Foster Care, the Church and the Child Sex Trafficking Trade

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

A few months ago, I wrote an article detailing some of the people in our government who were pedophiles. That article can be found here. While I will cover some of the information I previously covered it is still worth reading the original article. The main point of the article was to highlight how much child sex trafficking happened through the foster care program and how many of the people that were caught in this were involved in various levels of government.

As of late there have been many arrests during the Donald Trump administration involving child abusers many of these arrests have made national news, and deservedly so. The latest news comes from Pennsylvania where 300 priests are accused of molesting over 1,000 children. Not only has this made headlines due to the amount of priests involved but it also notes how the church itself knew about what was happening and took steps to try and cover it up. There has been a long history of the Catholic church paying victims of sexual abuse and keeping it quiet.

What disturbs me the most is what I think is a connection to foster care, the Catholic church, and people in government to a large pedophile network.

If you have the chance sit down and watch the documentary Conspiracy of Silence. It goes into great detail about the church run Boys Town USA and how it was used to recruit children in the sex slave trade and how these children are shipped to powerful people in government. This was a documentary that was made with the help of the Discovery Channel, during final editing, the channel pulled their support and reimbursed the company the half a million dollars it cost to make the documentary.

The fact that most media will not acknowledge is that our foster care system provides a fertile ground for the child sex trafficking groups. In fact it is estimated that approximately sixty percent of child sex trafficking victims come from foster care.And in light of the many charges of child sex abuse directed towards the Catholic church, it is not surprising that the church has a strong presence in the foster care system.Nor is it very surprising that when police are called in to investigate the matter they often claim they often say there is no evidence of it.

This has been a common theme and in light of major cases where there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that there is in fact child sex trafficking going on, it raises questions about who the police are really protecting. There have been several high profile cases where the police found no wrongdoing, such as in the aforementioned Boys Town case, despite several witness coming fourth, to the case of Penn State where former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was investigated by police and found to have done nothing wrong only to find several years later that children were indeed being molested. Most curious about that case was that while Sandusky had ties to many prominent business people and politicians and also celebrities that none of the links were looked into especially through the many ties of that organization which made it possible for it to operate, not to mention its donations the the then Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett.

Another more recent example comes from Tuscon, Arizona where an area investigated by a group called Veterans on Patrol found what appeared to be a bunker they believed to be used to hold child sex slaves. Despite warnings from a former Navy SEAL who has investigated these things before and was concerned that this might have been another child sex trafficking site, police claim they have found nothing to indicate the site might have been used for that purpose. Could it be because these cases may have ties to people that are politically powerful that the police find no evidence of wrongdoing? Almost as if those in government have become a safe haven for those who are pedophiles, which in turn can be used to control these people as if evidence of their wrongdoing were to come to light they would face substantial jail time. What better way to make sure people in power were doing what you want than when you have easy blackmail over them?

The last part of this I would like to bring up is the recent discovery of a camp in New Mexico, where 5 Muslim adults were supposedly training children taken from foster care to become school shooters. The children in question were starving, dressed in rags and had very poor hygiene. This is not the care a kid being raised as a school shooter would have,as if they tried to get these children into a school they would immediately be removed from the adults and placed in custody.. This is however the care children who are being broken down to become sex slaves would get. Keep in mind that while the media is trying to tell you these kids were supposed to be terrorists, the only charge against the adults is child abuse. Yet for some reason the camp these children were kept has been mysteriously destroyed. It makes one wonder what evidence might have been destroyed with it, what might have just been covered up? Why is the story of this camp and possible lost evidence not a bigger story? It is clear that this is not normal procedure to destroy a crime scene before the case even goes to court.

While possibly not connected, it makes one wonder if there is some connection between this camp and the Muslim organization that was busted in England.  In that case the children were groomed for being slaves by being malnourished and beaten. Not only that but the police were more interested in focusing on victims and letting the criminals go.  I have nothing to connect this other than noting some similarities and a strong feeling that this is connected.

Not only is child sex trafficking a huge problem in the United States but it is a scourge across the world. The third most powerful priest in the Vatican has been charged with multiple child sex crimes. The Vatican stands behind their priest even though the church faces multiple countries where their priests seem to have a problem forcing themselves on kids. The Catholic church is involved in many aspects of foster care, Not only in the United States but many other countries as well. In the UK thousands of children are missing from the foster care system. This is also the case in Canada and Australia as well. Children missing in one country often are found in child sex rings in another country. It is not hard to imagine the governments placing these children in foster care, the church using its position to take these kids out of country only for them to be sold to people in another country where the kids wont even know where to turn if they managed to escape.

We can no longer turn a blind eye to what is happening under our very noses. There is an organized child sex ring operating with the help of government and the church, and it has a huge reach. How many more children need to be victimized for people to stand up to this. How many lives destroyed? When is enough going to be enough?

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth. Thank you for reading.

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