A Case against Illegal Immigration

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

For years there has been debate back and forth between the left and the right, and even many Libertarians as to if we should allow anyone to cross into the United States at any time they want, with no restrictions at all. Or if we should completely close the border and admit people only after intense scrutiny and extreme vetting.  There have also been many variations that are not as extreme as either of those positions.

The reason for these many positions are varied, from some a well intended feeling of humanity, which is to care for others in need. To others a desire to protect themselves and their country, a fear of a struggling welfare system in an already overtaxed society. At times these discussions can get very emotional and in many cases tempers flare.

While I do try and understand the points of view of many people I am certain this article will ignite some anger in a portion of those who read this, some will cheer, the thing that I know for certain is there is no way to make everyone happy. With that being said I will present my reasoning for why we need to end illegal immigration to this country.

The first point that I would like to make is that I am discussing illegal immigration, not legal immigration. There is a clear difference between these two. People who want to move here and become citizens are wonderful to our country, as well as those who are here on work visas, we need more of these to fill continual work shortage problems. Loosening restrictions on people coming to this country would go a long way towards helping with this problem.

Those that do not bother to try and come to our country without a visa are a problem. For one most people who get a visa are at least passing familiar with our laws. People who do not come in secret in general have no bad intentions and are more than willing to follow the laws of our land and get long with their neighbors. But those that try and cross the border, in the middle of the night clearly do not fall into that category.

While I do not think that certain drugs should be illegal There is plenty of evidence that drug smugglers are crossing the border in large numbers. This means that cartel activity on US soil is alive and well. These members of the Mexican Cartels will think nothing of assaulting or killing someone on American soil and then head back to Mexico where they know they will not be followed. There can never be a study on how often this happens as people will not come from another country and admit to committing a crime. The crimes these people commit are just labeled unsolved. Only the most ignorant of people claim that this does not happen.

Human trafficking is another major problem with people crossing the border illegally. In essence it is modern day slavery. Thousands, if not tens of thousands of people are smuggled into this country with the promise of a better life just to find that they have been sold to another person who forces them to either do sex work, or some other form of labor to pay off  debt that they will never be able to repay. More info on human trafficking and illegal immigration can be found here.

This is why I shake my head when presented with the statistic that immigrants cause less crimes than citizens. This does not include those who commit crimes and then sneak back across the border. I would guess that to the open borders crowd, this statistic either does not exist or does not exist in the numbers I am sure have happened. All reports are based off of immigrants. not those who cross here illegally. But as the media typically does, it tries to convince you that you are supposed to confuse those who are in our country legally with those who sneak in here illegally.

The last point I would like to make is the using of our health care system for billions of dollars in free healthcare. This alone is a major reason why people come here illegally. And we as taxpayers are left footing this bill. Not only that but our health insurance plans as mandated under the ACA continue to become less affordable. In part driven by the fact that we have to pay for this. Another instance is that in Los Angeles county alone over 1.3 billion was paid out in welfare to illegal immigrants. If that is what is happening in just one county it is not hard to think that more money is being spent in others all across our nation.

In short, most people do not realize the very real problems with illegal immigration. They instead think the very high minded notion of allowing anyone to come here at any time should be allowed. While our restrictions for people coming to our country should be lowered, we need to make sure we know who is coming and going from our country. To pretend there are no reasons for this is ridiculous.

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth. thank you for reading.

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