Politics, Money , and the death of Jamal Khashoggi

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

In April of 2017 there was a big deal made about the promised purchase of 110 billion dollars in arms being bought by Saudi Arabia from the United States. This was touted a part of the economic recovery from the presidency of Barack Obama. However the close ties of the United States has been called into question with the death of  Jamal Khashoggi on October 2nd. A journalist who was the biggest media critic of the Saudi Arabian regime.

The initial claim by Saudi Arabia was that he walked out of their consulate and they had no idea what had happened to Khashoggi. Which after media scrutiny was changed to he died in a fistfight after being invited to their consulate, This claim has also been met with much scrutiny, because if he died in a fistfight, where is the body? This clearly reeks of a cover up yet for some reason President Donald Trump feels that this is a good enough reason to ignore the situation.

The rather sad fact is that it was apparent that regardless if Saudi Arabia killed Khashoggi or not the United states would still do business with them. I had detailed in a previous article how the killing of thousands of children in Yemen in no way deterred the United States from doing business with Saudi Arabia, that article can be found here. The point of the article was that Saudi Arabia could do whatever they wanted as long as they kept buying weapons.

This idea is reinforced  By President Donald Trump’s comments that he believes Saudi Arabia’s explanation of how Khashoggi died, even though this story seems highly implausible. While a ridiculous story to believe. there is more to Trump accepting their story than meets the eye.

The fact the Saudi Arabia controls OPEC has a lot to do with this. The US cannot afford to antagonize them for any reason as long as they control the largest supply of oil in the world. Unless they want to have fuel prices spike, which would destroy any chance of republicans keeping their majority in congress and citizens would be furious about massive increases in gas prices. While US imports of foreign oil have declined there is no doubt gas prices would go up if the United States tried to produce all of its fuel needs.

The fact that Saudi Arabia has yet to produce Khashoggi’s body is also very problematic. There has been reports that after his death his body was cut into pieces and then was smuggled out of their consulate. You do not do that if you are innocent, that is quite obvious.

To date Saudi Arabia has fired 5 officials and arrested 18 people in connection to this killing. Also several military officials have been removed from their posts. Some speculation exists that this may tie in the Saudi crown prince, but in my opinion there is no chance of this whatsoever. Any evidence of him being involved would already have vanished by now.

To summarize all of this. Saudi Arabia has too much power and influence for this to really do any lasting damage to them. The death of one journalist, while truly sad, will not mean much. If the world turns a blind eye to the thousands of children Saudi Arabia has killed in Yemen, then one reporter will not change that. Sadly we exist in a world where money and politics means more than human lives.

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth, thank you for reading.

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