Don’t Ask, Don’t Question, Don’t think. The goal of Mainstream Media.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

Outrage! Anger! Confusion! This seems to be the state of most people who consider themselves “informed” people, with regards to political matters.  If you do not believe me, feel free to take two minutes. Go on Facebook, find a person who is posting on a political subject, then read all the outrage anger and confusion that follows.

You have to wonder that when we live in a time when information is so easy to find, how it it we are so underinformed? The answer is simple, major media plays both sides of any political argument and uses this to shape the scope of peoples knowledge about any issue. As I have mentioned in previous articles, this is by design. The media uses many ways to keep people non informed. From limiting scopes of political discussion,using “experts” and often those experts are not experts at all, who’s only goal is to keep people more divided, to even using people to make sure that a subject is never questioned or looked into.

A great example of this is the recent uproar over the potential nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court justice. The accusation against him that he tried to rape Christine Ford cannot be questioned because we are supposed to believe an accusation, to even question the accusation automatically gets you labeled as misogynist and therefore your questions do not matter. Regardless of if the allegation is ever proved correct or false, this is a clear example of the media and people doing all they can to limit a topic and stop people from asking questions or trying to find out more. If you are a liberal you ask no questions, if you ask questions you are a misogynist conservative, there seems to be no middle ground.

Now you might say to yourself , well should there be some subjects you should not question? The answer to this is no. Asking questions is what helps us grow, from small children to fully formed adults. Asking questions is how we expand our minds, and it is something I encourage people to do at all times. Creating a system where questions are repressed is a tool to keep people docile and in an almost childlike state.

There are multiple ways to limit people asking questions. As I have mentioned in a previous article this can be done by things such as calling a person racist, with zero evidence to back that up. Or also calling a person anti-Semitic. Another common one is to label a person a conspiracy theorist, in an effort to get people to ignore an idea or to prevent people from digging deeper into certain subjects.  There are more examples out there but these are some of the more common ones used. A great representation of questions not being asked and rules that are just supposed to followed, not questioned,  can be summarized by the following video.


While this is a fable,it is based off the experiments of G.C . Stepenson, the work can be found here.  It is an example of what can happen if you cannot even question the events that shape your life. And this is how your life is shaped. The drive to control what people can and cannot question is a form of groupthink. And it should be avoided at all costs. This is how modern media tries to control us. They tend to attack those who ask questions, in an effort to reinforce the idea that questions should be silenced.

It truly amazes me the lengths the media and by extension the people they influence go to in order to demonize people who do not follow their rules on social conformity. If you go outside what the media defines as “socially acceptable ” you are ostracized and silenced, all while the people feel a sense of moral righteousness for shaming the person into silence. This really is becoming more and more like the control of the masses as described in the book 1984.

Now I know I point out liberals a lot in this article, this is because liberals tend to be very emotional(not always a bad thing) but emotions are easier to manipulate than a person who is actively thinking. This is not to say that this never happens with conservatives, it does. But not nearly as often, as liberals are able to be swayed just on emotion alone, sadly the Democratic party relies on this heavily in an effort to push their agenda. Common sense really does seem to be in short supply on both sides and that is just how the media wants it, they provide the narrative, you do the fighting between each other, then they report on both sides fighting with each other.

And that is the whole point of what is happening, if the media can keep one side acting on emotions, and the other trying to respond to how they act. Then the media insures people will never find common ground. Then, in my opinion the media can get people to fight against one another. We have already seen an example of this in the fights between the group Antifa and those they have labeled as white nationalists.

The very simple and obvious take away from this article is to take your time and think about what is being presented to you. Look for the omission of facts or the subtle twisting of events to get a more emotional reaction from you.  Once you begin to notice, you will be amazed at just how often it is used.

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth, thank you for reading.

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