Election Time and the growing fear of the Libertarian Party

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

Election season is coming to our country once again. Normally this is the time when people fight over which candidate is their favorite from either the Democrat or Republican Party. But this year, at least in some states, this has changed. And many people do not understand that they suddenly have more than two choices.

While the Libertarian Party has made gains across the nation, they are still yet to get a member into a position of national importance. However in 2018 there are several candidates that might change that.

These races are for a US Senate position in New Mexico in which former presidential candidate Gary Johnson is running. In New Jersey a Ron Paul backed Murray Sabrin is running against a scandal filled incumbent. And in New York Larry Sharpe is running in a race against an incumbent running for his third time in office Andrew Cuomo.

Each of these races are facing difficulties. The most notable is the race for US Senator in New Mexico. This race involves Democratic incumbent Martin Heinrich, Republican Mark Rich, and former Governor of New Mexico and former Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson. Early polls conducted a few days after Johnson’s entry into this race placed Johnson second with a large amount of people still undecided. More recent polls have seen a gain in momentum for the former Governor . In response the New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, a Democrat, decided to enable straight party voting without a public hearing.

Most states have done away with this option while voting(New Mexico included) as most felt it was unfair to people that were running for office that were not a member of a certain party.  However it does seem clear that this was done in response to the very real threat posed by Mr. Johnson’s entry into the race. It is unknown how much of an effect this will have at the voting booth but I am positive it can only be a negative one which will take votes away from the Libertarian candidate.

Now as to the other two campaigns I mentioned. Murray Sabin is running for US Senate in New Jersey, he has the support of former Congressman Ron Paul and is running against a scandal filled incumbent Bob Menendez, who was on trial for charges of corruption last year. Also running is Republican Bob Hugin who is polling close to his Democratic counterpart. The problem is that the polls themselves are only including the Democrat and Republican candidates. The Libertarian candidate has been left out. A sad state of affairs is that people only know who is running by looking at the polls. While it would be a stretch to believe that Mr. Sabin could win this election, a good showing by a third party candidate does bring more interest to that party. Something that people with an interest in keeping the two party duopoly will do their most to prevent.

In New York there is a rather charismatic person running for Governor. That person is Larry Sharpe. In this case as well Mr. Sharpe’s name does not appear on major polls. However in smaller polls conducted by various agencies, he seems to be polling around 20 percent. What is unusual about his campaign is that some Republicans wanted to replace their candidate with Larry Sharpe in an effort to strengthen their chance of defeating the incumbent governor. While this was eventually silenced, it does show the popularity of a third party candidate in a major election. While the chances of Larry Sharpe to win this election are slim it is still in the realm of possibility. However chances are good he will do well at election time, and again a third party candidate doing well is something that the two party duopoly fears.

It seems to be only a matter of time before the Libertarian Party consistently makes an impact on most elections. Until that time it is clear that steps will be taken to hold that off for as long as possible. While there is still a further possability of fraud with electronic voting machines. I am only highlighting what is currently being done to limit the spread of the Libertarian Party.

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth. Thank you for reading.

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