The Media love affair with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The rise of the Political Actor.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

You see her face on TV almost every day.  You would think that she is the most popular and most most outspoken person in the Democratic party. But if you look you realize that she is not even elected and still has to win a general election to be in office. So why is the media plastering her face just about any place you look?

It is certainly unusual for a person who is an outspoken socialist to be at the forefront of media news. What is even more unusual is that the media is highlighting a person who has not even won a general election. Let us be honest not since the campaign of Donald Trump have we seen a person not even elected to any office receive this much media attention.

So why is a person who, so far has only won a Democratic primary, been transformed by the media into the face of the Democratic party?

A 28 year old from the Bronx seems to have been groomed for this. She attended Boston University and went on to work in the office of the late Senator Ted Kennedy.  Only coming back home to help her mother after her father had died. She was also a local organizer for Bernie Sanders, who has become one of her strongest supporters. She has gone from working at a coffee shop(which was forced to close due to higher wage laws) to being able to travel across the nation and make many appearances on television. I guess that primary elections from a group that did not accept corporate support as Cortez likes to remind people, somehow provided enough money for her current travel schedule and helped to take care of her mother as well. According to open secrets for a primary race she raised almost nine hundred thousand dollars and after expenditures still has almost three hundred thousand left. A lot of this money has come from out of state donors.

This does seem like a large amount of money for a person refusing corporate support. It is a question which really does need to be looked at more closely. As does why a person who has not won a general election is being toured all over the country as the new face of the Democratic party. In my opinion it is because this was planned from the start, much like how Donald Trump profited from all the “free” publicity the media gave him. Cortez is receiving the same treatment, this is because socialism is being pushed on this country. This is the new push that major media outlets want people to latch onto. Free healthcare, free college, things that will cost trillions of dollars and quite probably bankrupt our nation. If we have learned anything from the media constantly mentioning someone, it is that their message does not matter. Only the fact that people see their face everyday, this results in more votes than any message ever could.

The goal of the media highlighting someone like Ocasio-Cortez is not because they believe in her policies. It is because they know she is another tool for increasing the division of people according to the left/right system of politics.It is questionable if she even truly believes them,simply because in half of her interviews if she tries to describe her beliefs beyond what seems to be the scripted health care for all,school for all, she becomes incoherent and this usually makes for the internet jokes regarding her the next day. If you are not sure please listen to this video where rather than describe what democratic socialism is, she reverts to what seems to be a basic line to explain what she thinks it is. She repeats the same thing in almost every interview she is asked this question, while providing nothing of substance.


It is my belief that this woman is not a true politician at all, she is a political actor. She has been groomed to use talking points while her policy is handed to her by someone else. Her meteoric rise cannot be based on her speech ability and the controlled press give her all the air time even someone running for President could want. She is a mouthpiece for the people that control her. This is why she will refuse any debate because she has not been coached well enough on what her views are to go up on that stage without being exposed as a fraud.

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth. Thank you for reading.

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