Who watches the watchers? The murder of Botham Shem Jean

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

By now I am sure most of you have at least heard about what has happened. A  Dallas police officer Amber Guyger  entered an apartment that was not her own and shot the apartments resident Botham Shem Jean, a 26 year old from St. Lucia  who moved to Dallas and worked in risk assurance for accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Her story claims that she  parked her car on the wrong level of a parking garage because she was disoriented after working a 15 hour shift. She then went to the wrong apartment, stated that she tried using her electronic key and  the door was either open or unlocked and then shot who she thought was an intruder in the dark of the apartment after issuing him verbal commands he did not respond to. Botham was shot around 12 to 15 feet away from the door. This is in direct contrast to eyewitness reports that she was pounding on the door yelling “Let me in! Let me in!”

The crime happened on Thursday, however the police waited until Sunday to arrest their fellow police officer.  She was arrested for manslaughter. After being arrested Officer Guyger posted bail and is currently a free person.

While I am positive that if this were a killing committed by a regular citizen that person would have been arrested almost immediately . In this case an almost 70 hour window was allowed to pass before the officer was arrested. What could have happened in this time?  If there was evidence at her house proving she knew the victim, she would have had more than enough time to remove it.

Oddly enough it is reported that after she shot the victim and called 911 when asked where she was located she checked the address on the door and realized she was in the wrong apartment. If she thought she was in her own apartment, why did she check the address? Apparently it was not obvious that a big red doormat in front of the door, or the wrong number on the apartment door was a clear indicator she had the wrong apartment before entering.

What is known is that there was a noise complaint made against Botham Jean, it is unknown who made the complaint but keep in mind  Officer Guyger lived directly below him. While this connection has not been looked into the police did execute a search warrant on the apartment of Mr. Jean and let slip that 10.4 grams of marijuana were found, this amounts to less than half an ounce. What is commonly considered to be an amount for personal use. What really catches my eye is that there has been no search warrant issued for the apartment of the killer. You would think that this would be standard practice but for some reason it was not done, again giving life to the idea that any sort of connection between the two had plenty of time to be covered up by now.

In a previous article I had detailed how police tend to assist one another in covering up evidence of their wrongdoing, that article can be found here. Now while that article cannot be considered evidence that there was some sort of cover up going on, it certainly hints that it is possible and that fellow officers are more than capable of doing such a thing. The officers executed the search warrant of Jean’s apartment Sept 7th, just hours after the shooting. Yet it was confirmed by a police spokesman the they had not conducted an interview of Officer Guyger. She was in fact not interviewed until her arrest that Sunday.

In any other case the person suspected of the crime would have been arrested, and any and all questions about their background involving the victim would have been explored. And that person would have had their home searched for any possible connection between the two, as of right now Officer Guyger’s apartment has not been searched.  This officer was afforded all the time she needed to possibly cover her tracks before being charged, and we are supposed to think there is nothing wrong with this.

In my opinion it seems clear that some sort of cover up has transpired in this case. There seems to be a lot of questions about the suspect that the police seem uninterested in answering, while they seem to be spending plenty of time checking into the background of the victim. This is not how this  should be handled. If the police force in general wants to improve how people view them than this case needs to be handled properly. It has been clear that so far, that this is not the case.

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth. Thank you for reading.

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