Media hysteria everywhere! Does anyone stop to think?

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

As of late it seems you cannot do or say anything without someone getting offended by your actions. You might think that this deals with people mainly leaning towards the left, but no. I can assure you there are many people on the right who get just as worked up.

The reasons are varied and sometimes have a basis in reality and at times seem to come from nowhere at all. One thing is for sure, as the years go by people are becoming more and more upset over the smallest things. And the mainstream media is doing their part to help fuel the outrage over just about anything. That is what the media does, tries to keep you outraged while trying to make sure you do not actually think.

From hand signs, to losing a discussion and calling people racist, to NFL players pointing out a problem with society. There seems to be no end to what people will get upset to the point of hysteria about, and it needs to stop.

One of the first times something like this happened was when people would disagree with the policies of Israel. Regardless of the reasoning shown, or the facts they presented, those people were silenced by overwhelming accusations of antisemitism. This was done to silence criticism of  government by equating it to hatred of a religion, which is far from the truth.

This trend has continued to grow with others calling people a racist in the hopes of silencing someone and getting others to ignore their ideas, regardless of merit, or proof that the person was: in fact a racist. This was the new beginning of accusing people of something and not needing evidence to back it in order to silence the ideas of a person. It is far easier in the court of public opinion to accuse someone of being a racist rather than proving it. All that mattered was hinting at a bad idea at that was enough to shut down any rational thinking about any problem presented.

Then there was the effort to make a common hand sign which meant OK into some sort of racist symbol. This was started by a campaign in 4chan to troll people to believe this was a racist symbol. Yet people bought into it. Therefore turning an ordinary symbol the people have used for decades into an immediate accusation of hate that people cannot defend themselves from. When you stop to think about this , you might find it a bit odd that a person making this gesture on television is doing so to let the nation know that they are racist. This makes no sense whatsoever. As it has been well known the eventual backlash will cost people their jobs and most of their livelihood. That is quite a risk that person is taking if they are flashing white power on screen. So which makes more sense to you? Were they trying to tell everyone they are a white supremacist, or were they making a gesture that has been used for decades? When you stop to think about it, the answer becomes obvious.

Another example of people getting upset over nothing involves the “controversy” of NFL players choosing to kneel during the national anthem. While it was clear what the protest was about, some major media outlets convinced their viewers that this was not a protest. But it was an insult to our nation and all it stands for. This was and is ridiculous, and I detailed my full opinion here. However the reason for the media making this false claim was to get people to not think about a problem,but instead be outraged by an act. Is anyone noticing a pattern?

Last I would like to mention the recent media hysteria involving an appointee for Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh. The media keeps using the term sexual assault without informing people of the details behind the accusation. The implication is to make it seem like this man raped someone,which is far from the truth. The real story is a drunk 17 year old groped a girl in a room and she became uncomfortable and left. This is a far cry from rape. But calling it sexual assault makes it seem far worse than it was and keeps people from thinking things through. They expect the term sexual assault to stop any sort of logic you might use and automatically demonize a person. When you stop to actually think, yes a person was groped, is it bad? Yes it is. Is it something that determines how a person is over 35 years later, no. We all make mistakes and grow as individuals.

And this is what major media does. It does not report the truth. It leaves out most details or sometimes just changes them to keep people on an emotional roller coaster. It is far easier to keep people emotional than is is to make them think. Because of this most people have pretty much become like children when faced with information. Unable to understand a problem, but upset and feeling the need to lash out. We should be better than this. If we keep allowing ourselves to be emotionally manipulated things are only going to continue to become worse. So the next time you read or hear something in the news, ask yourself. Am i going to act like a child, or be an adult?

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth. Thank you for reading.

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