Alex Jones, Facebook, and the Politics of Internet Censorship.

By:Michael D. Jacobsen

I know you have already read at least half a dozen stories about this already. Depending on if you like  him or not probably sways how you feel about it. Regardless of how you feel, it has been announced that all Alex Jones content will be removed from Facebook, YouTube, and Apple. And most of the internet world is going crazy because of it.

What is truly amazing is that the three companies I mention and a few others as well, all cancelled Alex Jones programming within 24 hours of each other, what are the odds? Now lets be real for a moment, first off all of these are companies that have the right to block/censor whatever they please, while we may or may not agree with the decision,they are well within their rights to remove Alex Jones if they want to. This is not infringing on 1st amendment rights as some people are claiming because these are companies, not the government.

But the question remains, how could multiple companies come to the same decision almost at the same time?

If you will allow me to channel Alex for a second here, the answer is very simple. Collusion. But why collude to silence a far right nutjob who does more to make the Republicans look like idiots than any amount of people who show up for Trump rallies? Why would these companies especially YouTube ban a content producer who receives so many views advertisers spend plenty to get their commercials on his content? What would cause companies to remove something that was for the most part making them money?

The answer might seem obvious and that is to think it was caused by government pressure, but that also makes the least sense. Alex Jones is strongly in favor of the current administration, so it is highly doubtful that our government placed pressure on these companies to remove Jones. So who else could force these major companies to bend to their will to remove a radio show celebrity? Well this is where my version of this answer might get a bit tricky, but hear me out. Because I have tried to make sense of this and I feel that it is the only conclusion that fits.

This was done on purpose by the people that control things behind the scene, some call the the illuminati,some the NWO, some the deep state, whatever you wish to call them, i see their hand at play. The reason is not as obvious as it would seem. At first you would think that it was done to silence Jones and keep people from hearing his message. But since he still has his radio show with millions of listeners as well as other media sites that still carry him,this makes no sense. In fact the act of banning him only seems to give some credence to some of his more outlandish ideas, and I believe that was the point.

These people are not stupid, they have pulled the wool over the eyes of the world for decades. So to think that this was some sort of mistake on their part is just lunacy, these people do NOT make mistakes.  They well know that by censoring Jones in certain media not only will people listen more to his message but he will also attract viewers who were previously not sure about him. Just so we are clear, this ban in no way will hurt Alex Jones, it will only make him more popular. These people know this, so why do it?

It is because Alex is an agitator, and will serve to push people on the right,to be further right. It gives yet more credence to the idea that the people who do not agree with him are the “enemy”. Alex will certainly use his new found popularity to preach his type of division, this is exactly what the people who control us want. To keep us divided, because as long as we see each other as the enemy we will not look deeper into it and understand who is pulling the strings and really causing the problems.

In my opinion this is just a big game and it is being done to keep most of us at each others throats so we cannot join together and rally behind ideas that are necessary to fix our country, for example limited spending, no continuing wars, ect. As long as we continue to fall for the lies and keep thinking fellow citizens, neighbors are the enemy then we cannot accomplish anything.

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth. Thank you for reading.

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