ANTIFA and the new socialist Reich.

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

Across the country we have seen the violence, people being beaten, sucker punched, property being vandalized, all in the name of…… stopping Nazi’s? Yes I am discussing the wonderful(sarcasm) group that calls itself ANTIFA and the horrible things they do all in the name of  preventing others from beating people, and destroying peoples property.

Like most groups ANTIFA had started off with a wonderful idea and then during the course of time perverted that idea into something truly horrific. It truly is amazing the amount of mental gymnastics its members and its supporters will go through to justify their actions, and it is typical of any organization that wants to deny the reality of its horrible acts. Not only do they try and ignore their horrific acts , they also take great pains to try and pass them off as noble actions. Deciding that is is justifiable to attack people for words and not actions, and fooling themselves into thinking words are actions.

From a college professor hitting a person in the face with a bike lock to old men getting sucker punched while peacefully protesting, to pepper spraying people while they are doing nothing worse than holding a sign. These are things that ANTIFA members praise. Add to this numerous videos of members destroying property and setting cars on fire and you have a campaign of terror that has not graced the world since 1921. And the worst part of this is that these people are perfectly fine with that.

The main reason why their members have no problem with their acts of violence is because they view anyone who does not share the same ideology to be their enemy. ANTIFA members will go after people on the far right,moderate right and in some cases have turned on those on the left for not holding the same extreme values that they have. At a recent counter protest in Washington D.C ANTIFA took to attacking police and members of the press. Apparently it was done because they could not find enough of the people that opposed their ideology that they wanted to attack so they turned their violence against others.

While you may or may not agree with their intent, it is clear that members of ANTIFA are not supporting American values, violence no matter the reason is not something that should be encouraged in our country. The fact that most members have to hide behind black masks to carry out their mission should be testimony enough that their intentions are not as well intended as they try to convince people of. The apparent goal of using violence to defeat anyone who they see as a Nazi has in fact turned them into the very people they hate.


The fact remains that trying to stop hatred through violence will solve nothing. All it really does is turn the people you oppose into sympathetic victims, which will over time make more people listen to their message and grow their numbers. Also it will serve to make the people committing violence  to look for more targets once their original foe is no longer available. We have already seen members of ANTIFA attacking people just because they support the current president, the vast majority of these people are not the nazi’s ANTIFA was meant to oppose, they have also already gone after police and reporters. How much longer before victims are just people going about their lives?. Violence always produces more violence. We should condemn it regardless of if a person is a member of ANTIFA doing violence or a Nazi doing violence, not encourage it because they may have similar political beliefs.

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth, thank you for reading.

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  1. It’s starting to look like Nazi Germany when youth German groups attacked Jews. The only difference now is that people are educated and have the information about what the Nazis did at that time. I have a sad feeling about these encounters happening in our country. We are a nation of many people with love in our hearts. Violence and hate don’t belong here. Faith International.

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