What is Social Programming?

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

Recently I had written an article describing how the Mainstream Media and Social Media are socially programming you. That article can be found here. After publishing the article I realize that some people out there do not understand what social programming is. The definition of social programming is a set of instructions that each of us learns to fit into society. Its long term affect is to make people value the approval of others and conform to what they want. I will try to describe to you what social programming is, and also give you some examples  so you are able to better understand. You can see many examples of social programming in the desire to make people adhere to the idea of political correctness.

There are many forms of social programming, and it is done for a variety of reasons. The most common goal is to make people believe that something they felt was acceptable, either an action or a thought, and turning it into something wrong. Often the targets of such programming are people who go against the narrative of the major media.

Part of the need for social programming is when the the media, and those who control it decide they need a way to control people who have become influential outside of the box the media feels people should be influential in. A great example of this is the case of Roseanne Barr earlier this year, where she made a comment that could have been considered racist but most people knew that it was not. This did not stop the media from pushing the story that she was racist and eventually leading to her removal from the reboot of her hit show Roseanne. This was due in large part because of her support of president Donald Trump, her support was causing others to view Trump in a favorable light, this is not what major media wanted. So she was condemned in the realm of public opinion, which is what major media controls. As a result she was removed from the TV show which she made famous. Without her the show tried to continue on, but it has bombed in the ratings and by all accounts will be cancelled.

Another way is to pretend that an event happens far more often, and is more dangerous to you than it actually is. Such is the case with the media using any mass shooting as a call for more gun control. Giving examples without mentioning scale is a great way to confuse people as to the size of any given problem. The media plays on people being ignorant of people knowing just how vast and numerous our world is. Rather than treat these occurrences like the anomaly they are, it is exaggerated to make things seem like they are a constant threat. Another example is how the media played up the fear of Muslims in order to keep the masses terrified of terrorism in the United States. Anything to keep you from thinking about a problem, and instead keeping you afraid of a problem.

Television is a great example of how social programming is reinforced. In just about every news broadcast you can see exactly what the media wants you to be enraged about every week. News is no longer about reporting facts, it is now omitting details and using spin to keep the viewers as outraged as possible. After the story dies out nothing more is mentioned of it, because they never cared about it in the first place. It’s only importance was to get people angry and once that has run its course it is off to the next story to make people angry about. And people keep falling for it.

Another example is late night TV shows. Which exclusively feature liberal hosts who push political correctness and liberal thinking points down peoples throats. It is no coincidence that all of the hosts share a common agenda, it is an agenda to control the thoughts of anyone who tunes in. Most of these late night talk show hosts were made famous by either telling racist, misogynist, anti semitic, or otherwise strongly bigoted jokes, but that is overlooked because they now spread the idea of political correctness as a means of controlling others.

Repetition is key in social programming, which is why you keep seeing the same theme no matter what you turn into. It is ok to make racist comments if you are not white, if you are white and remotely mention race you get labeled a racist if you are not a Democrat, as long as you are in favor of using political correctness as a weapon you get a pass if you are not PC all the time . If you are black you can make fun of  people of any color, yet if you are white you cannot. This is an example of people being programmed to think something is wrong even when it is fine. Humor is humor, it is only a problem when people use political correctness as a weapon against others, which at its heart is what political correctness was meant for, to be used as a weapon to silence and therefore control people.

To further their attacks against anyone they want to the media has created a list of words and terms called “dog whistles” which are actually normal things people say, but now they claim they are used by people who are racist or homophobic or anti semitic. In reality it is just another attempt to vilify people who are doing nothing wrong in order to have more control over them. Typically this has been used to go after people who are Republicans as Democrats often ignore the very same behavior from people in their ranks because they choose to not attack their own.

Another recent and wonderful example of this is the media’s attempt to demonize Donald Trump for a man shouting Heil Hitler! Heil Trump! At a Fiddler on the roof  play recently. However for some reason most media outlets refused to mention that the man is actually an anti-trump demonstrator who was drunk. This is because the media wants to keep people thinking that to think about Trump is to embrace a nazi ideology. While I am not a fan of Trump, I am even less a fan of liberal media lying and trying to spread a political and social program to its readers. A list of the many fake hate crimes that the media spreads can be found here. You always read about the crime in the headlines. But the retraction is usually buried and you do not even notice it. This is by design.

In short the media tries to keep people programmed by highlighting certain things, without giving you any sort of comparison or counterpoint. This is similar to the idea of Orwellian doublespeak in which language was deliberately obscuring, disguise, or distorting words to make the meaning of things be the reverse of what was intended.The overall goal is to keep people in a constant state of uncertainty, and a desire to let the media decide for them what is right and what is wrong. In this way the media has reduced most adults to the level of children as far as being able to decide for themselves what to think and what to approve of or condemn.

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth, thank you for reading.

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