17 years post 9/11, where are we now?

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

17 years, it seems like a long time yet I still remember waking up early on 9/11/2001 and for some reason I still do not understand. I turned on the TV, and while flipping through the channels I stopped on an image of the two towers. One had smoke pouring out of it and just as I was trying to figure out what happened I witnessed a plane crashing into the South tower. Even then I knew something had just changed in our world, and as time continued its march forward I could not guess how much things would change.

I could use this article to rant on and on about the many problems that I have with the official 9/11 story as provided by our government, but that is not why I am writing this article. Though I do plan on mentioning some of the problems throughout this article, it is not my main focus.

The main thing that I feel that has changed us as a nation is that we went from being proud of ourselves and the nation we were part of, to being ashamed of ourselves because we knew, deep down that we were lied to by our own government. And we did nothing about it. We could be proud of our country, but we knew that we as individuals had become cowards.

We as a nation performed the mental gymnastics that were necessary to think that the passage of the PATRIOT act, a 342 page bill that made the massive spying on American citizens possible, was a wonderful thing.  We ignored that the government was collecting our phone records, because recording us would obviously keep us safe (wouldn’t it?) and we did nothing to try and stop it.

Our nation invaded two countries and started off the never ending war on terror. As citizens we willingly allowed our government to do so, knowing that it was our tax dollars paying for it all and there would never be an end in sight. Not only are our tax dollars being used to fight a never ending war but they have been used to restore and expand the opium production in Afghanistan. Which in turn has helped fuel the massive heroin epidemic in the United States.

We have created a foreign policy that not only has made our country less safe but has created the terrorist group ISIS which not only threatens us, but also destroys countries in the Middle East. And yet we still encourage this all in an effort to try and feel “safe”. While we are, in fact making our country less safe, but we continue  to allow it to happen.

All this is because, as we are told  19 men met with Osama Bin Laden, most of these men were from Saudi Arabia, a country we sell billions of dollars of weapons to. And these 19 men somehow managed to plan their attack while Air Force command executed Northern Vigilance, a simulation that limited fighters on the east coast to simulate terrorists hijacking planes. Quite a coincidence.

Also quite coincidental was that on September 10,2001 then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon could not account for 2.3 trillion dollars in spending. This would have been major news but coincidentally the events of the next day made this disappear, years later we were told the money was tracked but we never found out what this money was spent on.

Also never forget that three buildings somehow fell when only two were attacked.

I cannot tell you exactly what went on September 11th 2001, unless I was one of the people who planned the attack there is no way I can know the details of exactly what happened, or exactly why it happened. All I can say is that I in no way believe the official explanation for what happened on that day. Most people I talk to also feel the same way. While I can offer an opinion, there really is no point because there will never be a way to prove any of it, as the evidence is long gone.

I can tell you that our lives have changed tremendously in these 17 years. And that no amount of planes slamming into buildings could have every accomplished that. We did the damage ourselves. We did not stand up to the spying and the lies. We did not stand up while we destroyed foreign nations when we knew there was not a reason to. We as citizens are less free than we were 17 years and one day ago. No hijackers did that, no planes did that, we did that. And that is our true legacy 17 years after September 11,2001.

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth. Thank you for reading.

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One comment

  1. quite coincidental that Sandia Labs expertise was tapped **hours** after 9/11 attacks.
    what is Sandia Labs’ speciality?

    pages 10-11: https://www.sandia.gov/LabNews/ln09-09-11/labnews09-09-11.pdf

    omfg, the NASA took thermal photos of Ground Zero until late december: where did the heat come from?

    Click to access GroundZeroHeat2008_07_10.pdf

    quite coincidentel is the meaning of Ground Zero in oxford dictionary: The point on the earth’s surface directly above or below an exploding nuclear bomb.


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