The Social Security Hoax. And the lies that you are being told.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

We pay taxes on it every week. We are told it will be there to protect us if we become disabled. We are told it will provide for us when we retire. We are constantly being lied to. Yet as long as politicians can keep promising things to people without ever needing to make good on these promises, we do not hold them accountable.

Social security is supposed to be the safety blanket that all Americans are forced to pay into so that we are taken care of when we are ready to retire. Yet almost every year social security is threatened by lawmakers and one of the biggest issues is how we are going to continue to give benefits to people currently receiving social security currently. With no mention of how much harder it is going to be to take care of those who are currently paying into it when their time comes.

The main reason there is a huge problem is because the money that people were forced to put into the program was supposed to be used towards their retirement. Instead that money has been looted by the federal government to help cover their massive budgets. This is why Social Security is the biggest part of the US budget every year. A program that was meant to pay for itself now requires almost 1 trillion dollars per year to stay solvent.

Next you are going to ask. “Isn’t there a trust fund that is supposed to pay for that?”. Well there was and it is claimed that there is still a trust fund in existence. However the amount in the fund cannot cover what we have to spend to continue social security. Hence why we need to keep spending hundreds of billions in the budget to cover the payments.

Also keep in mind that inflation has done quite a lot to destroy the money that was taken out of peoples paychecks to cover their retirement. You pay into social security once you start working, for some that can be age 15 or 16. However lets say you put one thousand into social security when you were 16, that will be worth a small fraction of its value by the time you retire. It can be argued that this is paid by people currently paying into social security currently, but as wage increases are outpaced by inflation it is easy to see why there is a shortfall. Also keep in mind the the Consumer price index(CPI) is not comprehensive and is biased toward under reporting inflation. So while it is reported wages have gone flat, it is quite likely that we have lost quite a bit of purchasing power.

Yet this program is still being pushed on the public as a catch all for them when they get older. Yet in reality it is an easy way for the government to further tax people and pay for budget deficits. And there is no way for you to opt of of this involuntary tax. Sadly after years of the indoctrination that this is here to help people , not only can you not discuss ending the tax you can’t even discuss the looting of the money by our federal government. The only fix to the broken system is not to keep The government from looting the money but to raise the age at which people who paid into their retirement, can actually retire  This is in the hope that more people will die before they can collect the money they were forced to pay the government for their “retirement” savings.

Even the Social Security website claims it will run out of money by 2035. They say that the retirement account will be fully funded until then, which is a flat out lie if congress is claiming every year to cut social security to meet current payments. But it also claims disability payments will run out by 2023. So already we know that there are serious issues that we are not being made aware of. However the mainstream media will still try and tell you everything is fine and we should be happy paying into this obviously broken system.

It is a complete shame that people are still forced to pay into this system. Even when most young workers full well realize that they will never see the money they are throwing away into this scam. If there is anything that is going to set off a similar event like the yellow vest riots in France, I believe it will be when the working class of the United States realize that they have been robbed of their retirement by the government that promised to protect it.

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth, thank you for reading.

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