The Uncensored Truth on the crisis in Yemen

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

The war in Yemen has been raging since 2015. Yet as far as most people knew, they just found out there was a war going on earlier this year when the headlines told them about an airstrike that killed 22 children fleeing earlier bombing.  This happened a few days after 30 children were killed in a school bus that killed forty school children. Up until this point few people took notice of the war that has been raging in Yemen for seven years.

There is much more and far worse that has occurred during this war. Some people might be inclined to think that the horrors I just listed were the worst events that have happened but that is far from the truth. Much worse has been going on, but for some reason mainstream media has only just now decided to start mentioning the war  in Yemen. While some (myself included) have written about this, it does seem to be a largely ignored war. The main reason as to why  is because (in my opinion) of the backlash that would slow down American arms sales to the country doing most of the fighting over there.

So who is fighting in Yemen in a war that has claimed tens of thousands of lives, displaced millions and has created what is being called the worst humanitarian crisis of 2018?

Saudi Arabia has been purchasing billions in weapons from the United States. In fact  they have committed to buying 110 billion dollars worth of arms from the United States over the next ten years. And they have been using these weapons rather indiscriminately in Yemen. The reason why Saudi Arabia is even involved in this is because they claim that the Yemen rebels, called the Houthis are actually proxies of the Iranian government. This claim is dubious at best because the only link that Iran has to the rebels is that is sent them military supplies. However this has been enough for Saudi Arabia to use air strikes that have claimed the lives of many innocent civilians with little or no repercussions from the UN.

Not only does Saudi Arabia buy billions in weapons from the United States, it is receiving intelligence aid from the US in Yemen. This means that the US is helping them decide what to strike and  where to strike it. Which may mean that some of the air strike “mishaps” that have killed civilians could be attributed to faulty US intelligence, of course a claim like that will be rigorously denied by both parties.

Also involved are forces believed to be loyal to Al-Qaeda if anything they are mostly contained in small holdings in the south of Yemen and routinely strike at rebel forces in the capital Sana’a. They take advantage of the chaos caused by the main fighting to strike at targets of opportunity.

In the meantime as mentioned before Yemen has become the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Reports state that in the last two years around one million cases of cholera have been reported, with that number only expected to get worse. Thousands die every month from these cases which could easily be cured by access to clean water. Currently the capital city of Yemen Sana’a is the only major capital city in the world without clean drinking water for its citizens.

After blocking aid to Yemen Saudi Arabia finally relented and promised 1.5 billion in aid to the country. It may be too late to help many. The death toll of children alone is a terrifying number, with reports that over 50,000 children were killed in 2017.  This number can be assumed to have gone up in 2018 and many more will die from disease in the near future. Even if the war ended tomorrow the population will feel the effects of this war for many years to come.

However the end of this war will not come any time soon. With the rebels in Yemen controlling a large part of the country and with Saudi Arabia harboring the “legitimate” leader of the country in their capital Riyadh, this looks like it will drag on for years to come. With billions in weapons sales on the line it is obvious that the United States will do nothing to condemn Saudi Arabia in Yemen, and by extension the UN will do nothing either. This is also why in the United States at least there will not be much mainstream media reporting on Yemen, as a popular outcry against the actions of Saudi Arabia will not do well for the sales figures of the military-industrial complex which really controls our country.

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth. Thank you for reading.

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