laws make us safer(in some cases they do) but look at the multitude of laws that are not really important but if we as citizens do not follow then the police are authorized to use force up to and including death to make us comply. Is it truly making you safer when a person is killed for a speeding violation? Or not having his registration up to date? Before you scoff please take a minute to search for people getting killed or maimed for the smallest infraction. Then re-ask yourself what is the point of many of these laws? And why we want to leave our security to people who are not responsible for us, but for upholding these laws?

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth, thank you for reading.

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