The Uncensored Truth on the war in Syria

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

Many years have gone by since the United States entered the war in Syria. Since the beginning of our involvement many Americans have opposed intervention in Syria. Yet despite these objections we  (as always) have sent our troops to become involved in a war that had nothing to do with protecting the United States.

What began as a limited airstrike war in a foreign nation has become another country where our ground forces have been deployed as another front on ” The war against terror”. However in this case we are not fighting the people we have called terrorists, we are: in fact helping them to overthrow a legally elected and popularly supported government.

In fact not only are we helping to overthrow a legitimate government, we are actually helping our supposed enemies Al-Qaeda to thrive in Syria. In fact the United States has threatened the Syrian government if the attack the Idlib province which is the last major Al-Qaeda stronghold. In essence the US is making a last ditch effort to limit the damage done to a terrorist organization we are supposed to oppose.

Now you might wonder why the United States is going out of its way to protect Al-Qaeda. It is really not very hard to understand. The United States cannot justify its massive military budget nor convince other nations to buy US made weapons without an enemy to justify all this spending. Constant war and war spending is the only way the United States can keep its GDP up. Which they in turn sell to the public as a healthy economy. In a book entitled The Creature from Jeckyll Island  it is detailed how our nation and our currency can only be kept afloat by continued war and continued loans to the countries we destroy. I highly recommend you read it if you get the chance.

Not only must the United States continue to be at war, as evidenced by the never ending war on terror. We must also keep our allies at war, this keeps our arms sales flowing. In a previous article I had detailed the destruction in Yemen and the horrors that are allowed to continue because the United States sells billions in arms to their ally Saudi Arabia. That article can be found here.

The United States claims we have ground forces in Syria due to reports of the Syrian government using chemical agents to kill civilians. This has been a allegation that has been cast into doubt by the admission of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis who claims that we have no evidence that the Syrian government used chemical weapons. Despite this lack of evidence the United States has had troops in Syria since 2014, there is no timetable for when we will remove our troops. Add to this the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has stated that the United States is “locked and loaded” if there is another chemical weapons attack, and you begin to see that we are not leaving Syria anytime in the near future.

In fact Haley has claimed that if a chemical weapons attack happens, it has to be the result of the Syrian government and could not possibly be a terrorist or rebel attack. This reveals a willingness, no matter the evidence, of the United States desire to attack the Syrian government. If the U.S. was interested in stopping civilian casualties then this response makes no sense. It actually would encourage a terrorist group to commit a chemical attack on civilians in the hope the the United States would then do the job of fighting the Syrian government for them.

The idea that the U.S has no interest in fighting the terrorists and instead is focused on fighting the Syrian government can be further evidenced by a warning the U.S. gave to Russia regarding the installing of a missile defense system for the Syrian government. This was installed due to repeated missile and rocket attacks on the Syrian government by U.S. ally Israel. It seems that defending a legitimate government from a country that has no place in attacking Syria is an offence to the United States.

The idea that the U.S.  has no interest and protecting civilian lives in Syria can also be evidenced by the words of former General Wesley Clark, who revealed in an interview that the U.S. planned to destabilize seven countries in five years, this plan was called the Project for a new American century (PNAC). While the timing of the events took longer, you can see that these have been the countries we have intervened with in the last 17 years. Recently comments from the White House also indicate that after Syria, the Nation of Iran (also mentioned in PNAC) will be the next target.


None of what the United States is doing has anything to do with either the “war on terror” or protecting civilian lives. It is instead being done to continue to support the hundreds of billions of dollars that is raked in by the military-industrial complex which really controls our country. War is what drives our economy, and continued war is the only way to keep that going at least to the people that really control this country, regardless of who is elected. Until we as a people realize this and elect people who are going to stand up for us, nothing will change.

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth. Thank you for reading.

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