The Uncensored Truth on the 2018 Midterm Elections.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

The 2018 elections are over, take a moment breathe deeply, and say it with me “Thank god!” As always we were indoctrinated with the headline this is the most important election of our time, that is at least until the next election. While I am sure some of you are upset at the results for a variety of reasons, I will tell you that I feel the result is not all that bad. It could have gone better(for reasons I will explain) but it also could have gone a lot worse.

For those who were not paying attention the Senate remains controlled by Republicans, however the House of Representatives is now controlled by the Democrats. In my opinion not much of consequence was accomplished while Republicans held both so I hope that bipartisanship will either lead to meaningful change or complete gridlock. And I feel that gridlock would be a far better option.

Since retaking the House, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has publicly stated that the number one priority of House Democrats is to stop the GOP. This gives hope to the idea of gridlock. Because a congress that manages to do nothing cannot cause more misery to the American citizen than that which we have already suffered. Pretend that we have not if you choose to, but anytime we have a congress that chooses to expand government power and spending, we all lose.

While both major parties seem to support the same major ideas of control over our country is is good when one party does not control all of the Senate and the house as well as the presidency. If for no other reason than it will slow down the rate at which more laws are passed.

While the best possible scenario would be for Some Libertarians or other third party candidates to win office to force some actual cooperation between congress and possibly bringing in some new ideas and priorities that our country needs. Ideas that the constant two party duopoly cannot bring about much less enact for our nation.

I keep saying that if we really want change in our country for the better than we absolutely need the presence of a third party in the House and the Senate. perhaps four or five in the Senate and perhaps fifteen to twenty in the house, that is all that is really needed to help. Third party candidates do not need a majority to effect change, just a small presence. The common mantra of those who try and play down the importance of a third party is that they need a majority to do anything, this could not be further from the truth.

Let’s face the truth, it was not that long ago that the Democratic party was campaigning on the very things that the current Republican party are trying to champion. But for some reason people do not seem to remember recent history.

This is in part due to an effect that is easily referred to as Orwellian newspeak. In which the media controls people so much they cannot remember the recent past and somehow think that what they are currently being told is the truth throughout a parties history. As long as the media can convince the populace of this the narrative of each party can be flipped around as often as the media deems it necessary to keep people ignorant of the past.

Until American citizens realize they are being lied to about many of the positions of the two major parties, they cannot understand just how controlled they are. Do not expect major media to do anything to wake people up. Major media does all it can to downplay the impact that a third party could have on politics. As long they can keep you ignorant they have better control of you.

And that my friends is the Uncensored truth, thank you for reading.

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