Bomb Scares, False Flags, and Cognitive Dissonance

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

By now we have already heard the story. Crazy Trump supporter follows Trumps advice and sent bombs to kill prominent Trump critics. This seemingly confirms every Democrats suspicion that Trump supporters are crazy lunatics who will do anything to defeat Democrats. This is the exact proof that many Democrats needed to decide to come out and vote in the midterm election. Which is why it is highly questionable.

Often I have heard the saying “There is no such thing as coincidence.”  and it is a saying that I think is very true. The idea that this event happened at just the right time to rally Democrats to vote is highly suspect. The speed of the suspects arrest and the media’s quick ability to use this story to push an anti-trump narrative also seems highly suspect. Add to this the very fast response the major media outlets are having to label anyone who does not believe their story as a “conspiracy theorist” and you might suspect that there is something amiss.

I do understand that many who read this article will automatically disregard it as a conspiracy theory article, if you choose to do so, I will not be upset, we have all been conditioned to believe that any story the mainstream media gives us has to be the truth. And I am also positive that some of you will dismiss this article thinking that I am pro-Trump, which is an absolute joke, but I am positive some of you will convince yourselves of this. Good luck to you and enjoy yourself.

The first part of this story that is hard to believe is that a person who is homeless , living in Florida managed to send these “bombs” though the mail, and the post office was unable to detect them before they were sent to their destination. In light of how drug smugglers have had to do all they can to conceal drugs and the rapidly increasing amount of times it is caught being sent in the mail, it is odd how a bomb, shaped exactly like a bomb could pass through mail screening…undetected. Add to this that a man was arrested when mail screening detected Ricin in a letter, yet somehow bombs get through.

The package that these “bombs” were sent in is also suspect. The picture we are shown by the media of one of these packages features a stamped outside with no postal cancellation stamps on any of the stamps that were used. This is not normal practice for the post office. Then we have to wonder if six stamps would even be enough postage to send a pipe bomb from Florida to New York. While I do not work in the post office, I still can hazard a good guess that it would not be.

This is in addition to the fact that the person accused is homeless and living out of his van for at least three years . The picture at the end of this paragraph will show the van in question. while you are looking at it please ask yourself the question. “Does this spotless van, that almost looks new, belong to a homeless person?”


There are other images of this but they all show the exact same thing, an immaculate van that is supposed to belong to a homeless person. I personally wash my car every two weeks and cannot claim to have a vehicle that is this clean. At no point did it occur to any of the people taking pictures of the pro-Trump stickers to try and get a view of the inside of the van where these “bombs” were made. It would seem easy enough to do, yet no one did.  But you are not supposed to question that this van really belongs to a person who has been living in it for three years. In fact to even question this story is to be labeled as an insane conspiracy theorist. It is quite amazing how the news did not need to lash out at its critics to defend itself but now in this case it seems to be the norm.

This does not mean that Caesar Sayoc is innocent, quite the contrary. You cannot have a good bomb scare which helps in the elections without having someone to take the fall. In my opinion someone approached a mentally ill guy, who has a track record of making these threats, and convincing him this was a good idea helped him obtain all he needed to make a convincing “bomb”. Then helping to make sure that some of these “bombs” reached their destination, and bingo, instant story and a great way to pull support from Republicans during the mid-terms. A bankrupt mentally ill man could easily be convinced to do this.

Now this is the part where you stop and say, alright, that is a great story, but is there anything to prove it. And short of being there and getting  photo of whoever might have helped him my answer is no, I have no proof other than the oddities that I have pointed out in the official story.

This is where cognitive dissonance deserves a mention. We as a nation can believe that there are people quite capable of rigging almost any election, yet for some reason we cannot fathom the idea that some group could create a staged event such as this? These bombs did not go off, no one was hurt. You would figure that by being handled in the mail one of these “unstable devices” would go off. But they did not. Even investigators question if these “bombs were meant to detonate, and you are not supposed to question why. Events like this are called false flags. a False flag is an operation intended to deceive, the deception creates the appearance of a particular party, group or nation being responsible for some activity. It can be used for many reasons, political gain being one of them.

Choose to think what you will. But I will choose to always question any story that mainstream media presents to me when there are clear reasons to have doubts. I have very little faith that what major media presents to you is anywhere near the whole truth. Most major media has lost credibility and to use this story as a reason to start trusting them again is rather foolish.

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth, thank you for reading.

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