To kneel, or not to kneel? Why is this even a question?

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

We have now entered into season two of the politicizing of the NFL. Many viewers were shocked and outraged when instead of standing for the national anthem, some players chose to kneel in support of a protest over police brutality. A simple act that has thrown hundreds of thousands of football fans into a rage over what they perceive to be an insult to our country.

Seemingly overnight this obsessed the minds of more Americans than most political problems ever would . And it continues to this day.  Sadly it does not seem like we have come a long way since Tommy Smith and John Carlos held their hands raised in a fist as a black power salute in 1968. While most Americans acknowledge the reasons the two olympians took their stand on that day, just as apparently they do not see why such an act still holds meaning today beyond what they perceive as an insult to our country. For even the average American knows that police brutality exists, and it has long been time to make some sort of stand against it.

While many will cry “This is unpatriotic!” There are many Americans who will tell you that the essence of patriotism is to take a stand against what is wrong in our country. in fact many military veterans have come out in support of players taking a knee. Yet this seems to be largely ignored. In fact some of the people trying to argue this will try and tell you the military veterans do not care for our country. I have had more than one person try and tell me that veterans were communists. This is the logic employed by the people considering themselves “patriotic.”

So why the outcry over people taking a stand? Have we forgotten what it means to speak out against what is wrong in our country? To be honest, it seems like another case of the media trying to separate citizens against each other. If people disagree over if a person should kneel or stand does this affect our country and its politics? No. This is yet another way for media outlets to get ratings by playing up a story that does not matter at all on a political level.

Here is the sad truth, the NFL is a private organization, and if they direct their players to not kneel during the anthem they do have that right. Regardless of if it is considered patriotic or not the league has the right to tell players what kind of conduct they should expect from an individual. just like how they dictate end zone celebrations, it is their game, their rules. So blaming the NFL for denying free speech is ridiculous. Everyone needs to keep that in mind when trying to complain about any company of telling their employees what to do.

However as individuals it is ridiculous to get this upset over a simple gesture. People seem to have forgotten that standing up to injustice is what our country is based upon. People would watch the NFL even though it featured people who beat their wives, committed crimes and many other things, and they were fine with it. But for some reason kneeling during the anthem becomes the straw that broke the camels back. A great reason to boycott the NFL would have been the re-hiring of Michael Vick, a talented quarterback who pleaded guilty of organizing dog fights, creating brutal battle between animals, that often led to the death of the animals. He was hired and brought back into the league with two years of his plea. Yet this was alright by fans. In fact many were happy with to hear this news.

This sort of behavior by the NFL fans shows the true sorry shape that our country and its morals are in. People really do not care about right or wrong as long as it does not bother them. That is why our country is in such a sorry shape as it is now.

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth, thank you for reading.

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